Everyone has heard of plagiarism, but not every student really understands what it is. Even if you had no intentions of copy-pasting your paper, you could still face the problem of plagiarism. Unfortunately, everything is not limited to copy-pasting, and you need to figure out what exactly can lead to plagiarism.

Below, you will find some great tips that can be very efficient essay help and will allow you to understand why your professor may accuse you of plagiarism if this was not your intention at all. Check the advice from professionals below and make sure to always produce 100% unique essays. It will boost your academic success a lot.

Learn to paraphrase

It may sound banal, and everyone understands that not to plagiarize, we must stop copy-pasting. In reality, though, not each student knows how to write essays rewriting the original content.

Copy-pasting is your enemy, and you should simply forget about it. However, rewriting also requires certain skills and experience. You do not even imagine how many students face the issue of not being able to paraphrase someone else’s thoughts.

Therefore, learn not to copy other authors’ words verbatim. Use only the idea but make sure it sounds different. Paraphrasing is a crucial skill each student must master. Before you start paraphrasing, you should understand the original idea fully and properly.

Quite often, students quit and simply say, “I can’t write my essay”. Do not hurry to do that and just sit and understand how to express your own thoughts. This skill will be very required not only in essay writing but also in different spheres of life regardless of what profession you choose eventually. Do not neglect to learn how to express your thoughts correctly.

Do not forget about quotations

Quotations are crucial for any academic paper, so do not forget to use them throughout your essay. Even if you are going to write an essay online, make sure to show that the thoughts you use are taken from another paper or source.

Unlike in the previous case, quotations must by no means be paraphrased. Indeed, they should be used exactly as they appear in the original source used in the process of writing your essay.

Citations are a must

Just like quotations, citations are also crucial in your fight against plagiarism. Citations allow letting the readers know where exactly you took the information. Therefore, before you say “I cannot type my essay”, check your sources carefully. You take ideas from some other books, essays, researches, and different online sources. Mentioning them is a must.

Here are a couple of tips on making citations:

  • Cite according to the appropriate format (MLA, APA, etc.);
  • If you cite your own essays (some of your previously written papers), you should also cite them (it is called self-citation);
  • Cite absolutely all sources you use for your research without any exceptions;
  • Keep track of your sources not to look for them afterward;
  • In case you forgot about where you cited from, use online plagiarism checkers to track them.

Of course, you can always think, “I want to pay to write my essayto facilitate your fight against plagiarism but before you do that, at least try to understand how citations work and how exactly they can help you avoid plagiarism.

Keep track of each source

If you use the help of an online essay writer, you will be absolutely sure that your paper is 100% plagiarism-free. Or course, if this writer is professional enough. So, how do they reach this even when creating essays within a couple of hours?

The truth is each professional writer knows that it is crucial to track sources at every stage of writing. Once the source is used, it should be written down on a separate piece of paper or a document if you do it on your computer.

Everything should be done at the right time and the same concerns writing your essays. You should keep track of each source and note it down once using it. This way, you will have the list of sources used and the only thing you will have to do at the end, just cite them properly.

Use plagiarism checking tools

To avoid plagiarism in your essays, it is crucial to use specific tools that show how unique your essays are. No matter whether you use a case study writing service or write your paper by yourself, you should always make sure the paper is unique.

There are plenty of such tools online. Some of them work as apps that can be downloaded directly to your PC. Others can be used online with or without registration. There are also free and paid plagiarism checkers.

As you can see, there is a variety of methods to check your essay. You should pick the one that matches your needs and requirements. If the tool showed some plagiarism, do not hurry to be upset. If you cite some sources, they will be noticed as plagiarism. However, since you reference them, you have nothing to worry about.

One of the best benefits of such plagiarism checkers is that they help identify all sources you used, and if you forgot or missed something to cite, you can notice it at once. Just click the link it shows and see the original source.

Use professional help

One of the ways to be guaranteed a 100% original essay is to hire an essay writer online. Of course, do not forget that this service or freelancer must be credible and reliable. Check the reviews of other users, see what kind of guarantees these services or freelancers provide, read Terms and Conditions carefully.

A worthy and reliable writing service will always deliver only a plagiarism-free essay and, moreover, will provide you with a full plagiarism report. This is a great way to get a totally plagiarism-free paper if you are not sure you can cope with this task on your own.

Plagiarism is one of the biggest problems in the academic world due to wide access to information online. If you stick to the rules above, you will have no problems composing an essay that is absolutely free of plagiarism.