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Solo queue is a massive coin toss that is determined by who has the better teammates and which team will int less than the other one. However, there is a way you can gain an advantage before the game even starts and reduce the chance your teammates will ruin the game.

Pro players and high elo streamers often preach that the way to ranked success lies in playing duo queue with a reliable teammate who can carry games with you. Luckily, there are several Discord servers that are a perfect place to meet new teammates and start your duo-ranked journey.

#1 Duoo – Best LoL Duo Finder Service site


Discord bot – Miko

The main reason why Duoo is the best duo finder Discord server is that they’ve created Miko, an amazing Discord bot whose main purpose is to connect new teammates swiftly and efficiently.

This amazing little helper can reveal a full profile of a teammate you want to duo with, including their win rate, region, lane, favorite champion, and other valuable information that is essential when it comes to finding a perfect duo partner.

Server structure

The server’s structure is designed to simplify the search for your next duo queue partner, as there are separate text channels for every major LoL region, allowing you to narrow down your search faster.

Detailed review system

Duoo has a specific text channel where you can see the reviews of some players that are submitted through Miko. These reviews go into great detail about how good someone is at being a duo partner, as you can rate someone based on their level of play, attitude, communication, and toxicity.


Supports one language

If you’re someone who isn’t interested in speaking English with your duo partner, it’s best to look elsewhere as Duoo currently only supports the English language.

#2 Turbosmurfs


Specific duo voice channels

Apart from the fact that this server is generally very well structured, it has several text and voice channels where players meet new duo partners. Furthermore, there are region-specific channels, so you can easily meet duos that play on the same LoL region as you.

Duo review reputation system

In order to maintain a friendly, trustworthy community, the staff at Turbosmurfs’ created a specific text channel where players can review their duos with a positive or a negative reputation point.


If you’re someone who wants to participate in other activities apart from finding someone to duo queue with, this server has got you covered as it has text and voice channels for almost every topic imaginable.


Smurf community

Given that Turbosmurfs Discord is the home to many high elo players and smurfs, some of them will look down on low elo players, which can lead to uncomfortable situations.

#3 Baus’ Compatriots


Useful Discord bots

The main aspect that makes Baus’ server a good lol duo finder is the fact that they use Discord bots for this purpose. To be specific, they use Duoo’s Miko, which is a neat bot designed to easily connect new duos. In addition, they have a specific text channel for LFG and LFD purposes where players share their Duoo posts and meet each other.

Layered verification

Before you’re able to text other players, join voice calls, or join discussions, you will need to complete a short verification process that ensures your legitimacy. The process doesn’t take much time while protecting the server, which increases the likelihood of you finding a good duo.


Inaccessible channels

Even though you unlock the majority of the server’s features upon completing the verification process, a large number of channels stay locked that are only available to mods and contributors.

Trolls and memers

Even though Baus has built a decent LoL community, he has grown enough to be one of the biggest content creators, which naturally attracts a large number of trolls and griefers that can potentially ruin your duo experience.

#4 The Gathering Palace


Profile customization

As you enter the server for the first time, you will be presented with an array of questions that are aimed at finding out about your playstyle and preferences. By the end of this survey, you will have a completed profile for this server with public roles describing your interests that will allow you to connect with duos easier.

Friendly, monitored community

It’s very relieving that the majority of the server’s player base is friendly and approachable, making new friends an easy task. In addition, the server’s mods always look out for inappropriate patterns of behavior and ban the players who harass others.


The Gathering Palace tries to look out for its members by hosting frequent giveaways in which you can potentially win Nitro boosts or other Discord-related goods.


No duo-specific voice channels

Even though there are text channels whose main purpose is to connect players with each other, there is not a specific voice or text channel dedicated to duo queue.

Harsh guidelines

Although the server’s effective moderation is a great advantage, mods at The Gathering Palace sometimes take it one step too far, enforcing their power and banning or restricting players for no reason.

#5 Empire



First and foremost, Empire is an extremely well-structured server with a high focus on having a specific channel for every possible topic. For this reason, you can easily find players that are interested in playing with new teammates in duo-related text and voice channels.

Social events

Empire hosts frequent social events such as video chat rooms and movie nights that are mainly focused on connecting new duo queue teammates and forging new friendships between players.


Insufficient League orientation

Generally, variety is welcome on servers, but for players that are actively looking for a duo teammate, too much variety can drag focus from League, which reduces the number of LoL-related channels.

Lack of moderation

Even though Empire has a friendly community, this duo finder does suffer from a lack of active moderators overlooking the activity of potential trolls and scammers.

#6 Z League


Large community

Z League is one of the biggest duo finder Discord servers, which is a great advantage as it means that there are more potential teammates you can meet. In addition, the server’s size is also useful in terms of the number of channels with unique topics.

Active moderators

This Discord is heavily moderated for trolls and toxic players and there is a 0 tolerance policy towards harassment. As a result, the server is populated by friendly players who will carry that positive attitude when playing League as well.


Lack of duo finder channels

Even though Z League is huge and it has an abundance of text/voice channels, there is a noticeable lack of channels devoted to duo queueing or LFT. This can be extremely annoying since you have to look for teammates in places of general discussion or text them directly.

Too much variety

Generally speaking, while the server’s size is usually a positive, this Discord, in particular, suffers from too much variety as it supports a lot of games apart from League of Legends, making it difficult to narrow down your search and find the perfect duo.

#7 Lol Reddit Discord


Preference adjustment

The creators of r/lol’s Discord server designed a system that helps players navigate it easier by picking topics they’re interested in before entering. This type of layout will help you find the duo voice/text channels easier and allow you to connect with other players that are also looking for a duo.

Very active

The sheer size of Reddit League’s Discord is its main advantage, given that it’s the official server of Lol’s subreddit. You will never run out of new people to meet, as the server is massive, with hundreds of new players joining every day.


Extremely toxic

Given that the majority of members joined directly from Reddit, it should come as no surprise that a lot of players are toxic.

Strict rules

Upon joining, the majority of voice/text channels will be locked, which is very inconvenient if you’re trying to duo queue with someone right away. Only after you complete a set of tedious verification tasks will you be able to communicate with a potential teammate.


The Discord’s members often look down on players who have just joined the server and don’t have any fancy roles that are earned over time.