Whether you shop for yourself, buy in bulk, or get goodies from your friends, there are more than a few ways to save some money while maintaining your beauty routine. Keep reading to find a few effective budgeting tips to get the beauty products you want and love while saving money.

Shop from Your Existing Stash of Products

If you’ve ever purchased new beauty products before finishing the ones you already have, that may lead to your products expiring before you get a chance to use them.

When you finish a product, make sure you look through the other products you have to see if you can use something before purchasing a new item. Make sure you only purchase beauty products when you really need them, instead of buying something just because.

Replenish Your Daily Beauty Products Automatically

If you have some beauty products you use daily or often, such as shampoo and conditioner, you can automatically create a subscription to renew your stock. Usually, you get them for a lower price if you subscribe to receive these products.

Even if the savings is only 10% to 15%, it will add up over time and help you save. You can also look at different stores and sites to see if they have deals. For example, there are opportunities like DontPayFull.com: enter for a chance to win a $100 amazon gift card offered all the time.

Cancel Any Unused Subscription Services You Have

You may have a growing collection of subscriptions or samples you don’t take full advantage of. If that’s the case, now is a good time to get rid of these subscriptions. If you aren’t ready to cancel boxes yet, consider not getting them as often or downgrading to smaller product sizes.

Ask Your Friends If They Have Unwanted or Unused Beauty Products

If you buy something that’s not right for your skin tone or type, you should call a few of your friends and give them a chance to examine your collection. There’s a good chance they will return the favor and think of you when they have items they don’t want or need. This is a great way for everyone to try out new products and learn what does and doesn’t work for them. Doing this is a great way to grow your collection without spending more money.

Purchase Your Favorite Items On Sale and in Bulk

If you have any essential products, you should take advantage of any yearly sales and stock up on your favorite items. This means you will have a replacement when you run out and won’t have to worry about paying full price.

Be On the Lookout for Drugstore Deals

Brands like L’Oreal, Wet n Wild, Honest Beauty, and Maybelline create products that are considered department store quality, but at a much lower price point. You can easily build an entire collection of beauty products you love without overspending.

Watch Makeup YouTube Tutorials

If you aren’t inspired by your existing beauty collection, visit YouTube and watch various tutorials. There are numerous videos that may be able to give you new ideas for blending colors from eye palettes that you may have never thought of before. Taking time to watch ideas from others is a great way to give new life to products that you may have become bored with.

In addition, when you find new ways to use your existing products, you will likely get more use from them, which will help you save money that you might have spent on new products.

Figure Out Your Essential Products

One way to streamline your beauty regimen and reduce what you spend on beauty products is by determining the items you can’t afford to live without. When you stick to the same few products that work for your needs, you can focus on your beauty routine, as opposed to being overwhelmed by the numerous products available on the market.

Find and Use Sample Programs

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a beauty consumer is purchasing something without trying it out first. This is especially true for complexion products, like concealer or foundation. This also applies to skincare products.

Consider asking for samples of skincare products and foundation so you can try them for a week to see if you love the results. If not, you aren’t out a lot of money.

Go to a Beauty Brand Pop-Up or Beauty Convention

Freebies are a big deal at beauty conventions and brand pop-up events. Usually, once you pay admission to the events, you also gain access to masterclasses in the industry, activation setups, and all types of free products. You also get to meet all types of beauty lovers, and you can try products you may not have had the opportunity to otherwise.

Pop-ups are also a trend for beauty brands. You can go to these and have early access to new products and receive all types of free gifts. This is more than worth the cost of admission to the event.

Contact Your Favorite Brands

You might know you can get coupons for free food and drink products by contacting the manufacturer, but did you know beauty brands offer this too? You can reach out via mail, email, or social media about any coupons being offered. Sometimes, brands will even send you free product samples instead of coupons.

Saving Money On Beauty Products

As you can see, there are more than a few ways to save money on beauty products that you use and want to try. Consider using these strategies, which will help you save money and get the products you really want. In the long run, this will help you try out all types of new products without breaking the bank, which is a must for most people today. Being informed and knowing what tactics to use to save money will pay off in the long run.