Folexin is a complete hair repair treatment produced by Vita Balance Inc. The professional formula is a much-needed breakthrough that not only reverses hair thinning but promotes stronger hair strands. Folexin works through science, a strategy that uses some extremely valuable herbs, vitamins, and minerals. These agents travel deep inside your system and fix the deficiency of nutrients leading to hair problems. By the end of its course, users report a significant change in their overall health, volume, and texture of hair.

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Folexin is a calculated and well-researched amalgamation of some essential, botanical ingredients aiming at men and women with hair-related issues. It is a dietary supplement that works for all age groups and causes that back hair thinning and poor growth.

This hair repair system:

  • Is made of natural, pure, and high-quality ingredients
  • Gets to the root cause of hair problem and treats it right away
  • Strengthens hair, encourages growth, and prevents hair fall
  • Focuses hair breakage, dryness, and brittleness
  • Is a product of Vita Balance Inc
  • Created in the US in an FDA approved setting
  • Is made by adhering to the GMP regulations


Folexin is an extensive solution to nearly all the hair-related problems commonly faced by us. However, it has been found more effective for:

1. Hair Thinning:

Hair thinning is characterized by excessive hair fall which is often blamed to genetics, health issues, aging, and hormonal fluctuations

2. Dry and Weak Hair:

Excessive exposure to heating tools, sun, and dry air results in dehydrating the hair. When left untreated, the condition can worsen to breakage

3. Poor Hair Growth:

Genetics is a major contributor in affecting our hair growth. But factors that also have a say are hormonal changes, stress, eating habits, age, and hair care

4. Dandruff:

In general, oily skin and dirty scalp encourage dandruff. To some extent, dandruff has a role in hair fall

5. Premature graying:

Hair graying is commonly associated with aging. But in fact, it is a clear-cut result of nutritional deficiencies


Folexin is a product that comes from Vita Balance Inc. If we delve into its details, we will learn that it is a top health company operating in North America. The company possesses 35 natural brands that can be categorized from dietary formulas to essential hair oils.

Essentially, Vita Balance Inc only uses botanicals and other nutrients derived from Mother Nature. The company firmly believes in natural solutions and hence, strives for recipes that address your problems without jeopardizing your health.

It is interesting to note that all the labs and facilities that are used to produce its valuable formulas are approved by the FDA. Moreover, the unit based on the highly expert nutritionists and trichologists abide by all the standards set by GMP.


Folexin or its manufacturers do not boast some unrealistic effects. But detail what’s genuinely possible for its users. Some of these promising benefits are:

1. Prevents hair fall and strengthen the roots:

Folexin understands the needs of your scalp. And so, it provides the nutrients it needs to reverse the damage. By ensuring a good supply of vitamins and minerals, it immediately stops hair fall and fortifies the roots

2. Encourages hair growth for a fuller look:

Preventing hair loss is halfway to a fuller scalp but promoting hair growth is the other half. With the right concentration and exemplary fusion of iron, zinc, and vitamin C, the recipe provides an absolute healthy dose for the scalp to trigger hair growth

3. Promises healthy nourished and shinier hair

Healthy and shiny hair always adds to your confidence and Folexin works just for that. The formula encompasses the ideal dosage of biotin that acts with some enzyme and makes protein you need for increased elasticity and moisture

4. Removes dandruff for a clean scalp:

Biotin is proven for its ability to keep the scalp hydrated, which is highly favorable for keeping dandruff at bay. The removal of dandruff ensures a clean, healthy, and itch-free scalp

5. Stops premature hair graying:

Premature graying is linked to the deficiency of vitamin C and B-6. Hence, balancing these can go a long way in reversing this very distressing hair issue. Folexin is rightly equipped with these vitamins to do the needed in no time flat


The making of Folexin has taken place in an FDA approved lab with ingredients purely derived from natural resources. The access of these components is both domestic and international to keep the formula highly top-notch and effective. Furthermore, the makers assert to follow every guideline associated with GMP while keeping it free from additives and paraben.


The ingredients that build Folexin are extremely advantageous for hair. However, their effects are broad enough to improve the health, texture and elasticity of your skin and nails as well. Some of these are:

  • Vitamin A:

Hair cells require vitamin A to grow. In addition, the very vitamin supports the making of sebum that moisturizes and adds to the quality of hair

  • Biotin:

It fuels the making of keratin, a protein that makes up the hair. Not only that, biotin multiplies the growth of follicles

  • Fo-ti:

The herbal extract is imported from South China for its amazing potency to oppose the signs of premature aging. It enhances the overall health of hair by keeping a strong control on hair shedding and graying

  • Saw Palmetto:

Extracted from dwarf palm tree berry, this one is specifically useful for hair fall caused by a hormonal disturbance in men

  • Vitamin C:

It is a very potent antioxidant that guards our hair against the possible damage of oxidative stress. Besides, it makes collagen while improving the absorbency of iron essential for hair growth

