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An essay is a standard form of independent student work. It is designed to develop analytical, and cognitive abilities and skills in empirical research. This work reveals the student’s ability to independently comprehend the problem; forms the initial skills to conduct a scientific experiment, clearly and logically present own views; tests the level of mastery of modern methods of teaching and research, assignment help, the ability to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice, as well as the ability to formulate conclusions, recommendations, design the results of theoretical and experimental research.

The main difficulties in writing an essay are related to:

  • Lack of sleep;
  • A large number of absences from the discipline;
  • Lack of enough time to write a paper;
  • Insufficient complete knowledge of the discipline;
  • Overload or too little student workload;
  • Lack of interest in the discipline or the particular student’s assignment;
  • Poor physical conditions (uncomfortable temperature in the room, poor lighting, excessive noise, etc.). This also includes personal factors: illness of a family member, disputes with friends, conflicts with classmates, change of residence, significant personal achievements, changes in financial status, and other factors.

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Tips on How to Lengthen an Essay

If you have managed to write a good text and design the work in accordance with the requirements, but you understand that the material is not enough, then read the following paragraphs about effective ways to make the paper longer.

Expand The Outline

Each paper has a certain structure. The essay consists of an introduction, the main part with several sections, a conclusion, a list of sources used, and an appendix (if necessary). If you notice that your paper is too short, the first thing you need to start expanding it is to add one or more sections to the main part. A well-planned essay and a clear structure of the tasks help not only to detail the research problem, to differentiate each of its components, but also to increase the length of the paper, sketch the final result, and determine the logical order of work to obtain it.

Make Sure You Provide Enough Theoretical Material

Practice shows that the completed essay is usually short because it provides a cursory review of the literature. A more thorough analysis is often enough to increase the volume of the paper as a whole. At this stage of the work, it is necessary to focus on the main scientific approaches to solving the research problem, issues being studied, analyzed, etc. It is important to study the arguments of the conclusions and generalizations of scientists so that to give an objective verified assessment of the current state of the problem.

Check the Introductory and Concluding Paragraphs

You are mistaken if you think that the introduction and conclusion are not very important parts of the essay. In fact, they are very important, so you should pay close attention to their writing. If you notice that the size of these structural parts is too small and less than half a page of printed text, you can expand them. This will also allow you to lengthen the paper in general. In the introduction, reveal the relevance of the topic, and formulate the purpose and main objectives of the essay. In the conclusion, determine the results of the completed task. You can draw conclusions in the form of clear theses relating to sections of the work.

Add Transitional Phrases

Transitional words are auxiliary syntactic units that enrich the language and give it expressiveness. Their use in essays is considered appropriate, as such phrases connect parts of a sentence, give the expression emotional coloring, create the right content, and express the completeness of thought. By inserting transitional phrases into the text of your essay, you will not only increase its length but also present the material in the correct logical sequence.

Use Multiple Examples

The use of examples is also considered appropriate in an academic paper, as it allows the author to dive into a deeper study of the problem and convey this or that idea to the reader. In addition, the use of multiple examples is an effective way to lengthen the paper.

Use Statistical Data

As it is known, statistics is a branch of practical activity, the purpose of which is the collection, processing, and analysis of data on various phenomena of social life. The information obtained as a result of a statistical study makes it possible to solve the problem of identifying real-life regularities inherent in the described processes and phenomena. Of course, the use of statistical data is not possible in every essay text. But still, it is appropriate in mathematical, economic, marketing, etc. papers. It will certainly expand the text of your paper.

Insert Illustrations

Many people insert illustrations into an essay to lengthen it. This is quite an effective way, but it is important to remember the correct design of images. You should not use too many pictures, 2-4 illustrations are enough.

Add Quotes

If you manage to find a good quote that allows the depth to reveal the topic of the essay, you should add it to your paper. This will not only expand the text but also make it more coherent and expressive.

Change Font and Line Spacing

To make your essay longer, you can change the font and line spacing. This method does not change the number of words in your text, but still visually increases the volume of paper. So, you may find it useful.

Get Someone to Check the Paper

Ask someone for a revision. Thus, you can get valuable tips that will help you lengthen the work.

Use the above tips and make your essay longer without any difficulty. And don’t forget about the opportunity to get an affordable paper from the experts!