Watching a match of your favorite team at a stadium is a great experience filled with excitement and thrill. However, not everyone can appreciate this stadium experience. For some people, watching their games from the comfort of their homes and placing a bet through now and then is a far better experience than the one they get at a stadium.


Unless you are in a luxury stadium suite, you can be sure that your view of the match won’t be great. Thousands of people come for these games and only from a great distance do they get to see their stars performing. This experience is not as enjoyable as the one at home where you can watch on a quality home theater system.

When you watch at home, you don’t miss anything. You get a closer view of every play, you can enjoy the commentary, and sometimes you hear the sounds on the field. This level of detail which you get at home is almost impossible at the stadium.

Multiple angles of the match

TV broadcasters use modern technology to give you the best experience of the game. To show you the game from multiple angles, they use still cams, sky cams, drone cams, and even end zone cams. This way, you don’t miss any details and enjoy your game fully.

At the stadium, you enjoy the game with just one angle, and it does not feel that great.

Good for friends and family gathering

Watching a game is a good way to spend some quality time with your friends and family. If you are at a stadium, then you will barely even hear each other amid the huge noise of the crowd.

Only at home can you create an environment where friends and family can engage in chit-chat while enjoying the game. You can cook something very special, you can offer a variety of drinks, and you can invite anyone without having to purchase a ticket.


You have almost no control when you are at a stadium. People around you shout, talk to each other, sometimes even obstruct your view, and there is very little that you can do about this whole situation.

When you are at home, you have total control over almost everything. You can raise and lower the volume at will, you can pause and play-action whenever you want, and you can watch the game in any position you feel comfortable.


You don’t get a lot of options at the stadium. If you like beverages, then it will be pricey plus they won’t offer many options. While at home, your options are vast for any type of drinks. You can also enjoy popcorn, chips, nachos, and cheese, etc. at a very good price.