Having Skin Tags is not life-threatening. Although these non-cancerous growths may occur in very awkward spots such as the neck, armpit, face, and even on the genitals. Because of this, most people prefer to have them removed.

Medical treatments are available to remove skin tags. This often includes cryotherapy, cauterization, ligation, or excision. However, these treatments are often painful and may even leave scarring. We decided to review alternative, homeopathic treatments to remove skin tags. We came across the H-Tags formula, developed by Healing Natural Oils. The company has been developing effective homeopathic formulas for over 20 years and has had huge successes.

We’ve reviewed the H-Skin Tags formula in this review.

What Are Skin Tags?

It is common for skin tags to grow in places where the skin folds, like the neck and armpits. They are not cancerous and don’t hurt. These growths are made of loose collagen fibers that get stuck in places where the skin is thicker. Skin tags are also very common, and almost half of people have them. Individuals who are older, obese, or have diabetes are also more likely to have them.

Most of the time, these skin lesions aren’t dangerous, but they can be painful if they get caught on jewelry or clothing and hurt. If these growths bother you, there is help.

How to Remove a Skin Tag?

You don’t have to remove skin tags. They aren’t harmful and won’t get worse over time. Some people find them unattractive and decide to have them removed. There are many ways to remove skin tags. Cryotherapy is a method where a doctor, usually a dermatologist, freezes the skin tag with liquid nitrogen. Electrocautery is another option, where an electric probe or needle is used for burning the skin tag. Snipping or excising the skin with scissors or a scalpel may be a better choice for larger skin tags. These procedures are not usually covered by insurance because they are cosmetic.

Are There Home Remedies For Skin Tags?

While home remedies are available, their efficacy is largely anecdotal and not supported by significant data. Some commercial kits contain ligation bands that can be placed around the base of skin tags, thereby cutting off their circulation and causing them to fall off. Home “freezing” kits are also available but typically require multiple applications. Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar have reportedly been used to treat skin tags; however, little research data supports their effectiveness. Furthermore, these substances often cause skin irritation. Tea tree oil, in particular, is known to cause allergic skin reactions in some people.

Traditional Medical Treatments

Doctors can use medical treatments to remove skin tags quicker and more effectively than you can do at home. This is not a competition. One of these procedures might be recommended by your doctor to remove your tag. It is important to note that these treatments may leave scarring and even be painful.

  • Cauterization

A doctor will then burn your skin tag. The doctor will also close off the burned area to prevent the spread of infectious bacteria. It may take several treatments before the tag is removed.

  • Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is the antithesis of cauterization. To freeze your tag, doctors use liquid nitrogen. It is usually effective after only one or two treatments.

  • Ligation

To reduce blood supply, a healthcare provider will tie a surgical thread around your tag. It will eventually fall off. Ligation is the medical equivalent of a skin tag.

  • Excision

A doctor will use a sharp knife to remove your tag.

Introducing A New Alternative: H-Skin Tags Formula

H-Skin Tags Formula is specifically designed to treat unsightly skin tags. It is also safe for sensitive skin. This innovative formula is topically applied and contains natural essential oils and established homeopathic ingredients.

H-Skin Tags Formula is a natural alternative for treating skin tags. The formula is made up of a blend of ingredients that works quickly and effectively with no pain or scarring. Our proprietary natural formula is safe for skin tags everywhere, even under the arms and face, and in sensitive areas, including the genitals.

H-Skin Tags Formula: The Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, the H-Skin Tags formula has been developed using 100% all-natural ingredients, which includes;

  • Calendula officinalis 12C, Thuja occidentalis 12C
  • Essential Oil Blend (Citrus limon peel, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf-branch, Melissa officinalis blossoms & whole plant, Thuja occidentalis leaf).

How to Apply the H-Skin Tags Formula

Use a cotton swab or your finger to apply directly to the tags. Only a few drops are needed due to the concentrated but gentle makeup. It is easy to use and very gentle. You will receive complete instructions. The formula rapidly absorbs directly into the skin tags and works to gently flake them away.

How Long Does the Formula Take to Work?

In as little as one week, you will start to notice results. It varies from one person to another and depends on your tag’s size. Some tags can be stubborn and may take longer to respond. You don’t need to pick up or file the tags. Let the formula do the rest. The tags can change in size, color, and/or appearance. They may also begin to fall off.

  • Visit the H-Skin Tags Formula Official Site

Positive Reviews

“I was so skeptical about this product but desperate to remove an **** skin tag near a sensitive area. My doctor confirmed that this product was safe to use. The tag was about the size of a watermelon seed. I started applying it on Friday afternoon, 6/12, and it fell off on Monday evening, 6/15, after consistently dabbing the formula onto the tag via a cotton ball 3x a day. I’m so shocked and pleasantly surprised that this product worked! Glad I have most of the formula still left, so keep it for future use”.

-Preet L | Virginia

“After being told by my doctor that my skin tag was going to be painful to remove and because of the location, I wouldn’t be able to walk for two days. I resorted to the H-skin tags formula out of desperation (that and I’m a big coward), and it works! after two weeks of religiously putting it on three times a day, my skin tag is gone, and there was no pain involved at all. I couldn’t be happier. now I’m thinking about trying some other products.”

-Mai | Washington

“I have had a history of hemorrhoids, and then I developed skin tags too to add to my worries. But all is now well _ the H-Skin Tags did their job as you said they would. I can highly recommend the product to anyone with the same condition”.

-Robert M | Florida

Our Conclusion

We can safely say that the product is effective from our research on the H-Skin Tags formula, and hundreds of reviews on the official Healing Natural Oils website confirm our claims. The product is available in 11ml ($34.95) and 33ml($69.95). We recommend that you purchase the formula from the official website, so you don’t risk buying counterfeit products from third-party websites.