Netflix has been busy pumping quality content. Last year alone, they released The Haunting of Bly Manor, The Queen’s Gambit, The Umbrella Academy, and much more! TV buffs have no reason not to subscribe to Netflix nowadays, not if they care about catching the latest and greatest as soon as they air.

However, there are some people who refuse to use Netflix for one reason or another. Some find Netflix’s accessibility settings lacking, while others feel that the Netflix catalog is too limited. Today, let’s take a look at eight ways subscribers can get the most out of Netflix and find a solution to these complaints.

8 Tips to Get the Most Out of Netflix

1. Make the Most Out of Netflix’s Secret Category Codes

Netflix does a decent job of organizing its content into genres and subgenres. However, one problem with Netflix’s organizational system is its reluctance to show niche or under-viewed shows and movies; a user would need to scroll through pages upon pages of well-known content to find something that they may have never watched. It’s crazy!

Netflix doesn’t tell subscribers that there is a way to find niche content—all a subscriber needs are the infamous category codes. These category codes can be entered on the browser version of Netflix, and when used, users will be taken to shows and movies that fit under that code, each code representing a specific subgenre.

2. Access Extra Content With a VPN

Netflix’s catalog varies by region. Some movies and shows will not be available in certain countries—an unfortunate truth of streaming and licensing. However, there is one way around these geographical restrictions: a VPN.

VPNs encrypt the data a device sends out and anonymizes the user’s location by routing their connection through a VPN server located in the country the user chooses. This not only protects their data but tricks programs and websites into believing the user is located in that country.

In other words, if you watch Netflix with a VPN, you’ll not only have access to your country’s catalog but the entire world’s!

3. Take Advantage of Browser Extensions

Browser extensions vary from browser to browser, but browser extensions that enhance the Netflix experience? You can find those on any browser.

To take an in-depth look into how many Netflix browser extensions there would take an entire article by itself. Just know that if you can think of a way that Netflix could be improved, there’s a browser extension for it. Do you want to add Rotten Tomatoes scores to the shows you watch? It can be done. Wish there were a way to watch Netflix shows with your friends online without any delay? As it turns out, there’s a browser extension for that too!

4. Remember to Enable Subtitles

Companies have been pushing for more accessibility options in the past few years, thanks to advocacy groups and individuals who have dedicated their lives to improving accessibility in media and entertainment. Netflix still has a ways to go when it comes to accessibility, but users do have the option of subtitles. And what many people don’t know is that they can customize these subtitles.

In Netflix’s settings, users can customize the color of subtitles, where they appear on the screen, how big the subtitles are, and vice versa. There aren’t that many options, but the ones that are there are what matter the most. If you’re someone who uses subtitles, take a look at these settings and customize them to what fits your needs.

5. Find New Shows and Movies With Reelgood’s Netflix Roulette

Despite having such a large catalog of movies and TV, it’s not uncommon to run out of things to watch, especially if you’re the type of person to binge shows and finish all five seasons in a week. Everyone does it at least once!

If you ever find yourself in that predicament, why not take a spin at Netflix Roulette? Reelgood’s Netflix Roulette asks you your preferred genres and then spins for a random show or movie that you may be interested in. It’s fun, and it has surely saved many people from boredom.

6. Adjust How Much Data Netflix Uses

Netflix’s video quality is fantastic…when it’s set to the highest setting. See, Netflix doesn’t offer on-the-fly video quality options like YouTube. Instead, viewers have to wait as the movies increase in visual quality, so it’s not rare for all shows and movies to start at, say, 480p then snap to 4K after a few seconds.

This problem can be fixed, however. All you need to do is head over to the settings page on your account and look for “playback settings.” These settings will allow you to adjust how much data Netflix is allowed to use and if content should load the highest resolution possible before starting.

7. Learn Netflix’s Computer Shortcuts

Computer shortcuts simplify everything. Without them, using a computer and browsing the internet would quickly become a drag. But on the surface, Netflix doesn’t seem to support computer shortcuts. It turns out, however, that it does.

Here you can find a list of shortcuts supported by Netflix. These shortcuts range from entering and exiting full screen to fast-forwarding to pausing and vice versa. They’re all useful in their own ways, so be sure to memorize these shortcuts and get in the habit of using them.

8. Separate Everyone’s Viewing Preferences With Profiles

If multiple people use your Netflix account to watch movies, then you’ve surely run into the problem of their viewing recommendations conflicting with your recommendations. To prevent this from happening, you can always separate every user on your account with profiles.

Profiles prevent someone’s viewing habits from spilling over into another user’s recommendations. So, for example, if one person likes action movies, but another likes romantic comedies, they’ll be able to watch their preferred movies on their own profiles without being bothered by each other’s recommendations.


Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the world, and for a good reason. And with so many high-quality shows and movies coming to the service in the next couple of years, now is a good time to learn the tips and tricks that not even Netflix tells you about.