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Just like air furnaces and air conditioners, heat pumps are used in heating or cooling your house. But the only difference comes in terms of functionality – it doesn’t cool or heats the house like traditional air conditioners.

Instead, a heat pump works by collecting and transferring heat from warmer areas to cooler areas with the help of a compressor. There are many reasons why people today prefer using heat pumps. One of those reasons is that it uses less electricity to warm or cool your home.

Another important thing to note about heat pumps is the flawless installation process. The person installing it needs to show you just a few things and you are good to go.

Over the past few years, many homeowners have shifted from conventional air conditioning systems to heat pumps. This is attributed to many factors including the following:

  1. Lower Running Costs

This is one of the main advantages of heat pumps. They are less expensive to run compared to systems-based combustion. When systems are energy-efficient, you are able to save a lot of energy – and this is what many people look at when looking for air conditioning systems.

Although installing them may cost you some good money, it is better than purchasing an AC system that will raise your monthly energy bills. Many homeowners have to deal with the huge energy bills every month attributed to poor AC systems.

Besides, heat pumps are more durable than most of the available options. The installation cost may be a little bit high but it is definitely worth it.

  1. Less Maintenance

Combustion heating systems require constant maintenance to ensure that they are operating normally. Failure to do so means that the whole system won’t operate as expected. You will also end up spending a lot of money on regular maintenance costs.

But this is not the case with heat pumps. You may only need to have them checked once a year. Otherwise, it can run for more than a year without experiencing any performance issues. You can check on your own in case of minor issues. A professional will only be needed to inspect it after every four or five years.

  1. It Reduces Carbon Emissions

Considering the fact that heat pumps use less energy to run, it means that they produce very minimal carbon as opposed to combustion heating systems. For instance, water source heat pumps are said to reach up to 600 percent in terms of energy efficiency.

With the global emphasis on environmental conservation, every homeowner would prefer a heating and cooling system that’s environmentally friendly. That’s where heat pumps come in.

  1. Better Safety

When looking for an air conditioning solution for your home, one of the factors you should always consider is safety. You don’t want a system that will pose danger to your family in any way. Heat pumps are considered to be much safer than combustion heating systems.

They are safe because they are operated using electricity rather than fuel. Burning fuel to produce energy comes with a huge risk of explosions. This is something that no one will probably want even to imagine.

  1. Heating and Cooling is Combined

In most cases, you would need to buy and manage two systems separately in order to maintain temperatures in your home at the required levels. This means you will spend more money and time looking for the two systems. Sometimes you may not even be guaranteed of getting the best quality.

However, a heat pump can perform the two functions of ago – providing you with cooling your house during summer and providing warmth during winter. You don’t need to look for separate systems whenever winter or summer sets in. This not only saves money but also saves energy in your home.

Bottom line

There’s no doubt that heat pumps have many advantages compared to conventional heating systems. It is energy-sufficient and easy to operate. Unlike other systems that require regular maintenance, Heat pumps can last for years before experiencing performance issues.

In case your heat pump develops any technical problems, Conrad Martens Hot Water is always available to offer the best repair services. They have experienced technicians that can handle all manner of heat pump issues.

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