A restaurant lawyer specializes in the hospitality industry and knows all the pitfalls and processes of businesses in that industry. Brad Nakase – an attorney at Nakase Wade Corporate Lawyer – recently gave an interview where he discussed hospitality law and how he became one of the most well-known restaurant lawyers in California. Here are some insights from his interview into restaurant law and specializing as a restaurant lawyer.

What Does a Restaurant Lawyer Do?

The main job of a restaurant lawyer is to negotiate and draft contracts. A restaurant will have many suppliers and vendors that need contracts.

A restaurant attorney may also be asked to advise and consult on business matters and the hospitality industry in general. They may also be asked to help with general startup assistance, like negotiating real estate and business formation services.

Why Should An Attorney Specialize?

A business attorney will do much the same jobs, no matter what industry they work in. However, by specializing, they are experts in a particular industry and are better able to consult on specific contacts and relevant laws. They understand the specific challenges that their clients face and how to structure a successful business in that industry.

Is It Difficult to Specialize?

Yes, it can be difficult to specialize and establish yourself in an industry. Lawyers should consider industries they have an interest in and one where they have some contacts. It will be frustrating to start, and you may struggle to get clients in the beginning, so have a solid emergency plan before you start a specialist law firm.

Just think of it as building momentum. It may be slow to begin with, but momentum builds over time until it becomes unstoppable.

Once you are established, having a specialization may be lucrative. People will pay more for expertise and want someone who can give them extra insight into their industry. Once you have worked with a few clients, you will start gaining momentum from warm leads like referrals and industry news.

What Are the Skills Necessary For Specializing?

People skills are necessary for gaining a foothold in a new industry. You will need to earn the trust of new people and communicate well so you can receive good recommendations.

Research will also be important to begin with. You need to know the big players, the challenges that will face your clients, and the market rate for contracts in your niche. This will allow you to negotiate effectively on behalf of your clients and be able to advise your clients.

Should I Specialize Right Away?

No. Start with a strong foundation on legal knowledge. Start in business law firms so you can establish general business law knowledge and gain vital contacts. Once you have a good basis, you can make moves towards your industry.

Your contacts will be vital when you start your own practice. You will need mentors and advice from people who have gone before. Starting your own firm can be stressful and feel like a never-ending process. It will be good to have people to lean on.