Being charged with a crime is one of the most challenging situations you can be in. Not only are you under the pressure of facing a criminal charge, but you also need to spend time trying to prove your innocence. After all, both your reputation and your freedom are on the line, so it’s important to know how to build your criminal defense case. As you can imagine, this is not easy, especially if you’re doing it alone.

In Virginia, many people have been charged with a DUI or reckless driving. Therefore, the first thing they did was hire a Virginia criminal defense lawyer. An attorney will help you with your case so that you can prove your innocence. Here are the tips you should follow to build a strong defense case:

Discuss the Case Narrative

Every good criminal defense will need a narrative. Usually, the court likes to hear another perspective in the story, therefore they will be very interested in hearing your side. If you hired a good criminal defense lawyer, he/she will use your story by presenting it in front of the court in a way that is not only believable but also compelling. So, make sure to work on your narrative if you want a good defense.

Make Sure You Know the Law

Not all lawyers know the law, and this has a large impact on the outcome of a case. The state has to prove every law element, so it is more than important for a defense lawyer to understand the subtle nature of different statutes. This will help them avoid fighting the whole case and will ensure they base the defense on one thing.

Gather As Much Evidence As You Can

The more evidence you have, the better. Having evidence is important in any case, and any criminal defense lawyer with experience will tell you the same thing. Getting all of the necessary paperwork is how a lot of cases are won on the defense side.

You should make sure that you choose a lawyer who works hard to get evidence by visiting the crime scene, interviewing witnesses, and obtaining all the necessary documents. You may also want to look into getting a good investigator.

The Ability to Fight

Any great criminal defense lawyer should have the ability to fight to get their clients out of trouble. All skilled attorneys should know ways to advocate for their clients successfully at pre-trial and trial process levels. In this case, the best lawyers are those who are experienced in their area.

Coming Up with Light and Leverage Points

A lot of cases are won by defense lawyers before ever reaching the trial phase. The attorney’s goal is to have the case dismissed. This can be done by ensuring that the state is aware of the good leverage of the defense. Moreover, a good criminal defense lawyer can prove to the state that the client deserves to have their case go away.

If you want to win your criminal defense case, you need to know how to build a strong one. Follow these tips and your chances of success will be much higher.