Do you remember those simple times when you had a few cuts to choose from, and the choice was not difficult after all? These days the variety of haircuts on offer is, at times, overwhelming, and you usually have to think about your likes and dislikes before making the final choice, but also, there are trends to follow.

Just like MensHaircuts, we have compiled our own list of haircuts for men that are absolute hits of the season. Unlike some other sources, we say that you must follow your heart when choosing the haircut, luckily the list of cuts popular at the moment will surely allow it.

Best Trending Hairstyles For Men

Creative Shaving

Not only ladies are entitled to the luxury of making their hairstyles look like a masterpiece. These days barbers are getting more and more creative, and all that you need is to give your consent to the artistic experimentation.

Instead of regular undercut or trendy fades, you can have the sides spiced up with an intricate shape or pattern. Such a style is a real blessing for those who are willing to stand out. Besides, should you come to unliking your new style, you can always get rid of it in a matter of days.

Line Cuts

If you ask us, we say that line haircuts are just a mild variation of shaved shapes. The mere concept of the haircut lies in the fact that the barber adds up an intricate line to the cut you are opting for.

At times the lines are bolder, sometimes they are barely there. Depending upon the dress code you are about to stick to, you can decide how far you are willing to go with this intricate trend. What remains is the fact that it is another way to make your haircut stand out no matter where you are heading.

Spiky Haircuts

It is hard to say that spiky haircuts have been out of fashion. However, there were times when every single man opted for wearing the style. These days the trend is back, but it is surely modernized and upgraded. That fact is that nowadays, you can incorporate spikes into a variety of cuts.

This can only mean that should you want to make the spikes stand out – you work some hair product in. On all the other days, you can enjoy the sleek feel of a trendy textured cut. Those who like to experiment with their hair often without visiting the barbershop will appreciate the option.

Curly Hair

It is never easy to put up with those cute but disobeying curly locks, especially if you are an active gentleman. However, these days you no longer need to cut the curls off to fit into your lifestyle. Apart from that, longer styles are extremely popular now, and not only among the gents, ladies love the look and feel of those silky curls too.

In case you want to keep things simple, then a stylized Caesar crop with a pattern on the sides will help you achieve the goal. However, if you wish to please the ladies in the first place, we suggest that a heavier crop would be your best bet. One more thing – curls can be a little dry so that working some hair product in would never be a waste.

Textured Crop Top with a Mid Fade

Keeping things simple does not mean looking out of fashion. A well-textured crop top with a well-defined mid fade will bring in stylish vibe into any look. Add some hair products to accent the texture, and you are ready to roll. See for yourself!

Swept Back Classy Mid Fade

At times it is hard to follow the dress code rules and to look modern and sassy at the same time, but it is possible. All that you need is a skilled barber who will grant you a perfect sweep back haircut and will upgrade it with a precise mid fade!

Caesar Cut with a Sleek Skin Fade

The shorter, the better. In case that is your motto, then a skin fade Caesar haircut has been invented for you. To add some intricacy and mystery to the scene, we advise you to grow out a neat beard.