The medical world has been divided over hyperbaric oxygen therapy and its potential side effects. Unfortunately, conflicting information has been the order of the day regarding the possible side effects of HBOT.

The LACK OF UNIFORMITY across the different information sources has thrown potential users into a dilemma. In other words, they don’t know what to believe.

Are you here to discover the truth about HBOT and its possible side effects? Then, sit back and read the rest of the article. This post will reveal almost everything you need to know about the subject.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is generally described as one of the most reliable treatment methods that do not involve using any instrument directly on the body. Therefore, HBOT is suitable for treating various medical conditions.

The treatment is done inside an HBOT chamber. This is more of a high-pressure machine. However, like every typical medical procedure, HBOT should be used with consideration to ensure it does not become counterproductive to the user.

HBOT is like other medical procedures where patients develop complications for not following specific instructions.

Simply put, HBOT is NOT as DEADLY as many people paint it to be. It is safe for everybody when used in line with the considerations.

Another reason why it is good to undergo HBOT according to instructions?

It helps to ensure maximum benefits of the entire process.

Applying Caution

HBOT side effects also depend on a number of medical conditions. In addition, some medical conditions can increase the possibility of side effects inside an HBOT unit.

DO NOT jump into a hyperbaric chamber when you have the following medical conditions. Speak with a medical professional first if you have any of the following;

  • Sinusitis
  • Pneumothorax
  • Emphysema
  • Are ear complications common in your bloodline?
  • Extreme high fever
  • Seizure disorders

If you tick any of the above boxes, then you must consult your doctor before using HBOT. While that is standard procedure, it will prevent you from experiencing severe side effects afterward.

Any Potential Side Effects?


There are some side effects associated with using HBOT chambers. Generally, the side effects are mild, resulting from the massive pressure changes and higher oxygen levels within the system.

According to most medical experts, the side effects of HBOT are not much. The various side effects to be wary of include;

Oxygen Toxicity

HBOT treatments are normally carried out under 100% oxygen. The oxygen level is also meant to be at a safe limit. So, that makes it rare for any oxygen toxicity to occur. Oxygen poisoning must be avoided because it can cause seizures inside the chamber.

Oxygen toxicity is primarily common among users with a history of seizures.

Therefore, if a user experiences seizures during an HBOT session, the best thing is to discontinue the process, and the seizure will go away.

Ear Barotrauma

This one has the potential to become the most common HBOT side effect. Ear Barotrauma is usually based on pressure changes.

Ear Barotrauma involves an injury in the ear or a discomforting feeling around that part. Users with highly sensitive ears may need earplugs before accessing the HBOT system.

Changes in Vision

Changes in pressure associated with HBOT sessions can result in vision changes.


Absolutely not! The vision changes experienced during HBOT sessions usually wear away after the session is over. It is not permanent. Therefore, that should not bother you at all.

Changes in the eye lens’s shape and worsened myopia are affected in the process.


It is also believed that people with diabetes should use HBOT with great caution because it can drop their blood sugar.


No. Experts have recommended that such users eat before undertaking an HBOT treatment. Secondly, such users will need to be under strict supervision.

Constant monitoring of their blood sugar will also be essential.


A typical sinus cavity contains air-filled spaces, making them prone to discomfort due to pressure changes.

If you have just been to a dentist where they had to work on your teeth, you can experience some discomfort because of the spaces created by the dental work.

Worst-case scenario, the said pressure can crack the teeth. That is why anyone with a sinus should double-check with their medical advisor before entering an HBOT chamber. This is really important and should not be overlooked so you don’t inconvenience yourself unnecessarily.

OxyHelp HBOT Chambers

There are indeed potential side effects to using HBOT chambers. But, as we have learned, those side effects hinge on several factors.

In addition to the other factors described above, the kind of HBOT chamber you are purchasing also matters.

If you use subpar hyperbaric chambers, the chances of experiencing side effects increase since such units have not been designed according to international standards.

That is where OxyHelp has distinguished itself from other HBOT chamber manufacturers.

OxyHelp HBot chambers are designed according to best practices, with user safety as the top priority. They sell the best monoplace and multiplace HBOT chambers. In addition, their chambers come with pressure settings that allow the user to regulate pressure and oxygen to safe levels.


No technology is perfect. No treatment is completely devoid of side effects. It is the same thing with HBOT. Reports show that only mild side effects are experienced during HBOT. Also, people with certain medical conditions are advised to undergo HBOT under strict supervision.

We also emphasized that purchasing a high-quality HBOT can help prevent unnecessary side effects. OxyHelp is a renowned brand in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber world.