The Superbowl is a professional NFL event that attracts the attention of sports fans all over the world. Even those that are not a fan of American football will place wagers on this game in hopes of scoring some major payouts. Of all the professional sports events played worldwide, the Superbowl is one that attracts the most bettors annually and you can find some amazing online betting sites that have great odds.

With many types of bets and even live betting, placing wagers on this game is one of the highlights for many sports enthusiasts. Before getting ready to place your bets online, here is some information on how to bet and what popular bet types are available. These can help you make better decisions and may improve the chances of earning payouts! With more than 25 million people planning to wager using mobile devices or at online sportsbooks, betting on the Superbowl is clearly a popular activity!

Bet the Moneyline

A moneyline bet is the simplest wager that can be placed on the Superbowl and it is a great option for those that are new to betting. With this wager, you are simply betting on who will win the game. You will place your bets based on the current odds at your selected sportsbook, with the underdog being designated by a + sign and the favorite by a – sign. The odds can change at any time, so many bettors will choose to place their moneyline wagers as close to the game as possible.


This is a fun wager that is very popular when betting on the Superbowl and you will be betting the total score of both teams. With this, you will choose an Over or Under bet. The sportsbook will have a set score that will be listed and you will choose whether the total score combined will be over or under the predicted amount.

This type of wager is also very simple to place which makes it an appealing option for those that are new to wagering and wish to bet on Superbowl. If you place a wager and the final score is exactly what the bookmaker predicted, it will be considered a Push and you will receive your bet amount back, no win, no loss.

Exciting Prop Bets

While you will find all traditional bets being offered for Superbowl betting, the most exciting is a prop bet. These are unique wages that can be placed on different things that can happen in the game. Many people will place a Superbowl prop bet on the coin toss, choosing whether it will be heads or tails. Some other bets include who will be the MVP, how many yards are rushed, even how long the national anthem lasts.

With prop bets, you can basically bet on anything that happens at this major event. There are endless options and the chance to win some handsome returns on your bets. Prop bets make sports betting even more exciting since there are many more options.

These bets do not have anything to do with the final outcome of the game. Instead, you will be betting on different things, some of which are not even game related. You can wager on the color of Gatorade dumped on the winning coach, the color performers will wear during the Halftime Show, and so many other things.

When it comes to placing bets on the Superbowl, there are many options and since this is one of the most-watched events in the world of sports, you will find amazing odds being presented at trusted bookmakers.