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Being one of the biggest names in fast food did not come easy for McDonald’s. They know that being on top is only possible by providing the best possible service to their customers. That’s why the management group set up an online customer feedback survey called “McDVoice” found on

The McDVoice survey is a simple questionnaire that aims to provide management a good idea of how your visit to McDonald’s or if you had any problems. This gives them the chance to correct whatever mistake was made or to replicate the good experience you have to their other branches.

The questions can range from their service, food, amenities, and even location. Specific questions regarding each department are given to get a good idea of which parts need more help and which parts are doing well.

In order to reward you for your trouble, the McDVoice Survey provides the customer with a special code that you can redeem after taking the survey. It can be a muffin, free hamburger, a discount, or a special bonus on your next trip to McDonald’s. The reward can vary depending on the survey period.

The McDVoice Survey

1. Go to and fill in the 26-digit survey code from your receipt.

2. If you don’t have a 26-digit survey code in your receipt, go here; You will be asked to input a variety of information that can easily be found in your receipt.

3. You will be asked different questions in the McDVoice survey. The first question will require you to rate the overall satisfaction you have had with the store. Highly Satisfied means you were very happy with the service and you will definitely come back while Highly Dissatisfied means you encountered problems or issues with the store, it’s service, or product that may force you to choose a different store altogether. For this question, you are required to rate the overall satisfaction you felt after during and after your visit.

4. Next, you will be required to rate your level of satisfaction with different parts of the experience. You will rate the crew, food, and service. Choose accordingly.

5. McDVoice will ask you to rate other parts of the experience including the quality of the food you got, the cleanliness of the place, and whether you are satisfied with the food you got for the price you paid. These questions pertain to the stimuli that most people react to the most when they visit – cleanliness, quality of food, and price. If you felt satisfied or maybe unhappy with any, make sure you mark accordingly.

6. Next, you will be required to tell the survey what types of food you ordered during your visit. You can select as many as you can as long as you ordered them.

7. If you encountered a problem during your visit, select yes for this question otherwise, select no. Problems can range from a product not being available, unfriendly staff, or unavailable amenities. These problems can signify a bigger issue so if you encountered any, select Yes.

8. In order to find out how happy you were with the service you got from the branch, the McDVoice survey will ask you how likely you are to recommend the branch to other people and whether you plan on visiting again. Select accordingly.

9. If you said that you were highly satisfied with the service you got, you will be required to expound on your answer. Keep it short as you will be limited to 1200 characters. Highlight the parts that really stood out for you.

10. If you went through the drive thru window, you will be asked this question. Answer whether you were asked to pull forward to wait or not.

11. You will be asked whether you purchased something from their $1, $2, $3 Dollar menu. Answer accordingly.

12. If you selected yes on the previous question, you will be asked regarding your overall satisfaction of the variety of the menu items they have on the $1, $2, $3 Dollar menu.

13. Next question will be about the likelihood of you purchasing something off the Dollar Menu again. Select accordingly.

14. McDVoice survey will ask to name your favorite fast food restaurant. Select one. Note that not selecting McDonald’s will not make you forfeit the reward or terminate the survey. So select the fast food restaurant that you really like.

15. At this part of the McDVoice survey, you are asked to enter a few details about yourself. Select the answers that are true to you. Note that the answers you provide here will be necessary for creating data points for the survey.

16. For this question, you are required to say how you got your order. You can choose dine-in, drive-thru, or Carryout. Select accordingly.

17. As soon as you are done filling up all the necessary info, you will be taken to this page, and you will receive your validation code. The validation code is for a reward you can get on your next visit at any McDonald’s. You can redeem your code at any time within 30 days of receipt.

McDVoice Survey Eligibility, Rules, Terms & Conditions

Here are the things that you need in order to take part in the McDVoice customer survey.

  1. A receipt for a purchase at any McDonald’s outlet made within the past 7 days.
  2. The survey can only be taken online at, so the Internet connection is required.
  3. Must be at least 15 years of age to take the survey.
  4. Need to be a resident of the United States or the District of Columbia.
  5. Must be able to understand either Spanish or English as the survey is only available in those two languages.
  6. Limited to joining a maximum of 5 times a month.
  7. Reward validation code expires 30 days after receipt date.
  8. Claim your reward at any McDonald’s restaurant or outlet.
  9. The code is not valid with other offers from McDonald’s.
  10. One person is limited to one code per visit.


