One thing that makes a vaping appeal to many people is the fact that it resembles smoking. This explains why many people that want to switch from smoking to a safer alternative that prefers vaping. However, vaping can be a little more complex than smoking. Although the vaping device may resemble a traditional cigarette, the vaping process is slightly different from smoking. Vaping the same way you smoke can make vaping less satisfying. You will enjoy vaping more if you do it like an experienced vaper.

Basically, there are different inhalation techniques that are used by experienced vapers. Each vaping technique provides a different experience. When you know different vaping techniques, experimenting becomes easy. You also decide on the techniques to settle on with knowledge of the experience provided by each of them. Here are some of the best, proper vaping techniques that you need to follow.

Mouth to Lung Inhalation

This vaping technique is abbreviated as MTL. It’s fairly simple, and many vapers default to it naturally. Mouth to lung inhalation entails taking vapor into the mouth before you inhale it to your lungs. In simple terms, you just inhale from a CBD vape (learning about best cbd vape pen) the way you suck liquid on a straw.

MTL is a two-step vaping technique. The first step is inhaling into the mouth, and then the second step is inhaling into the lungs. Once you become a vaper, you may want to use this technique a little longer. That’s because most vaping devices for beginners make vaping with this technique without issues possible. However, you may want to try other techniques as you become an experienced vaper.

Advantages of Mouth to Lung Inhalation

MTL vaping technique has little milder and softer effects. That’s why it’s preferred by most beginners. You also enjoy more flavors with this technique because vapor stays in your mouth longer. This makes the technique ideal for vaping different e-juice flavors. Since the technique is slower, vape juices last longer.

Using this technique to vape keeps the device cooler. That’s because it requires less power since your vaping rate tends to be softer and slower. As such, the battery of your device doesn’t work harder, thereby keeping the device cool.

Direct Lung Inhalation

Direct Lung Inhalation compares to sucking air from a balloon. It’s also like having a sharp breath intake. This means your lungs are filled with dense vapor from the vaping device. Some people call this method The Lung Hit. Some vapers find the technique difficult to practice because it requires them to form a seal around the vaping device with their lips to restrict airflow. There are also vapers that find it harsh when they vaporize liquids with high nicotine concentration.

Direct lung inhalation gives the lungs a great hit. The mellow experience that this technique provides is extremely satisfying for experienced vapers though some find it a little overwhelming. You also need the best CBD vape pen to practice the technique because it requires higher temperatures to allow the user to make sharp, quickdraws.

Advantages of Direct Lung Inhalation

This technique can be quite satisfying. The intense vapor that hits the lungs when you use this technique makes it ideal for people used to heavy hit vaping or smoking. Direct to lung inhalation is also ideal for cloud chasing. This is a vaping trick that entails creating large, dense clouds of vapor. Direct lung inhalation makes producing foggy plumes easy.

If you want to vape stealthily, you can practice this technique. Ideally, the technique lets you hold the vape in the lungs for a while. That way, vapor cloud can dissipate in your body before exhaling. Thus, direct lung inhalation can help you keep your vaping act low key, especially when vaping in a place where you are unsure about the regulation of electronic cigarettes.

Priming the Puff

This is more of a way to prepare the vaping device than a vaping technique. Even when you have the best CBD vape pen, you have to use it properly to enhance its performance. With this technique, the vaper starts off by inhaling rapidly or taking primer puffs to heat up the vape coil. This prepares the atomizer for a vaping session without taking in vapor. Although this might not be entirely necessary, it extends the life of the atomizer.

It’s important to note that sharp inhalation might not accomplish anything because what matters most is the duration for which the coil remains active. Essentially, when power is activated, the coil receives a fixed amount of electric current over the time for which the device remains active. That means you don’t have to inhale sharply to receive more vapor. You just need to keep the power button pressed down longer while taking slower puffs.

Hold Before Exhale

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigarette produces vapor that is best absorbed via the mucous membranes. As such, your nose and mouth provide the best surfaces for your body to absorb the vape.

The hold before exhales vaping technique entails holding the vapor inside the mouth for some seconds before you take it deeper into the lungs. This allows for greater absorption in the mouth, the lungs, and eventually through the nose. The vapor is basically exhaled after being held inside the body briefly.

This vaping technique is ideal for experienced vapers. Research shows that experienced vapers get more vapor or nicotine than new vapers. That’s because they know how to take longer, slow puffs that allow more time for absorption.

Hold before exhale vaping technique is advantageous because it leads to more satisfaction as the body absorbs more nicotine or vapor.

The Bottom Line

It might be true that the best CBD vape pens give vapers more satisfying vaping experiences. However, the used vaping technique influences the amount of vapor or nicotine that is absorbed by the body. Vaping techniques vary, and one technique can be the best for one vaper and worse for the other. The best approach to take when starting out is experimenting with different techniques. That way, you determine the best technique to settle on depending on the experience you get from each. Nevertheless, different vaping techniques are part of what makes vaping fun because each vaper gets a technique that suits their preferences.