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The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated key trends around the world, especially in the way we travel, work, learn, and communicate with each other. Recently, technology has proven to be one of the most reliable sectors to invest in, especially when we think about the way Covid-19 has forced many companies to adopt digital transformation to improve their processes and provide value to their customers. But while digital technologies are key to the post-Covid world, they aren’t the only promising sector to consider as an investor. Here are some of the most popular investment vehicles and industries you should consider.

Penny stocks are increasingly popular

Getting in the stock market is worth your time and money, as it has historically been one of the best ways to make your savings grow over time. Despite all the market crashes and economic downturns, the stock market has been rising over time, giving investors great opportunities to make money. Penny stocks, which are worth less than $5 per share, are among the most popular trading vehicles used by retail traders with limited or small trading capital, targeting small caps to benefit from the volatility of the stock market.

The biotech industry is rising 

With the Covid-19 breakout and the race to find a vaccine, companies in the biotech industry have attracted many investors since last year. While some investors might think that the Covid-19-related rally is over for this sector, many analysts believe that the industry could keep rising, with still so many uncertainties surrounding coronavirus variants and its potential effects. But the biotech industry isn’t just about dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s about working hard to find breakthrough drugs used in the medical or agricultural fields.

The cannabis sector is growing

With more and more American states considering legalizing the use of recreational cannabis – not to mention other countries debating this idea since Canada legalized both recreational and medical marijuana back in 2018 – the cannabis industry is growing, with more and more companies getting involved. It isn’t just about growing and selling cannabis, as many firms are creating cannabis-based products to take advantage of the many properties of the plants. Let’s take the beauty industry as an example. There are more and more cosmetics created based on Cannabidiol CBD, as it has great anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The cryptocurrency market is worth more than $2 Trillion

This year has been bullish for the cryptocurrency market, with many coins reaching new all-time highs in the first quarter. While the market has been going down since then, it recently retook the $2 trillion market cap amid Bitcoin gains. Of course, most investors focus on Bitcoin and other very popular altcoins, such as Ehtereum, Dogecoin, Polkadot, Litecoin, etc. But there are more than 11,000 tokens to take advantage of in this market – with some coins really trying to solve real problems and providing greater returns than Bitcoin so far this year.

To make a difference, investors are turning to green investing

Sustainable investing is an increasingly popular choice among investors who are looking to invest in companies that are doing something good for the planet, as well as diversify their portfolios. Green investing is even more popular with the recent extreme weather and climate events we’ve experienced lately, such as floods, bush fires, and heatwaves. More and more investors are aware of these issues and want to support companies that are providing solutions to preserve natural resources and use alternative energy sources.