The first step to a great idea is starting it even if you need to take a loan, and that is exactly what Fred DeLuca did back in 1965. He browed $1,000 from a friend and opened his first sandwich bar in Connecticut called “Pete’s Super Submarines.” Three years later he branded his name into “Subway,” and that was the start of a global franchise that has over 45,000 locations in over 100 countries around the world.

DeLuca wasn’t the first person to start a lucrative business from humble beginnings, but his story is exceptional since it took the simple sandwich and turned it into a billion-dollar business. Not many can claim this from a $1,000 loan.

One of the latest but by no means, last initiatives that Subway provides to its millions of customers is a chance to participate in a survey, an online customer satisfaction survey that gives away a free cookie. Believe me, the Subway cookies are great, and a free one is even better.

So what do you need to do? You need to take a one-minute survey that requires you to make a purchase in any Subway store in the US, UK, Finland, India, and (or) Malaysia, and you are not limited to how many times you take a survey.

Using your receipt, enter the site and fill in the form, then move input the questions and when you finish, you will get a code that entitles you to a free cookie in all Subway locations in the countries mentioned. So, if you are traveling you can take a survey in the US, eat a cookie in the UK, take another survey in the UK and eat a cookie back in the US, and heck, if you live in Kalamazoo MI, you can eat a cookie every day. The cookie coupon is valid for 30 days, and the survey can be taken in any of the following sites

Don’t forget to write the code down, you need this code for use in any location, and you are not limited to how many times you can take the survey, so if you like Subway cookies, go crazy and get one every day.

Another consideration that has nothing to do with the survey is the Subway rewards card. Its worthwhile getting one if you eat regularly at Subway. The rewards card lets you accumulate points for rewards and is well worth the weight of plastic in your wallet.

For the full rules and regulations of the survey check the terms and conditions page here.

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