When scrolling through CBD sites and looking at topicals, you may have seen the words CBD patches or CBD transdermal patches. Often recommended for treating surface-level aches and pains, CBD patches are an excellent way to provide your body with a small dose of CBD throughout the day.

Many brands such as PureKana now offer their customers a number of CBD patch options, but what exactly are CBD patches, and what can they be used for? Unlike other forms of CBD such as oils, capsules, and creams, CBD patches are one of the lesser-known CBD options available.

So, let’s take a closer look at CBD patches and how they might be able to help you.

What Are CBD Patches?

CBD patches are a type of topical, meaning that the CBD is applied to your skin rather than being ingested. Topicals are ideal for those looking for a lower dose of CBD as they tend to contain smaller amounts of CBD than CBD oils.

Topicals are also great for anyone who does not wish to ingest CBD either in the form of oils, capsules, or edibles. While most CBD topicals only affect the areas of the body that they are applied to, CBD transdermal patches work slightly differently and can change the entire body.

The CBD within patches is slowly released over the course of several hours, working its way through your skin and into your bloodstream. As the CBD within transdermal patches enters your bloodstream, effects are felt across your body, working in much the same way as CBD oils and capsules.

How to Use CBD Patches

CBD transdermal patches could not be easier to use. Simply apply the patch to your chosen area of skin and leave it to work its magic throughout the day. CBD patches at PureKana and many other brands are even designed to be waterproof, so you do not have to worry about them becoming damaged and falling off during the day.

Patches are most effective in the area of the body that they are applied to, and it is, therefore, a good idea to apply patches to the targeted area. Patches are most effective when placed on soft skin areas as there is less muscle tissue between the skin and the blood vessels meaning that the CBD is able to enter your bloodstream much quicker.

Common areas to place CBD patches include the lower back, the inside of your arm, and the abdomen.

CBD patches vary in how long they are useful for with some lasting as little as six hours while others can last for as long as four days. How long a CBD patch is useful for will depend both on the quantity of CBD contained within and the materials used.

After the recommended wear time, all you have to do is remove the patch just like you would with a plaster. You can then apply another patch, although it is usually a good idea to have a short break between patches.

Why Use CBD Patches?

The main reason to use CBD patches is for those times when you need a prolonged supply of CBD. While CBD oils are high-strength, they require consistent use. CBD patches, however, do all the hard work for you.

As the CBD within patches enters the bloodstream directly, it bypasses both the digestive system and the liver, unlike many other forms of CBD. The result of CBD being able to skip certain areas of your body means that effects are felt much quicker.

Whether you need a supply of CBD throughout the workday or are planning a full day hike and do not want to stop to take CBD patches are the perfect solution. Patches provide a discreet way to provide your body with CBD all day long. Patches can be applied to covered areas of the body, meaning that they go entirely unnoticed.

CBD patches can be used to treat everything from anxiety to pain, just as other forms of CBD can. CBD patches are, however, most effective at helping you to manage pain naturally. As the area of the body that the patch is applied to will experience the most noticeable effects, patches allow you to target particular areas.

CBD patches can also be an effective way to manage anxiety throughout the day without having to ingest CBD at regular intervals.

CBD patches are an excellent option for anyone who needs a consistent flow of CBD throughout the day without any other effort generally associated with taking CBD.