  • Who can join the McDVoice survey?
    1. Anybody aged 15 and above who has a receipt from a recent purchase in McDonald’s can participate in the survey.
  • Where can I take the McDVoice survey?
    • The survey can be taken online only at
  • What do I get after taking the McDVoice survey?
    • After finishing the survey, you will be given a validation code that you need to bring along with your receipt during your next visit to McDonald’s to claim your reward.
  • What reward will I get?
    • It really depends on the survey period. It can be a product, a discount, or a full meal.
  • Can I take the McDVoice survey every time I get a receipt from McDonald’s?
    • You are limited to 5 codes per month, but you are free to take the survey every time you get a new receipt from McDonald’s.
  • Can I use the code anytime?
    • The code will expire after 30 days from the date of your receipt. So use the code right away.
  • Can I use the code along with other promotions?
    • The code can only be used with other offers or promotions from McDonald’s.
  • Can I use multiple codes per visit?
    • You are limited to one code redemption per visit.

McDonald’s History

Just like a lot of people during their time who were looking for opportunities, brothers Mac and Dick McDonald moved from New England to California. They had nothing but a dream and their inborn talents. While they failed in their first venture in the movie industry, they decided to delve into drive-in restaurants. Their new business flourished, and they finally found their calling.

To get ahead of the competition, the brothers decided to make a risky move by changing their operations and introducing faster service in 1948. They called their new system the Speedee Service System, and it featured 15 cent hamburgers. This change placed them at the top of the drive-in industry, and they began to franchise their concept resulting to nine operating restaurants.

In 1954, the brothers met Ray Kroc. Ray Kroc was a musician turned salesman selling a milkshake machine. The brothers made Ray their franchise agent, and the salesman opened up the first ever restaurant in 1955 under the McDonald’s System Inc which would later become McDonald’s Corp in Illinois. McDonald’s later acquired the rights to the brother’s company for $2.7million in 1961.

McDonald’s Today

When people talk about fast food, the name McDonald’s always come to mind. With over 36,900 stores scattered across 100 countries serving over 69 million customers, McDonald’s is the world’s largest restaurant by revenue.

While they started with burgers and milkshakes, their menu has expanded to french fries, chicken products, and desserts. Their whole menu has experienced changes during the past few years due to issues regarding how “unhealthy” their food offerings are. Nowadays, you can see salads, fruits, and fish on their menu in some locations as a response.

The McDonald’s Corporation receives revenue from royalties, fees, and rent paid by its franchisees and also the sales made by their company-controlled restaurants. In 2012, a BBC report put McDonald’s as the second largest private employer with 1.9 million workers. Out of this number 1.5 million work for their franchises.

The corporation has been the poster child for globalization for economists due to their far-reaching influences. They often term this as the “McDonaldization” of society. The different prices of its product in different countries is also used by The Economist as an index to show the difference in the purchasing power of different currencies.


McDonald’s loses trademark war over Big Mac

Just when you thought McDonald’s has it all. It seems like McDonald’s is not getting any favors from the EU Intellectual Property Office as they rule against the company in a trademark spat with a smaller restaurant chain.

The case was filed 2 years ago by an Irish restaurant chain called Supermac’s. According to the people behind Supermac’s, McDonald’s were bullying them out of using their name in favor of the Big Mac which is a trademark item on the McDonald’s menu. However, the EU Intellectual Property Office ruled that they were not using the trademark in accordance with the laws of the EU.

McDonald’s is preparing their appeal on the decision, and their legal team is convinced that they can overturn it.

This is not the first time a smaller company has taken McDonald’s to the courts for trademark concerns. A Malaysian chain in 2009 won a case for their name “McCurry” in a legal battle that lasted for more than eight years.

The ruling essentially removes McDonald’s rights in using Big Mac in their menu, advertisements, or service. While there is still a big chance of the ruling being overturned (as the initial findings prior to the 2017 case with Supermac was in favor of McDonald’s), McDonald’s will not change their menu for the European market.

McDonald’s Australia to Distribute Roald Dahl Books with Happy Meals

While it is called a “Happy Meal”, a lot of parents feel guilty whenever they buy this kiddie meal from McDonald’s. Luckily for Australian parents, they can buy their kids their Happy Meals and rest loose the guilt.

As part of their celebration for Australia Day, all McDonald’s in Australia will be giving away a free Roald Dahl “Happy Reader” book with each Happy Meal. There will be 8 books in all that contain activities, stickers, and a bookmark.

The whole collection will include; Amazing Matilda, Mischievous Chocolate Factory Children, Lucky Charlie Bucket, Fantabulous BFG, Marvelous Miss Honey, Brave Little Sophie, Wonderful Mr. Willy Wonka, and Rotsome Giants.

If you plan to collect all 8 books, you can purchase a collector’s case for only $2 AUD.

This was made possible with a partnership between McDonald’s and AUSPELD or the Australia Specific Learning Difficulties Association. The aim is to reel in the new generation back to reading books. They chose Dahl because of his timeless children’s classics that are sure to take the kids on a wonderful ride. The team behind the project believes that if given the chance to read these books and access to them, kids will gravitate towards them the same way we did when we were younger.