Guest Post And Write For Us Tips From JT

One of the indicators of guest articles that you post is from the response that you got. And to get a great and encouraging response, you need to write powerful articles. Let’s see 3 powerful article writing tips for the greater response!
Straightforward Approach

Here’s one straightforward approach, decide what you want to jot down concerning, and then simply sit down and write until you are finished. The secret is to not worry regarding something whereas you’re doing this, and that includes any reasonably mistakes.

You wish to search for outflow and rhythm and carry on typing. Let the thoughts flow out on the paper, and do not target how it’s coming along, because once you are done, you may be going back and proofreading it anyway. When you stop writing, you break that every one-important flow to your ideas and thoughts. If you know how you type, you’ll notice that you will automatically prevent or re-browse a sentence trying for mistakes.

Your initial draft will contain all the mistakes in it, and then when you are finished editing it, then that can be your final draft. Sometimes it will be tough never to stop whereas you are writing; however, do try to keep them to a minimum. If you are doing this enough times, you may discover that it’s truly easier to jot down better articles. Just attempt to relax and write as a result of you may easily avoid stopping, obtaining stuck, and then experiencing author’s block.

Diversifying Approach

Do not simply stick to 1 format together with your articles, but try to diversify them. Simply as a few format examples, you’ll write in an expository format that simply informs regarding a topic, or you’ll write a piece that discusses tips and helpful hints concerning one thing. You’ll write in multiple formats all on the same topic if you needed. You’ll be showcasing your ability to write down in several styles and formats. People will be in a position to see that you’re a real knowledgeable as a result of they will see that you’ll write regarding the identical topic in different ways.

This approach is also excellent for testing functions because you will be in a position to determine that vogue or approach converts the most effective. Doing this will also build you a higher author, and your future articles can be stronger for it. However do use caution that you do not seem like you can not write in simply one explicit set of formats, solely. You may profit from being diverse because you’ll have the power to handle completely different writing things.

Real-Stories Approach

You can make your articles a lot of distinctive by together with some kind of knowledge that’s not easy to find. People love reading sensible stories, thus adding a short personal bit of data will be effective. Conjointly, the success story that’s personal and real can continually be included. People are smarter than you think that and they can listen to their instinctive reactions about your writing. There are many things you can do to make your articles more effective.

It’s pretty straightforward; however, if you don’t apply your self or exert some effort, then you will notice it’s quite tough to write smart articles. It’s vital to be told; however, you furthermore may like to take action and write ideally each day.

Having Trouble Getting Guest Posts?

Everyone knows that getting backlinks is the most essential part of off page SEO to get noticed by Google. There are many ways that you can get backlinks, but probably the best way to get a good backlink and traffic is to guest post on other people’s sites. Guest posting on a site that has high page rank and lots of viewers will really boost your blog or site into another level of performance on the internet. When you post on these sites, and their visitors read your informative, helpful posts, then it is almost guaranteed that you will get a following, not to mention great backlinks.

The Trouble with Write For Us Guest Post

This is all well and good, and it is great if you can get a guest posting job on Darren Rowse Blog or some other blog that has a high page rank and lots of visitors, but let me tell you, it is hard to be able to get a guest posting gig on one of these sites! These people have excelled to a different level than what we novice bloggers are at. We are just learning about different things, and these things don’t seem good enough to write about on these sites. It’s sad but true, but they do not want novice bloggers.

If guest posting is so good, then how am I supposed to get a gig doing this??

Don’t Worry, Here’s The Solution

Another place that you should consider is Guest Posting at ComLuv.
This is a free place to join, and you can guest post about what you want to post about! They do have some rules, and you can view them when you join, but they are minimal. ComLuv is a Page Rank 6 site and has hundreds of thousands of followers and visits. This is a great way to at least get good quality backlinks. If they put your post on the front page, which has happened to me a couple of times, then you have the opportunity to get some extra traffic too!

Guest posting can be a hard thing to accomplish, especially when you are just starting out in the blogging industry. No one wants to let you guest post for them, and you are a blank slate looking for knowledge. However, this is a great way to get your site noticed online. This is probably the fastest way to get noticed if you are just starting out. For those of you who already have an established blog, then you know how important backlinks are, and this is also a good way to get high-quality backlinks to your site!

Four Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Starting Your 1st Write For Us Project Or Guest Post

Although the popularity of guest blogging has grown considerably during recent times, there are still some mistakes that are done by bloggers. How many guest posts have been rejected just because of some lack of communication from both parties? In this article, I will be speaking about four common mistakes that are done by guest bloggers, and I hope that it will prove useful for you.
Not asking for topic

Too often bloggers just write an article and send it to the webmaster hoping that it will get accepted and in the majority of cases they are disappointed. As far as possible it might be a good idea for you to ask the webmaster about some topics idea. In this way, you will be sure that your article will be a good fit for his or her blog. Just have a quick look around the blog to discover the most popular posts and try to find 3-4 possible topics and then send it in a quick email to the webmasters. This will increase your chance of getting an approved article.

