Esports news recently has ranged from Theunderpick CS:GO championship to the newly launched BetBoom Dacha tournament by Dota 2. These are certain key events that will have a direct impact on both eSports betting fans and players who will be participating in tournaments. With Esports Betting Bro, you can always stay updated with the latest events to know trends, be maximum efficient, and make well-informed decisions when betting on eSports online.

Thunderpick World Championship – Top Current CS:GO Event

The Thunderpick World Championship is underway, where the two CSGO teams are fighting to seed into the main event. A lot has happened already, featuring 2 European and two North American qualification stages, but the key events are in the future. This online tournament comes with 4 qualifying series events held before the finals.

A prize pool is about $600,000. Of the four qualifiers, the last one is currently underway (European Qualifiers Series 2 – September 4th to September 18th) followed by Thunderpick World Championship Finals – October 27th to November 5th.

Here is basic info about European Qualifiers Series 2:

  • Number of teams: 40;
  • Format: Single Elimination Bracket;
  • Prizes: 25,000 USD for winners and 5,000 USD for runners-up.

Being the final qualifier, this event will cement the final 2 spots at the Thunderpick World Championship Finals. Here are 2 lists of teams: invited and those with a high seed.

High seed: Into The Breach, MIBR, Monte, OG, SAW, 9INE, Bad News Eagles, Team Spirit

Qualifiers: 00 Nation, ALTERNATE aTTaX, Anonymo Esports, ARCRED, Astralis Talent, Aurora Young Blood, B8, Endpoint, Eternal Fire, 500, 9Pandas, 9z Team, Looking4Org, los kogutos, MASONIC, Nexus Gaming, Pompa Team, Preasy Esports, Rhyno Esports, EYEBALLERS, Fake Natty, knasigT, SINNERS Esports, Sprout, Team Singularity, The Prodigies, ThunderFlash, TSM, Turow Zgorzelec Esport, Team Falcons, Team Sampi, Zero Tenacity.

As for Thunderpick World Championship Finals, the data is the following:

  • Number of teams: 16 (8 seeds + 8 qualifiers);
  • Format – at first a Group Stage and then – Single Elimination Playoffs;
  • Prizes – 250,000 USD for winners, 100,000 USD for runners-up, 50,000 USD for the third and fourth places, and 12,500 USD for the places from fifth to eights.
  • Qualifiers to Finals – The best 2 qualify for World Championship Finals

After the European Qualifiers Series #2 finishes, Thunderpick reveals the final seeds. At the moment, the championship is almost at the finish line and there are already teams that have applied to participate in the main event: ENCE, Heroic, TBD x 6, MOUZ, BIG, TBD x 2, Wildcard Gaming, M80, Complexity Gaming, Nouns Esports.

Emir “rhyme” Muminovich Has Left Professional Valorant.

Giants Gaming officially announced this news, indicating that Emir decided to focus more on his studies. The cyber sportsman first played with the original Ninjas in Pajamas lineup, but after the project failed, he moved to Gen.G as one of the first Europeans to play abroad. However, he could not attend VCT tournaments in North America, which led to him returning home to play for Giants Gaming as the team’s IGL at VCT EMEA.

With their modest performance, the former Giants were rather inconspicuous when entering VCT EMEA. Despite this, they placed in the top four at G-Loot Clash and the top 16 at LOCK//IN. Subsequently, the team gradually improved their position at the top of the EMEA and climbed to 4th place in the regular season. They experienced misfortune in the playoffs and were knocked out of the top six with two exits.

The team returned to play this year and qualified for Valorant Champions 2023, winning all the maps. Like Natus Vincere, the second team from the EMEA LCQ to reach the championship title, the Giants fell out of the race just 1 round before the playoffs and returned home with only the best 12 LAN games.

Zellsis Announced His Exit from Cloud9

Jordan “Zellsis” Montemurro, who spent 11 months with Cloud9, announced that he is looking for a new team as an unrestricted free agent. Initially, the player became part of the Cloud9 team when it changed its roster and invited eSports players who would seek glory in the 2023 Americas Champions League.

The team performed impressive results throughout the regular season, losing only 1 series to LOUD. However, this did not help them repeat their success in the playoffs and receive a bid to participate in the Masters: Tokyo. Undeterred, the team decided to focus on the year’s final event: qualifying for Valorant Champions through the America’s Last Chance tournament.

Despite their automatic bid to the upper semi-final, Cloud9 lost twice to KRÜ Esports and Leviatán in the upper and lower finals, respectively. About 2 weeks ago, sixth player Mateja “qpert” Mijovic announced that he would explore new opportunities in all regions. Thus, Cloud9 is 1 player short of a full roster of five to participate in Red Bull Home Ground 4 OFF//SEASON, which begins in early November.