How many colors of balloons have you seen in your life? No matter how many of them you will name now — believe us, there are many more! Let’s even say that there are enough colors and shades for decorating any event on planet Earth!

Just imagine how magical a birthday decoration will look like with quality mylar foil balloons like these if ordered in three or even four different trendy colors that perfectly match each other and your party concept!

But no matter how many shades of balloons are there, you always have to know how to skillfully combine them to create the right party mood. We bring you 19 perfect & trendy color combinations for decorating your successful balloon party’21!

Lilac + Blue

The combination of shades of lilac and purple with blue tones — from pale blue to bluish-black — is quite an interesting solution. It is not used quite often, which, however, does not make it look less attractive and sophisticated!

Dusty Blue + Plum

This color combination will look great at private celebrations in the spring.

Green + Yellow

A bold combination that instantly brings a spring-summer sunny mood to the atmosphere of your party. Yellow invigorates and excites, and green awakens and supports.

If this is exactly what you are missing in the urban jungle, then give it a try!

Turquoise + Aqua + Mint

An extraordinarily beautiful combination of colors that evokes a feeling of calmness. It is just a perfect solution if your event takes place by the water — with it, the whole decor will look much more luxurious!

Black + Orange + Dark Beige

Black and orange are a classic pair for fall events in October.

Dark Blue + Yellow + Gray

Summer city events will look even greater in these beautiful and discreet colors!

Black + Pink + White

Another versatile color combination that is perfect for any indoor event!

Blue + Gray

Gray itself is inexpressive and creates a sense of formality: gray balloon decorations can seem boring and official. But if you add bright blue shades, then gray turns from ordinary into an ultramodern, “technological” color.

This is a very striking example of how the combination of colors determines their perception.

Delicate blush + Silver + Cream

In all fairness, this is the perfect combination for romantic summer weddings. However, you can easily use it to decorate your baby shower party, your child’s birthday, or your store opening!

Pink + Orange

Perhaps, when hearing about such a combination, some professionals will flinch or roll their eyes. But with the right tones, this mix can be a real highlight of the interior of your party room.

And it is guaranteed to bring a holiday atmosphere and summer mood into the house!

Dark Grape + Lilac + Delicate Blush

This color combo is perfect for vintage garden events. Wouldn’t you like to have a party like this?

Green + Lime + Cream

In early spring, balloon decorations in this color combination will look very fresh, beautiful, and inspiring!

Metallic + Tin + Silver

This strict and at the same time sophisticated color scheme will be an excellent solution for events of different types that take place in late autumn.

Mandarin + Orange + Yellow

Such a luscious and bright palette is just made for decorating summer events in a modern style!

Fuchsia + Purple + Indigo

Such a daring combination of rich colors will make any event shine… At any time of the year!

Aqua + Yellow + White

This color scheme will create a gentle spring mood for your wedding or birthday.

Black + Pale Green + White

This classic color combination is a good choice for a formal celebration!

Red + Blue + White

This bright summer palette is perfect for youth events of all types.

Yellow + Gray + Silver

A modern fall wedding will look even more beautiful decorated in these noble tones!