  • Calcium:

The mineral aids in the structural component and strengthens the hair, preventing it from falling

  • Zinc:

Hair fall can be triggered by the lack of zinc in your body. It fixes and grows hair tissue while improving the efficiency of oil glands encompassing follicles

  • Iron:

It enhances blood distribution to the hair, resulting in an added supply of oxygen to the roots. This speeds up the hair growing process

  • Vitamin D3:

It incites hair follicles, whereas the deficiency of it is associated with slow hair growth and worst, alopecia

  • Vitamin E:

The vitamin is greatly needed for a nourishing skin and scalp is no exception. By working on the base, limiting oxidative stress, and shielding the lipid layer, it allows the hair to grow in a healthy and stronger state

  • Vitamin B1:

It reverses brittleness and leads to healthy, shiny and strong hair

  • Magnesium:

It has the reputation of nature’s anti-stress mineral that has the power to impede hair thinning. Furthermore, it speeds up the growth of hair follicles, causing a swift growth of hair

  • Vitamin B6:

It motivates the process of protein metabolism; thereby it allows your hair to grow. Plus, it builds a link between hair cells and amino acids so that more and more protein can favor hair health

  • Folate:

It promotes healthy growth of hair cells while boosting red blood cells

  • Vitamin B12:

It has its fair share in the making of oxygen-rich R.B.C, essential for hair follicles. A good supply simply aids in the growth of hair

  • Vitamin B5:

In conjunction with other ingredients, it reconstructs every shaft of the hair that is subjected to the harm triggered by environmental factors, sunlight, and styling tools


Folexin has a neutral taste as it comes in capsules. These capsules can be ingested with water. The formula is easy to digest and causes no negative effects except for mild indigestion and nausea in the beginning.

The definite dosage of Folexin is two capsules a day. With a single jar of the product containing 60 capsules in total, it becomes 30 days’ supply for the users.


Folexin stands out for its unique set of ingredients that are needed by the hair to repair, grow, and nourish. Ingredients like Biotin, Fo-ti, and Vitamin C build a strong base for the supplement, whereas other vitamins and minerals promise to give you more than you expect.

Besides, it:

  • Is 100% organic and free from side effects
  • Deliver realist effects
  • It is third party tested
  • Highly encouraged by users
  • Has a strong customer base
  • Has 4.1/5 rating on Amazon
  • 180 Days Money Back Guarantee


Characteristics Folexin Har Vokse Provillus Profollica
Rating 4.1/5 4 /5 4/5 4/5
Popularity High High High Average
Price $24.95 $59.95 $59.95 $59.95
Lifetime Money Back Guarantee 180 Days Money Back Guarantee 60 Days Money Back Guarantee 90 Day Money Back Guarantee 67 Day Money Back Guarantee
Shipping Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Shipping cost apply Yes Free Selective Orders Selective Orders
Quality Medically proven ingredients Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients High quality Ingredients Superior grade Ingredients
Proprietary Blend No No No No
Mention of ingredient concentration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Best For Hair growth, healthy hair, and prevention of hair thinning Prevention of hair thinning and supporting hair growth Stopping hair loss and supporting nourished hair Prevention of hair loss and stronger hair
Customer Service Excellent Excellent Good Good


In addition to using a hair treatment like Folexin, it is important for you to follow good hair care habits like:

  • Avoid excess chemicals in the form of harsh shampoos and conditioners
  • Do not shampoo more than twice a week
  • Do not overuse heating tools like strengtheners and curlers
  • Do not over brush your hair or do not tie your hair too tightly
  • Look what you are eating. Revise your diet if it lacks vitamins and proteins
  • Regular trimming is important


The pros of using Folexin are:

  • It is a fast-acting formula
  • It is a complete hair care therapy
  • It is extremely pocket-friendly
  • It is proven to reverse hair damage
  • It comes with 180 Days Money Back Guarantee

The cons of using Folexin are:

  • It contains soy that can trigger an allergic reason for people allergic to it
  • It is not guaranteed to work for all struggling with hair-related issues


No minor to major side effect has ever been reported from the use of Folexin. And that goes to the pure, organic mix of ingredients that make the supplement.

However, as it has soy, it may be a threat to people with sensitivity to it.


Folexin comes in three packages, the bigger your deal, the more you save:

  • Package 1: It is the one month supply costing $24.95
  • Package 2: It is a two month supply that costs $44.96 (Saves you $4.94)
  • Package 3: It is a 4 month supply that costs $89.92 (1 bottle FREE, saves you $34.83 in total)

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Folexin is protected by 180 Days Money Back Guarantee. It entitles the users to claim back their money, in case of unsatisfactory results. However, it is important to note that the company only accepts unopened bottles.


When it comes to our aesthetic beauty care, every promising solution is worth giving a shot. Likewise, Folexin is one such solution that can be of great aid for people struggling in silence. Contrary to those expensive treatments, it gives you the boost you need in your confidence and self.