Perhaps all gamblers who like online casino games have probably heard about Microgaming, one of the leading online casino software providers in the world. Slots and other games by this provider are among the top popular at whatever casino, and many successful online gamblers start their career with products by this developer.

Microgaming casinos, on the other hand, are so popular and in demand, and at the same time, they are very safe. In fact, Microgaming is one of the really few software providers in the online casino gambling niche to enjoy so much trust that solely Microgaming sites are as popular as sites that feature more than one provider. The realities of the niche are such that online casinos under the monopoly of one software provider are always less safe and less entertaining. However, Microgaming is an exception, due to the numerous advantages it offers both in terms of entertainment and in terms of safety and security. These are the reasons why this provider is so popular in Canada, in addition to other countries.

Advantages of Microgaming as Provider

Specifically, as a provider of online casino software, Microgaming has several important advantages. Firstly, it is one of the oldest providers in the niche, and one of the most widespread ones. Its reputation and reliability have stood the test of time (decades, in fact).

Secondly, Microgaming is one of the contributors to the establishment of eCOGRA, a globally acknowledged agency that tests and certifies online casinos, and guards the fairness and randomness of casino games. Being certified by eCOGRA is the indication of quality and reliability for any online casino site, and Microgaming is one of the companies that have actively worked on the establishment of this agency. This fact alone makes Microgaming especially popular among Canadians, who have access to most online casinos in the world, and for this reason, they always try to look for the most reliable ones.

And thirdly, Microgaming is one of the most productive software providers in the niche. According to rough statistics, an average provider makes one or two new games per month. Microgaming, however, makes up to 4-5 new games per month, which is five times more productive than the majority of software developers. This way, no Canadian gambler will get bored exploring games by Microgaming.

Microgaming Slots

Microgaming is famous for its slot games, and while they have a handful of other types of games made early in the year of the company’s existence when they were still experimenting, the main focus of this company has been slotted ever since.

Besides making tons of new games every year, this company utilizes its huge experience and expertise in the industry, to make these slots the most attractive and most entertaining. Slots by this provider always explore new themes and designs, feature exceptional quality and beauty, and most importantly, these slots pay really well.

Microgaming is one of the companies that offer the highest Return To Player rates for their slots, and actually stuff their games with numerous bonus features like Free Spins, Multipliers, Scatter, and Wild symbols, jackpots, various paylines, and various prizes. This way, Microgaming slots not only entertain, but they also do pay well!

Microgaming Progressive Jackpots

Microgaming progressive jackpots are legendary. The difference between a slot with a jackpot and a progressive jackpot slot is that progressives accumulate huge prize pools from all played sessions across all platforms where the game is available, while a slot with a jackpot feature only accumulates the prize pool from one platform. This makes progressives potentially highly profitable, and the wins can be life-changing.

Moreover, making progressive jackpots is a technologically complicated task, and also it costs lots of money, this is why very few providers can afford to build progressive jackpots. Microgaming, however, has already made the biggest number of progressives in the niche, their games are available on numerous platforms, and in fact, several people have already hit the jackpots which make records in the Guinness World Records more than once. This makes Microgaming so popular and in-demand among Canadian gamblers.

Final Thoughts

Players in Canada have access to almost every online casino site available in the world, with few regional exceptions. However, within this abundance, they always look for the safest and best-paying sites that offer the best games, and that brings these gamblers to Microgaming casinos and games. And this is indeed a good choice!