Writing Generic Articles

You should not think that you will be able to land a guest posting opportunity by writing some generic articles. Most webmasters will reject the article, and it will be a complete waste of time on your behalf. Make sure that you write a good, original and useful article for the readers of the blog primarily if you want to get an approved post.
Not following the policy

Most blogs that accept guest posts have a clear blogging policy in place, and it might be important that you follow this. For instance, if the blog allows only one link in the article body just place one link and do not try to act smart. This will increase the chance of you getting an approved blog post. Before writing your article, just have a quick look at the blogging policy and use it to write your articles.

How To Make An Appealing Guest Post For The Write For Us Websites

It’s no secret that as a writer you undertake guest posts for the exposure. Guest posting offers the aspiring writer a chance to flex their rhetorical muscles to a wider audience. Depending on the traffic on the relevant blog, your writing could be read by hundreds or thousands of visitors within quite a short time. This potential coverage puts you in an opportune position to express your views, so be sure to make your guest post worthwhile to any potential reader. Here are a few tips that can help your guest post stay appealing and engaging.

Research the blog

This may seem like an obvious point, but it’s worth rehashing. Guest posts that ignore the overarching theme of a blog run the risk of appearing oblivious and worse, misinformed. Eliminate that possibility by reading up on the blog’s recent posts, its author bios, and even the featured links to other blogs. Presenting yourself as familiar with the blog’s content will encourage the blog’s regular readers to consider your take on a topic.
Strong writing

If you’re familiar with the blog’s content, be sure to communicate that familiarity through strong, assertive writing. Give your voice authority with descriptive action verbs and short, punchy sentences that showcase your ability to dole out brief but engaging material. Lengthy posts structured by long, rambling sentences tend to turn off the typically fast-paced blog reader. Read your post out loud several times before you submit it to the webmaster to check the flow of your work. Look for spots that could benefit from more precise language, and strive to keep your sentences as uncluttered as possible.

Interesting links

Linking to sites relevant to your topic (and related to the larger theme of the blog) can add another dimension to your guest post. Try to tie in a recent news article associated with your topic, or a link to a popular website that could potentially benefit the reader’s understanding of your post. Like everything else with guest posting, keep it minimum: no one likes to read through an article featuring links to every other sentence. Place your links in parts of your post that could benefit from a little something extra. What a sentence lacks in flair it could make up for in offering an intriguing link.
Add some variety

While I said earlier not to stray from the theme of the blog where you’re offering your guest post, you could certainly benefit from writing outside the box. Look at the blog’s previous posts and think of a new angle to spin the blog’s subject matter. Oftentimes a fresh perspective can reinvigorate a previously stale and over covered issue. Put yourself in the reader’s seat and consider some novel approaches that you’d like to see from the blog.

As bloggers, we write for the audience, which is exactly why we need to build those relationships on various levels. First, we need to create connections with our readers. Second, we need to reach out to other bloggers.

To help you create these blogger relations, we have come up with a few ideas that will assist you in doing this the right way.

The “Me” Train Needs to Stay in the Station

You will notice a trend when successfully reaching out to other bloggers. You have to be considerate of their needs when you approach them.

Do not start off a conversation with another blogger, by asking them how you can post on their site. Then straight away followed up by mentioning how you need links back to your site. That is simply not acceptable.

People are self-motivated. I get it! I write articles online because I want others to read my work. Additionally, I like getting compensation from it. However, if we put aside the greed for a moment, we can clearly consider how to approach someone else’s point of view. What do they need? How can you help them?

Helping bloggers who have a lot of connections, traffic, and subscribers might seem scary at first. However, no blogger can do it all themselves. It is simply not possible.

You will be surprised by how much you can help someone by creating content for them for a day. Or retweeting their information to your followers. Small acts of kindness go a long way in cementing relationships.

When I blogged every day for three years, the greatest thing in the world was when I got a quality post ready to publish. Instead of spending my time editing the article, or writing new content I could spend my time on other projects of equal importance.

Blogger relations are as much about helping others as they are about helping yourself.

If You Contact Me, You Better Have an Idea Why

Next, if you contact a blogger give them some ideas in advance for what type of content you can provide them with. Something as simple as a list of titles with a one-sentence explanation of each article can go a long way.

Do not contact someone and simply say: “I can write articles. Do you need articles?”

Think about what you can write about before clicking send, or your email will more than likely go into the circular file bin.

