LED shop lights are the modified version of fluorescent shop lights. These are called Shop lights because of their usage in garages and workshops. Though, the LED shop lights are a little heavy on the pocket but are quite cost-effective in the longer run.

The conventional incandescent light bulbs are not in use these days and people are switching to the LED lights owing to their efficiency and longer shelf life. In fact, manufactures are now emphasizing the production of efficient technological options like LEDs, halogens, CFLs, etc.

If you are thinking to switch to Lepro LED lighting solutions, here’s a list of things that you need to know and consider prior to buying LED shop lights!

Consider Lumens, Not Watts!

Watts determines the brightness of incandescent bulbs but with LEDs, you need to consider its lumens rather than watts, to have an idea about its brightness. An LED bulb of 8-10 watts provides similar brightness when compared to a 60-watt incandescent bulb. So, it’s the number of lumens(lm) that determine the LED’s brightness accurately.

Choose the Right Colour Temperature

There’s a variety of colors available in LED shop lights. The LED lights can display a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from red to purple and white to yellow. Technically, it’s the color temperature (measured in Kelvin) that determines the warmth or color of light. Lower color temperatures(4000 Kelvin or below)makes the atmosphere more warm or relaxing and are appropriate to be used in residential garages or small spaces. While a 5000 Kelvin shop light gives a neutral and clear white light appropriate. However, 6500k is best suited to be used for outdoor lighting conditions.

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LED Shop Light Installation

An appropriate location is required for the installation of LED shop lights. The ceiling or mounting surface should be strong enough to support the weight of the shop light. You also need to provide a safe electrical connection i.e. a cable connecting the light to electricity via a plug.

In the case of multiple shop lights, daisy chaining is opted that involves a chain to connect multiple fixtures and let them hang from the ceiling. Here, you must ensure that the power draw of fixtures does not exceed above the power of connecting electric cables.

Lastly, an acceptable height is determined for the lights to hang from the ceiling. A higher fixture wouldn’t deliver enough light to the working area while a fixture that’s too low could be hazardous, as it’ll lie in the way of workers or equipment and its operational line voltage could cause serious injury or death.

Look out for Dimmers

Most of the LEDs are dimmable, however, the dimming performance is also dependent on the LED driver quality and its compatibility with the dimming control. Not every LED shop light complies with the conventional dimmer switches. You could either buy a light compatible with the switch or you’ll have to replace the conventional dimming switch with a leading-edge or LED Compatible dimmer. It’s going to be a trial and error approach.


Initially, buying and installing LED shop lights will be costly than conventional light bulbs, but it’s a long term investment. There are many manufactures in the market offering these at low rates and you could also buy these on sale too. These lights consume less power and electricity, thus let you save a considerable amount of electricity bills. The incandescent bulbs only convert 10% of energy into light while the rest is wasted. While the LED lighting efficiently converts 95% of the provided energy into light. Makeover, replacing a light bulb with an LED, decreases the energy consumption by up to 70%. Moreover, the LEDs have a longer life i.e. two decades or more, while the incandescent bulbs hardly last for two years.

Closing Word

Switching from conventional lighting options to LED shop lights is a convenient and beneficial approach. Besides, the technical and economical aspects, these have also proved to enhance illumination quality in the workplace or living space. Apart from the cost and energy-efficient factors, LED shop lights look more appealing than the regular light bulbs. So, if you’re planning to make the switch, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t!