One of the most popular brands of cigarettes in the world is “Parliament”, which occupied the cigarette market in Japan, Argentina, Israel, and Turkey. This luxury brand was created by the world-famous Philip Morris company, which was formed in 1847 by cigar seller Philip Morris on Bond Street in London.

In 1854 Philip Morris made his first cigarettes, which immediately began to be very popular with Londoners. Throughout the history of its creation, the company has significantly influenced the pricing policy on the cigarette market and has developed many new principles for tobacco production. One of these innovations was the cigarette brand Parliament.

Early Days

Nowadays, one can buy Parliament cigarettes online on CigsWay, but only a few people know that the history of Philip Morris’ new brand Parliament started in 1931. The built-in filters were used for the first time in Parliament cigarettes. This invention performed the function of cooling the fume when smoking. “Only the taste touches your lips” — this phrase became an advertising slogan for the sale.

The Philip Morris company is known for its attentive approach and care to its customers. By developing cigarette filters, the campaign proved that its fame for the high technological effectiveness of tobacco products is not a lie. A good advertising campaign, high-quality products, and a well-developed pricing policy brought to this brand high popularity in the market.

Foreign Affairs

Parliament cigarettes were first imported outside the United States in the 1970s. It should be noted that from the wide range of products of the company, Parliament became the first brand to cross the American borders.

The perception of the Parliament brand in various countries is different. In its homeland, Parliament is losing to such brands as Marlboro and Camel. This is because in the US the consumer of these cigarettes is an ordinary country resident, while in other states — it belongs to the premium category. In European countries, the brand is also aimed at the average consumer:

  • about 12% of French women prefer Parliament,
  • in England, these cigarettes are popular with young people (19%).

Nowadays, the marketing phenomenon of Parliament is explained by the fact that this brand is endowed with a high status, which makes it popular among owners of large and small businesses and students.

Premium Collections

Parliament is also known for its premium collections. The most popular became the collection with the picture of George W. Bush on the background of the waving American flag. Thanks to the media, this photo was popular even before being used on a cigarette pack. The second most popular collection was those depicting Marilyn Monroe. The film star is pictured in the photo in the white dress that made her famous throughout the world.

In 2021, the Parliament cigarette brand celebrates its 90th anniversary. Perhaps, the history of the brand defines its popularity and high quality. Isn’t it?