There are a lot of benefits to playing League of Legends – it is one of the most popular online MOBA games in the world, and that’s for a good reason. The breadth of gameplay and the size of the community it offers are unparalleled, and if you’ve not tried playing League of Legends until now, you should definitely give it a try, and here are five reasons why:

It is one of the Most International Video Games

Players from every country participate in the game – when playing, you’ll have a chance to meet people from all over the world. This not only will let you become familiar with a lot of different cultures, but it makes you enjoy the game more as you form different groups and compete.

This is a rare thing that most games don’t provide – especially since the foreign portion of the players are much more cordial than other games. Regions vary from League of Legends accounts NA, EU, and even Asia – the game is popular worldwide.

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It Can Give You Hours of Entertainment for a Low Price

The amount of content that League of Legend provides is unimaginable – for the price that you can get the game from, it probably means that each hour of gameplay costs you cents. This is something you don’t get out of other forms of entertainment. Movies usually provide a couple of hours of entertainment, other offline videogames tens of hours, but LoL is only of the only games you can sink hundreds of hours into without getting bored.

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League of Legends has a Vibrant E-Sports Scene

The E-Sports scene is very vibrant in the LoL community – you won’t get bored as you participate in a multitude of events and competitions for every skill level. This is different from a lot of video games where you don’t have the choice of participating in any form of international competition. Not only that, but there are a lot of players making money off their skills in the game, and you’d also have a chance at becoming one of them. While being a professional gamer isn’t easy and takes a lot of time, LoL is one of your chances in attempting to become one.

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Game Design and World Building

The League of Legends has one of the most detailed fantasy worlds in any video game – there are hundreds upon hundreds of hours worth of story lore for LoL, and you’ll have fun exploring it. This makes people invest in the game and heroes more and experiment with them. This means you have a vibrant community of writers and designers creating complex and wonderful worlds around the characters – if any of those two things is your passion, you’ll find a welcoming community that you can join and participate in.

You’ll be able to hone your writing, world-building, and designing skills as you go along. This is also a unique opportunity that LoL provides – not a lot of videogames have such a vibrant community behind them, and if you decide to play this game, you should definitely take advantage of it. The only problem is that you have to spend a lot of time leveling up your character before you have access to a lot of the lore. If you’re not interested in grinding, maybe it is worth investing in buying LoL smurfs account that’s leveled up and ready to go.