Gardening is an extremely rewarding and therapeutic activity. It not only gives you a constructive outlet to spend your leisure time but also helps to beautify your outdoors and to help the environment. If you have newly moved to a house with an outdoor lawn, and if you are new to gardening, you must know the tools that you will be requiring. Chainsaws are an important tool that cannot be ignored. However, there are different types of pf chainsaws available in the market and you should know which one would be the right pick. We recommend this guide to help you ensure that you buy the right chainsaw. Here are some factors that you should consider before making your purchase decision.


There are various types of chainsaws available in the market, and it is easy to get confused when deciding which one you should go for. The chainsaws are designed differently because, more often than not, they are meant to cater to different specific purposes. Therefore, you must question yourself about why do you need a chainsaw. If you are aiming to use your chainsaw on your residential property for trimming and pruning your plants and trees, you can go for an electric chain saw. However, if you have to work in a large area or if you are a professional forester, a gas-powered chainsaw would be a better idea.

Guide Bar Size

Chain saws are available in different guide bar sizes. The size of your chainsaw’s guide bar is measured from the point where it comes out of the powerhead up to the tip of the bar once it is fully out. Typically, bar sizes range from 6 inches to 40 inches. However, if you are using the chainsaw on your private property only, you do not need anything longer than 20 inches. Bars longer than 20 inches are usually meant for professional and commercial use. If you do not have very tall trees in your lawn and require a chainsaw for very light trimming and pruning, go for bars less than 15 inches long.

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Location of Use

Typically, chainsaws are either powered by electricity, batteries, or gas. The choice between gas and electricity-powered chainsaws is largely driven by where they will be used. Remember that electrical chainsaws are much quieter than the gas-powered ones. If you are living in a residential area with a populated neighborhood, it would be advisable to go for electric chainsaws. However, if you are working in forests or woodlands, gas chainsaws would be a much better choice.

Safety Features

Chainsaws can be dangerous to work with if you are a beginner, and you do not handle them carefully. Many chainsaws today have certain safety features such as safety locks. Pay attention to the safety features of the chainsaw that you are considering. Make sure you read the manual thoroughly to familiarize yourself with how it works.

Quality and Reliability

You cannot buy a new chainsaw every day, which is why you should go for an option that promises reliability and good performance quality. A reliable chainsaw will have a strong built with good durability along with a reasonable warranty period. Performance quality would measure how swiftly and quickly can you cut a branch in a single attempt.

If you are looking for chainsaws to remove a tree, but know nothing about cutting and removing a tree. I would suggest leaving this task to the professionals. It is dangerous to work with such powerful tools. Please consult the good folks at, they will guide you in the right direction.