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No one likes to see their loved ones injured and if a loved one died due to negligence there is a legal action that you can take. Wrongful death is not something that anyone ever wants to deal with but when it does happen, it is important that the right people be held responsible. Lauren Agee is a prime example of wrongful death and there has been a critical update to the case that makes it possible for her family to pursue legal action.

The Lauren Agee Case

Lauren Agee was a bright and beautiful young woman with her entire life ahead of her. That life was cut short in July 2015. The young woman was hiking and camping with friends when she vanished in the night. The people she was camping with stated that when they went to bed, she was there and when they awoke the next morning she had vanished. Her body was later discovered in a cove below the camping site by a group of fishermen. Her death, though it seemed suspicious, was ruled an accident and was later closed.

Her cause of death was listed as blunt force trauma and potential drowning, both of which could be explained by the story that the police told. They claimed that the group was camping near a cliff or a drop-off and that Agee got up in the middle of the night and was disoriented. They claim then that she wandered around in the night and fell to her death. The police claim that her death was nothing more than a tragic accident and that there is no further investigation that needs to be taken.

There was evidence however that many people in the area that were camping that night were never interviewed, they were never marked as having been there, and the police did not do adequate leg work to find out what might have happened that night. The family is rightfully distraught and felt that further investigation should have been done to help make certain that all avenues were pursued and that if there was something suspicious about the case, it was investigated.

Updates to the Case

There have been recent updates to the case that do allow the family to take legal action. A judge recently ruled that the family does have the right to pursue a wrongful death suit against those that saw Lauren last before she disappeared. This means that the people that were camping with Lauren the night that she went missing can be held in a wrongful death suit and can be held accountable.

The family has since been able to file a suit against two women and two men that were camping with Lauren the night she went missing. Their main contention is that the other campers did not make any effort to find her, they did not report her missing, and they were not involved in the search at all. The police also did a very little investigation about where the body was found and the condition of the body when they did find her.

What is Wrongful Death?

Though there is not enough evidence to charge those that were with her the day that she disappeared, there is enough to set a wrongful death suit in motion. Wrongful death means that someone died as the result of either negligence or direct action. This means that someone passes as the direct result of what another person did or did not do to prevent the death.

A wrongful death suit is often used when there is little evidence to prove that murder or some other nefarious event took place. In a case like this, there is little evidence that was collected and since it did happen in 2015, there is little by way of any evidence that could be collected now after the fact. A wrongful death suit often does not lead to jail time or to any sort of punishment for the person whom the suit was brought against. In most cases, a wrongful death suit is going to result in a monetary settlement for the family or the person that is filing suit.

A wrongful death suit can help to pay for funeral costs, it can help to pay for time off work, it can help to pay for pain and suffering, and it can help to soften the blow of the loss of a loved one just a little. With this type of suit, it is imperative that you do take the time to find a lawyer that knows what they are doing and that can handle this type of case as best as possible. Wrongful death suits are delicate, they can be hard to argue, and they can bring up painful memories for family, and it can be hard to prove.

A great lawyer that has plenty of experience in wrongful death suits can help you to argue your case and get the settlement that you deserve and that will help to settle the case. Money cannot bring back your loved one, but a wrongful death suit can bring some form of justice for their death.