Brutal Force Supplements for bodybuilding are like a legal blessing for most men in the US. It provides an extensive dealership of muscle-building and cutting supplements that transform you into something much bigger than you thought.

Recently, Brutal Force Steroids launched a whole new series of legal SARMS on its official website. We know there is nothing like legal Sarms but what if we told you the future is here!

Brutal Force Sarms is a turning point in the supplement industry which always puts anabolic steroids on top of everything. Not anymore! Before dealing with the types of legal Sarms that Brutal Force is dealing with, let us show you a glance at what Sarms really are.

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What are SARMs?

The word Sarms is an acronym for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, compounds that are derived from testosterone hormone using chemical modifications. Like many anabolic steroids, Sarms were first created for medical purposes, to treat serious diseases like cancer and osteoporosis.

Bodybuilders use Sarms for its selective androgenic receptor binding ability, the results are increased hypertrophic mechanism in the muscles and bones, testosterone production that ease muscle wasting syndrome. Sarms provide dense muscle mass, fat loss and enhance bone density to the bodybuilders. Sarms alternatives from the Brutal Force natural line of steroids can do all that without producing toxic side effects as caused by Sarms. Estrogen level elevation and maximum water retention are one of those side effects.

How Sarms Work?

Sarms interacts with selective androgen receptors in the skeletal muscles, unlike steroids that trigger more than one type of receptors. This makes Sarms selective in their mechanism. The androgenic receptors are located at many areas of the body; Sarms activate the linked receptors which results in a testosterone production boost. Sometimes, Sarms works by mimicking the testosterone hormone in the body which tricks the body to build excessive muscle mass and strength without the dangerous complications.

After complete binding with the receptors, Sarms enhances nitrogen secretion in the muscles; stimulates the protein synthesis pathways and testosterone production.

What is Brutal Force?

Brutal Force is the online retailer of natural supplements; their focus is to bring up the alternatives to legal steroids and SARMs which are not available for the users due to their illicit use. Brutal Force supplements are legal and the consumers spoke at various platforms about the special types of quality results.

Brutal Force is trying to replace the Crazy Bulk legal steroid which deals with the same line of supplements, except SARMs.

Natural Sarms by Brutal Force

Brutal Force launched legal alternatives to Sarms and this is the only week-old news. According to the company, legal Sarms mechanism involves all that of Sarms but there is no side effect to that. The reason is that Brutal Force Sarms are loaded with natural ingredients which have around 90% efficacy in building muscle mass and yielding Sarms like results.

How Many Legal Sarms Brutal Force Has?

Brutal Force confirmed its legal alternatives to the top 3 Sarms for bodybuilding. These are:

  1. RADBULK- Legal Alternative to Testolone RAD-140
  2. OSTABULK- Legal Alternative to Ostarine-MK-2866
  3. ANDALEAN- Legal Alternative to Andarine S-4

1. RADBULK (Testolone RAD-140)

Brutal Force RadBulk is the natural version of Testolone Sarm which is used to build intense muscle mass. RadBulk is a prime bulking supplement that builds iron-hard muscle mass with the same potency level as RAD-140. The surprise is Radbulk mimics the mechanism of Testolone which gives you bulkier or either leaner muscle mass depending on your cycle.

The supplement increases vascular effects on the body.

RADBULK Benefits

  • Super hard muscle mass
  • Safe and natural version of Testolone
  • Vicious vascularity
  • Higher endurance and strength gains
  • Comes in packages


The legal Sarm version is available for $59.99 on the official website. You can buy it from the Btural Force website where it’s available with free shipping and discounts.

2. OSTABULK (Ostarine MK-2866)

Ostarine is the famous Sarm that works for muscle building and fat loss benefits. Ostabulk carries the same legacy as MK-2866 and provides all the results without side effects. Ostabulk gives promotion to the lean mass generation in men and sheds the unwanted fats. This is indeed a duplicate effect of testosterone hormone which does the same thing by eliminating fats and encourages proper energy levels. This is the reason why people go into SARMs for sale tremendously.


