Planning and designing for your restaurant will only get you so far. Good food and drinks, aesthetic looking space, affordability and so many more factors decide the success of the restaurant. It is but a simple measurement to say that its success is determined by how filled with customers it is. You can do everything right, but if these 9 factors are not given importance, then you might have zero to very few customers coming in. So, read this post to see how not to leave such things to chance and take the initiative to attract more customers to your restaurant.

A Simple And User-Friendly Website

A fancy and complicated webpage is not at all advisable when it comes to restaurants. The simplest way to attract more customers is to create a fundamental website that is neat and user-friendly. On the site, highlight your specialties, offers, business hours, and contact details. Decorate the website with real pictures of food cooked at your restaurant. Do not put up anything that is not real because your website represents your business.

Optimize The Website For Local Search

It is not enough that you only build a beautiful and user-friendly website. It is also important to optimize the website properly, especially for local search. Most customers are from within the area where your restaurant is situated. Optimizing the website to reach all the locals is a sure shot to attract more locals into your restaurant. There are a lot of ways to optimize your website using simple digital marketing methods.

Be Active On Social Media

Today, most people get their day-to-day information from social media. If you’re active on social media, many people will see your posts and will likely try your restaurant. For example, you can put up information regarding offers coming up in your restaurant. This way, word will reach out to a larger population. This gives your promotions and offers better chances to become successful.

Restaurant With All Utilities In Place

A perfect website and your social media presence may bring in a lot of customers to your restaurant. That does not necessarily mean that these customers will stay in your restaurant or even return for the second visit. This can be ensured only when your restaurant is well designed and has all utilities in place. The restaurant should be complete with restrooms, parking spaces, etc. Apart from this, you can add a few other facilities like free Wi-Fi, phone booth, photo booth, etc. to attract more customers and make them stay.

Perfect Lighting In The Restaurant

The next important factor you should consider is the ambiance of your space. This will decide whether your customers are satisfied and will spread positive feedback about your restaurant. When it comes to ambiance, an important factor is the lighting of the given space. Lighting up your restaurant with warm LED strip lights <do-follow>sets a perfect ambiance without making it too bright or catchy. There are also other color options for LED lights. However, see to it that the lighting does not affect the look and feel of the food served. The lights should only accentuate what is already there.

Perfect Music In The Restaurant

Another important factor that decides the ambiance of the space is the noise or sounds that fill the place. Filling the restaurant space with the chatter of customers, clinking of spoons, the sizzling of food, etc. may seem warm and authentic.

However, most customers don’t go to restaurants for authenticity. Most of them would want to get away from the regular sounds outside. Filling the restaurant with some soft and relaxing music could help your customers leave their worries behind when they enter your restaurant.

Keep A Look Out For Your Regulars

Attracting new customers is very important for your restaurant. However, it is also much more important to know your regulars and keep a look out for them. There are small hotels and food shacks that run successfully just because they have a loyal following from their regulars.

So keep an eye out for your regulars. Note what they order when they come in. Greeting them with coffee and other complimentary along with what he usually orders could just make his day. This will inspire him to share your impressive services to others, resulting in more customers.

Offer Complimentary Food/ Drink

When your customers receive more attention and acknowledgment from you, it will make them feel all the more unique. This will make them fall in love with your restaurant. The best way to achieve this is to find out if your customers are celebrating a special day like, a birthday or an anniversary. Celebrate with them with a complimentary dish or drink from. Make their special day even more special, and your acknowledgment will not go unnoticed.

Happy Hours And Other Offers

During weekdays when customer flow is slow, promotions and offers usually attract a lot more customers. You can have themed promotions like executive lunch Wednesday or friendly Fridays where you offer 10 to 20% off on the bill amount. These can turn things around for your restaurant.


Managing your own restaurant is both an exciting and challenging experience. Things could get overwhelming, which makes it hard for you to think and function properly. Hopefully, these ideas will help you in handling your business well and attract more customers to your restaurant!