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Whether you have started out a new sport in a bid to get fit and healthy or make some new pals, you are bound to have tons of fun! However, as with many new things, some preparation goes a long way to making the transition into your new activity go smoothly.

This is where a sports kit comes in.

If you are wondering what should go in your sports kit, then look no further than this piece, which will let you know all of the essentials you should have on hand.


If you are taking up a new sport that you have never tried before, you might find that there could be a couple of small injuries along the way while you get used to everything – depending on what you are doing! Having a couple of plasters on hand means you can tape up any little cuts or scrapes that you might find happen, which can keep them protected from getting worse.


Snacks are an essential part of doing any kind of exercise, as you need to keep your energy up and avoid any crashes. Having some snacks on hand will help you if your blood sugar gets too low but will also help you to refuel after you have finished your game or workout. There are some snacks that are better for you than others, though! Opt for trail mix over a chocolate bar or a banana with some nut butter over crisps. If you prepare healthy snacks in advance, then you might not be lured by the vending machine.


You should never exercise without water if you can help it – it is integral to our health. The last thing you want to become when you are exercising is dehydrated, and not being able to top up your fluids is a fast track to that happening as you lose water through sweating. Have a bottle of water on hand that you can top up at any time, and if you are doing something particularly grueling, then use some electrolytes too to keep everything in balance.


If you need to use glasses, you might find that they can get in the way of certain activities and sports, and this is just one less hassle you need when you are trying something new. Keep some sports contacts in your kit at all times, just in case you cannot get on with your glasses, so you do not have to stop whatever you are doing completely – you can just swap over. You can then enjoy the freedom and protection of contacts without having to worry about losing or damaging your glasses either.

Massage Ball

If you are starting something new, there is a good chance you are going to ache the next day. Investing in a little massage ball to go in your kit could be a lifesaver when it comes to soothing your aching muscles after a workout or a game, and they are also good at aiding recovery!