Connect with Bloggers on Different Platforms

Before you reach out to a blogger, check out their social media profiles. You will be shocked by what you learn about them even before you exchange a single email.

This information will help you approach them in a more realistic manner, and we all like to interact with real people. That, in turn, can raise your chances of a reply over simply shooting off a blind email.

Follow Them and Like Their Stuff Before Contacting Them

Once you connect with them on social media, you might want to follow what they have to say for a while before contacting them through email. I wrote an email for Steamfeed last month. Before that, we shared each other’s posts back and forth on Triberr for about a year.

Asking for a guest post was an easy sell since we already built a relationship.  All I had to do was create dynamic content, to build that relationship, which of course I did.

Creating Blogger Relations Is More What You Can Do For Them Compared To What They Can Do For You.

In the end, you need to provide a valuable reason for bloggers to connect with you. Why else will they want to talk to you, promote you, and stay plugged into what you are doing? If you cannot do this, you will struggle to create the long-term profitable relationships that most successful bloggers rely upon to succeed. Therefore, what are you doing today to increase relations with bloggers in your niche?

Excuse Me; You Can’t Write A Guest Post In 15 Minutes

I know you’ve seen all these promotions about how to write a great post in under 15 minutes.  There are tons of them out there, and when I seen the last one, I had to stop and check it out.

The fact of the matter is that these people are writing filler and fluff just because they know that they have to get a guest post out for that day and probably have gotten the ever so common “blogger’s block” so they turn to the old faithfuls.

The fact of the matter is, if you’re taking only 15 minutes to write your post, then you shouldn’t be blogging.

What They Tell You

Ok so as I’m reading this post about how you can write a great blog article in under 15 minutes, one thing really caught my eye. And, for the most part, these topics of discussion on posts like these usually have the same ideas included, which are simply to write these things:

  • Numbered posts
  • How to posts
  • Generic posts about getting Twitter, FB, or Pinterest followers
  • “10 Ways to Write A Great Post”
  • etc

While I can’t knock the fact that these are great topics to write about, and people usually react and interact on different social platforms when you share these types of posts, there are still two things wrong with doing them.

  1. A great post about any of these topics would definitely take you longer to do if you really wanted to create great content.
  2. It’s the same old idea that everyone else is doing.

Let me discuss #1:

As I said before, these are all great topics.  I’ve written about a few of them myself.  But if you take everything that you really need to research to get the great content that your readers will enjoy, it’s going to take you longer than the allotted time.  I was surprised to see that the actually promoted something like this in a post called How To Write A Great Blog Post In 15 Minutes.

Promoting fast writing is one thing, but showing people how to do it efficiently is another. Even if someone cranked out a blog post in 15 minutes (which is totally possible), would it be worth reading? Would you even read this blog if I kept bragging about how fast I was at writing? Probably not.

Their Tactic #3 really got my attention, and it was “Watch The Clock.” When you’re racing against time to get a post out, you’re not going to be giving your best writing, and I don’t care if you are Micheal Stelzner. All great writers plan, yes, and they research, but when it comes down to it, the best writing is one that is planned out and carefully monitored making all of the pieces fit together perfectly and clearly for the reader.

Let Me Discuss #2:

When everyone else is writing these posts that the “guru’s” are telling you to write, how are you going to be able to carve yourself out a niche in that industry? You’re just another face in the crowd! I can find 100 posts about “how to get Twitter followers,” but can you find any that show you how to get Twitter followers immediately? If you’re the person that breaks that code, then you have definitely carved out your place here.

In the blogging industry, you’re always reading about how to be different. How can you be different if you’re writing the same stuff as everyone else? You can’t.

There isn’t anyone in the world that can write as you can. I have found with my Social Media Psychology that no one else is doing anything like this because they simply haven’t thought about the effects of psychology on social media. I have found that people are doing it without realizing it, but they don’t understand the true concept of how it works.

When you find something you’re good at, something that separates you from the rest of the group, write about it. Everyone has something that sets them aside from everyone else. That’s the beauty of being different.

Write Your Guest Post

So if you want to write a great post, make sure you’re taking your time. Don’t rush it. Don’t degrade the quality of your blog by taking on challenges like 30 blog posts in 30 days; no one can guarantee quality every day for a month. I don’t care who you are. Make sure that your reader is the most important person that comes to your blog, not how fast you can write it.

Everything is depending on how well you write, not how fast you write it. Yes, I’m still in agreement with most of the things that has said in the article, but not the part where they want you to hurry through the post in order to learn how to write a great post.

Take your time, research, develop, make the content follow the title that you have in your head, tell stories where applicable, and most of all, make sure your reader can take something home when they get to the end.