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For most gamblers, a casino is a chance to have a lot of fun. The casino games keep players hooked up and excited. But the fun doesn’t end here. The gambling industry promises customers the opportunity to win huge chunks of cash. This is one of the main reasons people take a chance at gambling.

Another way the gambling sites keep players engaged is by offering bonuses. There are so many types of bonuses. Some are only for new members. Welcome bonuses usually encourage new people to join. There are also reload bonuses, for regular players. While the majority of bonuses require a small deposit, some are free. The deposit can be as minimal as £ 5.

Gambling is a lucrative business. For this reason, there are so many online casinos nowadays. While this is great, it provides a huge challenge for gamblers. How do you decide which one to use? Looking at the casino with the best bonuses is one way.

Read this article as we discuss the main factors that determine the best casino bonuses.

1. Terms and Conditions

Let’s face it, reading the Ts & Cs of any application or service can be super boring. So most people decide to skip this part when signing up for a casino. But what you forget is that this is very important for two main reasons. First of all, this information provides information on the type of bonuses to expect. Also, there are requirements that gamblers have to fulfill before taking their winnings. Ts& Cs also indicate the various ways in which withdrawing can be done on an online casino.

When considering bonuses, make sure to carefully read about wagering requirements. This dictates the number of games one should play before cashing out winnings. Usually, people have to play between 40 and 60 times in UK casinos. Why is this important? If you fail to adhere to the rules, you won’t take your cash. Also, the amount you can win is limited.

2. Expiry Date

Did you know that bonuses have expiry dates? Well, they do. It is a strategy that gambling sites use to earn more. So carefully check the rules before you sign up. Even if a bonus offers double, it is only profitable if you can accomplish all requirements within the valid time.

Great online casino deals offer players more time to achieve the wagering requirements. Once you fail to win within this period, the bonus will be canceled. That is why the number of wagers really matters. The less the wagers, the more chances of cashing out faster. The best online casino codes from BonusCatch.com last from 72 hours to a week. So make sure that the bonus actually offers you enough time to play and win.

3. Bonus Type

Like briefly mentioned above, casinos have different types of bonuses. You can only make the most of a bonus when you know how to use it. Start off by identifying the type of bonus. That’s because the rules vary for different types of casino bonuses. The main ones are:

  • Sign up or welcome bonus
  • Free spins
  • Referral bonuses
  • Free money
  • Deposit Free matches

As a way to gain more customers, gambling sites usually offer welcome bonuses. This is usually free money which a player can use. Free spins are only for slot games. No deposit bonuses allow a gamer to play casino games without making any cash deposits. As the name implies, referral bonuses are awarded to players who bring new people to sign up. It is usually not a one-time payment. As long as the new member keeps winning so do you.

4. Bonus Value

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for an online casino is the bonus values.

You should know how the bonuses work. Casinos give both new and old members bonuses. But the requirements usually are different. If you are a new customer, you can get more bonuses in addition to your deposit. To do this, you have to claim another bonus. So imagine you claim a 100 % bonus for a £ 200 deposit. It means you will begin with a deposit of £400 instead of £200 which you deposited.

A bonus is only useful if you have a simple way of withdrawing your earnings. Even if you win your bonus, you are still required to play a few more times before using a bonus. The minimum amount varies between different casinos.

You should also remember that bonuses work differently. In some casinos, you can only. Again emphasis on reading the T&C’s before joining a casino.

5. Deposit Percentage

How much should you deposit? That again relies on the type of offer and casino. The game also affects the deposit percentage. Slots may offer more than table games. Slots are good because the wagers are not as demanding and the wins equally profitable. Live games have a higher percentage deposit.

Casino reviews can show other players’ experiences. This is the best way to know if the site offers legit bonus percentage deals.

6. Gambling Games

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your favorite games available?
  • Can you play slots or table games?
  • Does the bonus include live games?

You want to make sure that you will enjoy games not only play to win. Otherwise, it is no fun. Besides, the chances of winning are higher when you play your favorite games.


Gambling sites offer a fun experience. With so many games, customers are always entertained. The many bonuses give people more reason to sign up. Depending on the type, bonuses offer free money and the opportunity to win more cash. It is key to always check the terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions give you a general and detailed overview of all the requirements. This information will guide you on your journey to earning the very best casino bonuses online. From included casino games to deposit percentages. Take care to understand the bonus validity so you do not lose out on cashing out earning.


Susan Wallace is an author and editor who has always found joy in writing. She has a particular interest in how online casinos work. Her goal is to provide as much information on casinos and online betting so readers can make the most of their deposits. In her free time, Susan places a couple of bets online.