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Slavic women are famous as some of the most beautiful women in the world today. During the majority of the 20th century, however, most people associated “Slavic women” with “Russian women.” This was at least somewhat understandable, given that the Soviet Union had occupied most of the Slavic world in Eastern Europe. So, when idolizing Slavic beauty, most Westerners used to see Russian women as “the most beautiful in the world.”

Yet, came the fall of the Berlin Wall, and most people started to realize that these “most beautiful Russian women” were actually Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Bulgarian, and various other Eastern European Slavic beauties. So, it comes as no surprise that today, Ukrainian women are widely lauded as the most beautiful women in the world – because that was the case even when Ukraine wasn’t yet independent.

Still, this does leave the burning question – why are Ukrainian women the most beautiful women in the world?

The many different reasons behind the stunning beauty of Ukrainian women

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when an entire nation of tens of millions of women is so uniformly beautiful, one can’t help but wonder what are the actual real-world reasons why every other Ukrainian wife or single woman we find is so beautiful. Here are a few explanations.

1. A Slavic but also diverse origin

Ukrainians belong to the Eastern Slavic ethnic group, along with Russians and Belarusians. This group is distinct from the Southern Slavic people (mostly in and around the Balkans) and the Western Slavs (mostly Central Europe, including Poland, East Germany, and south to the Balkans).

The main distinction is that Eastern Slavs today tend to be a little less mixed with other ethnicities, the way Western and Southern Slavs are. This is an additional reason why when most folks talk about “Slavic people” today, they tend to mean Russians and Ukrainians.

“Less ethnically mixed,” however, doesn’t mean Ukrainians today are “purely” Eastern Slavs. The genome diversity in Ukraine is quite rich, given the elaborate history of constant conquest, migration, freedom fighting, settling, and resettling of the lands of modern-day Ukraine. For example, few people realize that the early 9th century AD Medieval kingdom of Kievan Rus (with Kyiv as its capital) wasn’t ethnically Slavic – it was neither Ukrainian (at least not ethnically so) nor Russian (as Russia hadn’t even existed at the time), but was a Viking kingdom instead.

The ethnic proto-Bulgarians had also passed through and briefly settled in the territory of modern-day Ukraine during the 6th century AD before migrating to the Balkans; the Ottomans controlled parts of Ukraine’s coast in the late Medieval period; Crimean Tatars and Karaites had lived in Crimea for centuries before Russia started moving them out of the peninsula during the Soviet occupation, Hungarians and Poles had both controlled parts of western Ukraine for centuries; even the ancient Greeks had established settlements there.

All this has resulted in the Eastern Slavic Ukrainian people being mixed with numerous other European ethnicities to create what’s probably one of the most quintessential European nations in Europe today. But why is this ethnic diversity important for the beauty of Ukrainian women? Because, as studies have shown, ethnic diversity undeniably leads to healthier and more diverse physical features.

2. Incredibly culture and style

Ukrainian women aren’t just beautiful physically – like all truly gorgeous women in the world, Ukrainian beauties have an almost “extra natural” aura of beauty that stems from their rich culture and unique national sense of fashion. Ukrainian culture has a long and storied history, and the beauty of Ukrainian women is a huge part of that.

The right combination of clothes, particularly beautiful long dresses, the perfect – usually minimal – amount of makeup, the ideal use of just one or two perfectly matched jewels or accessories – Ukrainian fashion relies on the principle “less is more.” Instead of overcrowding their appearance with a ton of makeup and countless pieces of jewelry, Ukrainian women know how to use just enough accessories to perfectly emphasize their own beauty instead of hiding it.

3. Innate femininity, dignity and grace

The above point is a big reason why Ukrainian women are often seen as “naturally beautiful.” However, that natural beauty goes even beyond fashion or physical characteristics – it often comes down to the simple innate femininity of Ukrainian women that’s unlike any other in the world. The body language, the way they walk, the facial expressions, and the genuine way Ukrainian women seem to always talk and behave – things such as these are a part of the shared behavioral culture of Ukrainian women and are truly unique to them.

This gives Ukrainian women a unique and permanent aura of grace and dignity. This aura alone easily pushes aside all myths and misconceptions about Ukrainian women looking for foreign men out of gold-digging self-interest. Instead, even such Ukrainian mail order brides you can meet online on sites such as BridesUniverse have a clear and authentic presence of honesty and dignity.

4. An endless supply of confidence and willpower

Beauty is often said to be a matter of confidence more so than anything else. It’s not so much about how you look, how big or small your nose or ears are, what color your hair is, or anything of the sort – it’s about how beautiful you believe yourself to be.

Even if we ignore the other points above, this alone would be more than enough of a reason for Ukrainian women to be widely accepted as the most beautiful in the world. Unlike most other women in the world, Ukrainian beauties don’t just wish or try to be beautiful, they know they are, and therefore – they are correct.

This type of beauty is in the chin that’s always held high, the back that’s always straight, the chest that’s always elevated, and countless other such behavioral tricks that aren’t even done consciously but just happen on their own when a woman knows she is beautiful.

All this also leads to a different inherently Ukrainian trait – the strength and sheer willpower to endure. A lot of foreign men even today seem to live under the delusion that Ukrainian women are “submissive” and make for “meek” brides – nothing can be further from the truth, as the hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian female soldiers have proven these last two years.