Plagiarism is the use of other people’s ideas or works without attribution. It’s quite challenging to convince a person of plagiarism of ideas, and it’s often useless to do this. Students, for example, could do their homework together; hence they deliver amazingly similar thoughts. But plagiarism in the text is easy to detect by comparison. It is so easy to notice because it is ordinary cheating. Students insert paragraphs from the Internet into their research papers. Usually, such things are done not out of malice, but due to lack of time.

Plagiarism in Students’ Research

The uniqueness or originality of the text is its share, which the author wrote himself, without borrowing from anywhere and formulating only his thoughts. Therefore, the purpose of checking for uniqueness is to determine how much this work is not like everyone else. Professors, using websites and specialized software, find out how many percent of the text you wrote yourself and how much you borrowed from other sources. And this borrowing will be considered plagiarism.

But it is essential to distinguish plagiarism determined by plagiarism checker and plagiarism in the proper sense of the word. In its true meaning, plagiarism is the deliberate appropriation of the results of another’s work, which is a violation of copyright. It will take place when you violated the rules of citation or did not put down links to sources from where you borrowed thoughts and ideas.

And plagiarized in the anti-plagiarism report will be any borrowed text fragments if they are similar to those that are in the system’s verification databases. Unfortunately, student work on this subject is checked very formally, so the student has no choice but to painstakingly work on the text or pay someone to write my essay and check it with plagiarism checkers.

What Percentage of Plagiarism Is Allowed?

Officially, this is not regulated anywhere. Universities and even individual departments themselves establish these standards. But in the modern educational environment, it is customary to grade requirements for the permissible percentage of plagiarism depending on the type of student work, and course of study. The highest percentage of plagiarism is allowed for essays. In the first year, there can be no requirements at all, while for term papers, and research works, the lowest percentage of plagiarism is required. Typically, these requirements are contained in guidelines issued explicitly for students.

Anti-Plagiarism as a Way to Detect Borrowing

Anti-plagiarism is a hardware-software complex that analyzes the documents loaded into it for the presence of text that was previously published elsewhere. Plagiarism checker analyzes essays in two ways: technical and semantic.

Earlier versions of loan detection programs worked only with the technical component. They searched in the text for phrases and expressions that occur elsewhere. Technically non-unique fragments are three or more words in a row with any endings. For example, the phrase “mom washed the frame” will be marked as plagiarism, if previously someone already wrote, “mom washed the frame.” Pretty quickly, however, they learned to circumvent the technical test for plagiarism, using synonyms, a permutation of words, and often in automatic mode, using simple software.

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Today, many plagiarism verification systems provide technical analysis. A trusted plagiarism checker analyzes texts not only in technical terms but also in terms of their semantic component. In simple words, the latest systems learned to understand the essence of what is written. Swapping words and replacing them with synonyms no longer works here. The fragments are analyzed holistically.

Thus, the plagiarism checker will show the semantic component that was previously used. Some borrowing verification algorithms are so perfect that they may not pay attention to technical plagiarism, if the meaning of the text is entirely different, and even show 100% originality.

How Does Plagiarism Checker Work?

Despite all the achievements in the field of artificial intelligence, it is still just a set of algorithms, which are improving almost daily. Therefore, one should not expect any reasonable actions from them. Checkers for plagiarism work like a regular computer program, which searches for fragments of text in your document that were previously published elsewhere. The program will not say whether it is plagiarism in the literal sense of the word or not, but it will show the source.

At the same time, anti-plagiarism will show that the text is borrowed, even if you wrote something similar earlier. For example, two years ago, you wrote an essay, and now you are writing a research on the same topic. In this case, inserting fragments of one’s past work into the current one will not work. The essence of plagiarism testing is to identify similar text.

How to Write a Research Without Plagiarism?

In case when you don’t know how to check for plagiarism, you should follow some simple rules. Of course, it will be useful if you are not going to order your essay online.

Since plagiarism in its meaning means the theft of other people’s thoughts and ideas, to exclude it in their work, it is imperative to put down links to all sources. In this case, you must follow the rules of citation, which can usually be found in the guidelines issued to you.

If we are talking about the passage of anti-plagiarism, then putting downlinks will not help, because modern verification algorithms have not yet learned to read them. But to be tested for plagiarism is still quite realistic.

First of all, it is vital to think about how not to exceed the permissible level of plagiarism at the stage of choosing a research topic. After all, choosing a common theme, there will be a lot of information on it, but at the same time, it is challenging to offer something of your own, truly original. That is why, writing work yourself, uniqueness can be lower, and the level of plagiarism can be high.

So, the borrowed text in student essays is far from always plagiarism, not necessarily theft of other people’s thoughts or ideas. But in any case, if the plagiarism checker shows a too high percentage of not unique content, then you need to reduce it somehow. Without this, your research will not be accepted. And the correct way to achieve the necessary indicators of the originality of the text is to write your essay or to order this assignment online.