With the addition of the new solo mode in Warzone, the game’s difficulty level has also increased. Hence, standing as a winner is quite a task. However, it is a very interesting model of the Warzone game. Since there are more challenges in the solo mode, one needs to follow some COD Warzone cheat strategies to be the last person’s last standing. The player has to know the unique mechanism that the game has to offer.

And before you know these strategies, it is important for you to have a clear idea of what to expect in the solo mode in case you haven’t already. Also, if you are new to the game, this is what you need to know about the solo mode.

  • You have to fight to stand till the last with 149 other players.
  • There will only be a pistol with you once you land.
  • There will be one shot at the Gulag, even after you are dead. Here you get a chance to revive but if you lose here, it means you lose the game.
  • You can loot as well as complete contracts to get currency. The currencies can then be exchanged for load-outs or killstreaks.

It’s time to discuss the 6 s tips and tricks for people to win the game in solo mode.

Use the meta weapons

There has always been controversy regarding the usefulness of the weapons available. But to be precise, if your main aim is to win the game, go ahead and use the meta weapons. Using them will surely help you to stand strong and for long in the game.

Currently, using the weapons Diamatti Pistols, MAC-10 SMG, and DMR 14 can be considered your best bet. Use them to your benefit, or you will end up being killed by your opponents.

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Land in a quiet place

Make sure you don’t land in a busy area. It is always better to land in a quiet place and loot up things that you will require in the future. Ensure to use this time for accomplishing Recon Contracts. This will help you to figure out what to do next in the game.

Do not enter the Warzone buildings

Warzone solo gives a great gaming experience to the players. This is why they try to do everything to win the game. But remember, do not camp into the buildings.

Also, it is best to avoid going inside a building unless you get some chest humming noise. And, if you sense that there is a possibility of a player sitting inside the building, it will be safe for you to place yourself between the building and the next zone.

Pinwheel rotate as soon as possible

It is believed that holding players away from the circle is a very beneficial strategy. Also, make sure to be the first to rotate, as soon as you get a glimpse of the next circle. All you need to do is first reach near the edge of the circle and then go inside. In this way, you can have clarity about what’s behind you.

Go for the high ground

If you find a building that has high ground over the final circle, then that’s the right place for you. The advantage is that even if your enemy throws you below, yet they will be unable to kill you as you will be far away from their eyes.

Don’t jump to the fight

In Warzone solos, if there are 3 players left at the end of the match and one of them is you, then try to be stealthy here. Allow the other two players to engage with each other and fight. Keep an eye on them. Once they get busy fighting, you will have the advantages. Once the fight is over between the two, make sure you are ready for the fight. Also, don’t think of going for loot in such a situation unless it’s urgent.

However, sometimes, you might be left out with no options other than jumping to the game.

I am sure the above-mentioned tips will surely help you to be a winner in the Warzone solo mode. Each player has to decide what is best for them and play accordingly. For any related queries, comment below. Stay tuned for more such content.