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Indonesia is one of those countries which don’t place gambling to be in mainstream entertainment. It has an official ban over land-based casinos, online casinos, and bookies. But being one of the top tourist destinations globally, this beautiful string of islands is bound to make way for such a sport to keep the tourists entertained. It also allows the locals to go around the rules through the loopholes and participate in it. Many overseas online casinos accept Indonesian currency and allow the locals to bet in the major Liga tournaments.

How does it work in Indonesia?

The growing tourist sector in Indonesia drives the country’s economy. It impacts the GDP and employment rate of the country.

If there are low to no restrictions on gambling for foreigners, it attracts more tourists. Therefore, it generates more income. But because of the ban, you will have a hard time finding a legal land-based establishment. It also increases the risk of tourists getting rigged.

Gambling is an integral part of Indonesian culture. It is a norm during festivities to socialize with family members or friends. All come together and play card games like poker, blackjack so on. Although it somehow conflicts with the stringent Islamic laws of the nation that influences the gambling laws. Those who are caught indulging in it can face imprisonment.

As a result, the only method for Indonesians to gamble without suffering legal ramifications is to play at online casinos licensed in other countries. Most locals use VPN for that.

Growth of popularity

To escape from the constraints, the Indonesians embraced overseas online casinos. With the expansion of digital capabilities, even gambling sites with geo-blocks are not difficult to access. It became the easiest way to experience the thrill of gambling. Locals may play from a wide range of diverse video slots and casino table games privately. They have long yearned for authentic casino experience, which is very difficult to come by in Indonesia.

From the top news stories of 2010, it was revealed that two locally hosted gambling sites in Indonesia were making $50,000 per day. Both of them were shut down by the government. But the data tells us how popular gambling was in Indonesia, even a decade ago.

Currently, the COVID-19 situation also fueled the rise in popularity of online casinos. The worldwide gaming industry is anticipated to reach $112.09 billion in 2025. The growth rate will be 12%. It is sure to have some influence on the Indonesian market.

Online Casinos That Are Designed for Mobile

Since the online casino industry expanded exponentially in the last five years, it has become somewhat mandatory to target mobile users. So every gambling site is designed in a manner that is accessible through most mobile browsers, or they have dedicated apps for a better experience. Some of these sites are mentioned below.


The Gclub casino is known for its slots collection. The site is delightfully sleek and gives you a sense of a contemporary casino. The best part is, it supports multiple languages. FAFA191 is a popular site in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.


22Bet provides the many varieties of casino games that are classified according to their genres. People love the sport betting options on this site. The banking options are also convenient for a large number of nationals.


This casino originates from Malaysia. The website has a beautiful Philippian theme with various slots, poker, fish games, horse racing, etc. It is authorized by Philippine Amusement & Gaming Corporation. It supports currencies, Malaysian Ringgit, Indonesian Rupiah, Baht, Singapore, dollar, and Dong.


This site will surely attract you with its welcome bonus and other profitable promotions. 1xBet is available in many countries. So it is safe to say that Indonesians can also access it hassle-free.

Betting on Sports Events in Indonesia 

Indonesia is a spiritual and culturally rich country where gambling is not allowed. Therefore, you will not find gambling or betting openly available across the country like in other parts of the world. Betting on Sports Events in Indonesia is not advertised, and hence gamblers and bettors won’t find any legal and licensed bookmakers, casinos, and sports bettors across the nation.

Despite strong resistance to gambling by some groups in 2011, all the physical bookmakers and betting shops were closed. In 2012, the online gambling and sports event betting websites are blocked in entire Indonesia. The government has also ordered the internet service providers to instruct the Indonesian players and stop them from accessing and betting for sports events.

Legal Restrictions

Indonesia is the 4th most popular nation globally, and the Muslim community majorly dominates it. Therefore, strict regulations and restrictions were imposed on gambling and betting on sports events. It is because of the devotion of the residents towards their culture and religion. Therefore, betting or gambling over games, sports activities, and other illegal stuff are banned and considered illicit activities, and they are strictly prohibited in Indonesia.

As far as betting for sports events is concerned, you will not find any legal bookmakers, casinos, or betting shops running in Indonesia. Even the state-run lottery service and sport betting shops were closed after the protest of the Muslim community back in 2012.

However, there are illegally operated online casinos and betting shops that are still functional and attract many gamblers in the country. Officials often raid these casinos and betting shops, and it serves imprisonment for 4-5 years.

Privacy and Suitability of Online Casinos        

Before gambling or betting in Indonesia, you must check the privacy and suitability of online casinos to avoid online scams. Gamblers often fall prey to the illegal casinos and betting shops in Indonesia, resulting in a loss of money. Furthermore, disciplinary actions are taken against the betting shop and the bettors if these gamblers are caught betting for sports events. So, it is strongly recommended to check the privacy and suitability of online casinos before gambling.

Online gambling and betting are not legal in Indonesia, and hence you will not find any betting shops advertising in the country. So, you must check the safety and stability of the casinos before gambling.

Gamblers must follow the safety protocols and bet smartly to enjoy the benefits of online gambling. It is essential to avoid scams and fall prey to these illegal casinos and betting shops. Gamblers must check the history and credentials of the company. The track record must not have any signs of fraud or scam. Besides, it must have an active Indonesian gambling license.

Money Transactions at Indonesian Gambling

The licensed Indonesian gambling websites and betting shops offer easy and quick cashless transactions like in all other Asian casinos. All gamblers have to start with the free account, bet for sports events, and receive the winnings. In addition, some of the Indonesian gambling websites offer safe and secure financial trade services, especially for gaming purposes, and it adds extra safety to the online bettors. So, they don’t have to worry about the money being tracked by the gaming accounts or trade.

Online sport event betting in Indonesia has registered remarkable growth in the past few decades, despite being illegal and restricted by the Indonesian government. There are no legal casinos or betting shops as the government already shuts them down. But, some licensed active betting websites allow online betting for sports events, and gamblers must carefully register and play with this gambling website. Therefore, it is crucial to learn about the gambling laws and rules before betting to avoid unnecessary punishment in Indonesia.