You must have always heard that searching for a perfect ring ends with a diamond ring. But what about those who choose other stones instead of diamonds? If you want to break the cycle, you can always look for engagement rings with black diamonds you can afford. Finding the perfect ring for your spouse will largely depend on the following three things:

  • Her Style
  • Precious Metal
  • Her Size

Let’s first discuss each of these 3 aspects one by one.

Narrowing Down Her Style

You can start by searching online for a plethora of styles available. Most popular brands offer a variety of them in their online catalog. This step is the easiest to start as you can browse many options in the comfort of your home. Many websites categorize rings into engagement and weddings. You can even find detailed lists by further categories like stones, gifts, etc.,

You can go down to the physical store when you have narrowed them down to a few. Once there, try them one by one and see which one resonates. The style should fit her daily routine, style, and personality. Going to a physical store allows you to gauge your choice further. The rings there will portray how they would look in day-to-day activities.

You can read more about types of the diamond ring if you are exclusively going for a diamond ring. Below are some great options of different styles you can start with when choosing.

Traditional and Elegant

The solitaire style is the prime example of this category. Solitaires are timeless and help the center stone stand out. The maximum appearance of the main stone is what most couples are after. Engagement is a big event, so people only want the ring to stand out and make a statement.

When going for a solitaire ring, the most traditional approach is to match with a plain metal band. This can be coupled with a basket setting to refine the stone. If you want to add more bling, you can add smaller stones in the band. If you like both, you can always mix and match until you decide to give a custom order.

Outgoing with Style

If a statement is all she wants to make, halo or pave style is the option. These styles offer the most glamourous touch and shine. Halo style surrounds the main stone with smaller diamonds to add enhanced shine. The pave style adds diamonds or stones to the band, achieving a similar effect as the halo. Halo style makes the center stone look more prominent.

These styles are best when going out. Who will be able to see your ring in the crowd if it is too small? It needs to have enough shine to dazzle others even out in the open.

Nature Inspired Rings

These styles are for nature lovers or those who are more outdoorsy than most. These styles incorporate nature designs in them. The bands or the setting can be in vines or leaves to match this style. The main stone can even be placed on a flower design to add more elements. You can choose a bezel setting or a thin metal incorporated in the intricate setting.

Search online for more natural styles that fit this category. Intricately designed rings are easiest to stack with different plain bands or rings.

Going Romantic with Timeless Styles

Vintage and classics are timeless. These designs stood the test of time and endeared. Milgrain design is a great option here to add scrollwork patterns to them. You can go the extra mile by shopping for an authentic antique ring. Genuine vintage rings can be expensive, but they’ll be worth buying. These rings are also suitable investments if you decide on selling them later.

Modern and Contemporary Styles

Why not go with the latest trend and fashion? Following what is going on these days is the safest bet. Everyone and their grandma who knows fashion will appreciate your choice. You can mix and match these styles with stacking to get the most out of them. Modern rings are the easiest to sell due to their trendy look and known style.

Choosing the Metal to Go with Your Style

When nothing else makes sense, choosing a diamond is the safest bet. However, there are many gemstones with different colors and cuts available. The best option is to choose a metal that resonates with your style; you can choose gemstone after that. Gold has 3 color options if gold is your forte. You can also choose platinum and palladium as alternate metals for their sturdiness.

Gold – Gold is one of the most sought-after metals simply because of its color and shine. The highest karat gold is a bit fragile but lowering the karats even though it means less shine, but they are more durable. Balancing the durability by sacrificing some shine is always the best option as they will be cheaper.

Platinum – Though not golden in color, Platinum metal is rare and durable. If silver is your style, nothing compares to platinum. The best part is that they require the least amount of maintenance. The only caveat is that the metal is quite expensive.

Measuring the Ring Size

Getting the measurement by a professional jeweler is the most accurate. You can also buy a ring measurement kit to measure at home. You can read more about it online on measuring for the correct size. It is always recommended to leave some room for the future. You never know when you may want to resize the ring. If resizing isn’t a concern, getting an intricate fitting design is perfection.


The best way is to choose a ring with your spouse. Checking online has always been the easiest option. Confirming physical stones makes it more accurate. If you do all your shopping and selection online, always read reviews. We cannot stress this enough that you can quickly eliminate most of the competition by reading reviews. Buying becomes more manageable once you have only a couple of suppliers left.