  • Rapid muscle growth
  • Legal alternative to Ostarine Sarm
  • Improve muscle to fat ratio
  • Lean muscle gains without the fat


With free shipping to any region of the world, Brutal Force legal supplements franchise is selling Ostabulk for $59.99. The original price mentioned for the supplement was $79.99.

3. ANDALEAN (Andarine S-4)

Andarine prevents Benign Prostate Hyperplasia and treats muscle-wasting disease in worst-case scenarios. Andalusian is the powerful Andarine alternative that intensifies the fat loss process in the body while keeping the lean muscle mass reserved and more pumped.

The mechanism of Andalean is similar to Andarine SARM which is to stimulate the levels of Phosphocreatine, an essential compound for the production of ATP, the powerhouse for energy and muscle development. Andalean encourages users to push their limits and shed the unwanted fats for a sculpted and chiseled body.


  • Elimination of subcutaneous and visceral fat
  • Intense strength
  • Perseverance of lean muscle mass
  • Safe and effective alternative to Andarine S-4


Wherever you find Andalean, you will not get it unless you visit the official website. Brutal Force is currently selling Andalean on the official platform just like other legal Sarms alternatives it brought in the market. The price a per bottle is $59.99 with free shipment inside and outside the US.

SELECT (Promotional Stack Offer by Brutal Force Sarms)

All the benefits of legal Sarms are now available on a single platform, in a single stack product.

Select contains almost 3 of the Brutal Force natural Sarms with a 100% efficacy rate. The fast-acting supplements boost workout efforts and help users maximizing their muscle mass growth and keeping it free from unwanted fats.

For best results, a Select stack of Sarms should be used for at least 4 weeks.

How Much Does It Cost?

Select (stack) is available for $119.98 only whereas the original price for multiple ranges of supplement stacks was $399.95.

You can purchase it from Brutal Force steroid’s official website.

Best Sarms For Sale – Brutal Force Legal SARMS


  • 100% natural and safe for use
  • Quicker Results
  • No artificial and synthetic version of SARMs have been used
  • Satisfactory Outcomes
  • Free shipping


  • Will take 3 months approx to work like a Sarm
  • Available only on Brutal Force official website

Who Can Use Brutal Force Legal Sarms?

Brutal Force confirms that their legal alternatives to SARMs can be used by anyone between 18-52. Men who are struggling with low testosterone levels are the best candidates to consume Brutal Force Sarm alternative supplements.

Bodybuilders, athletes, and newbies are encouraged to use Natural Sarms as they deliver approx similar results in a short span of time.

Who cannot use Brutal Force Sarms?

Men who are currently using BP or Cardiovascular medications should not use SARMs legal versions by Brutal Force. Or the best case scenario is to seek a doctor’s advice first. Andalean, Radbulk, and Ostabulk have no dangerous chemicals involved as per by the company, there can be interaction with the natural testosterone boosters with the heart medications as some experts suggest.

Are Legal Sarms Available Elsewhere?

Usually, when you want to buy a SARM product, it takes a couple of underground market visits and if you are lucky, you might get your hands on real SARMs. Most of them are diluted and work only at the cost of severe side effects.

Heart attacks, infertility, testicular shrinkage, and baldness should be on your list before trying out actual Sarms.

Brutal Force Sarms Review Summary

Sarms have been isolated compounds that haven’t seen the sunlight since many companies have halted their production of making medicinal SARMs. The need for Sarms by bodybuilders has risen over these years. Anabolic steroids and Sarms are both dangerous compounds and they must not be used for more than a week unless it’s for medical urgency.

With diverse varieties of legal steroids alternatives, Brutal Force new Sarms alternatives have been creating hype amongst bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts. If you are looking out for any supplement that works like Sarms, you got it! Brutal Force legal Sarms are free from Sarms side effects and they are not taken in a form of injections anymore.

You can see more of these natural Sarms on the official site of Brutal Force.