Some of the world’s biggest retailers have already started to accept payment in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, etc. If you are not really aware, let me tell you that there are various other kinds of cryptocurrencies in the world, which are the ethereum, Bitcoin cash, etc.

There are some US-based retails that have already started to accept bitcoin payment majorly in the country. It has been more than 10 years now that cryptocurrencies have been published but people have still not accepted it very open-mindedly. There are dozens of other companies that have started doing this.

This problem has to be solved hence an application has been made by Flexa which is known as the biggest challenge right now. Cryptocurrency holders will be able to make instant payment for the ones who accept the payment.

Retailers Who Accept Bitcoin Across the World

When the BTC just launched, it was bought and held onto by a lot of people. They held it like gold and di not want to spend anywhere. But now there are so many retail and online places where the bitcoin can be spent easily.

The number of the market place and the retailers who accept bitcoin has become larger in number. This also encourages the crypto enthusiasts to buy some more cryptocurrencies in the world. Leaving behind everything now Wikipedia and Microsoft are also accepting bitcoin as payment. The conversion of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is becoming even stronger and know more about it from prime advantage.

Currently, several coffee shops and fast-food restaurants have started to accept bitcoin as payment. Let us check here where all can we use the cryptocurrency for retail purposes.

Burger King

You may not know, but many of the burger shops are using crypto as payment. One of the biggest burger brands, Burger King is using crypto to take payment from their customers. But this is not the first time, the Florida headquarters of Burger King had decided to take Crypto payment in 2017. But ultimately, it could not be done, so from now on for all the pre-order deliveries they would keep the option of accepting bitcoins open too.

Burger King has 11 million customers and if all the branches of the Burger Kind of all over the world, plan to accept bitcoin then it would be very easy to make the world aware of the bitcoin exchange in the world.


Again Starbucks is another very important shop spread all across the world and even they have millions of customers. Starbucks coffee has been famous always, it enables the customers to pay in any of the payment methods that they wish for. Not only Starbucks is doing it, but many other cafes and joints are also doing it to make people aware of the crypto payment so that more and more people start accepting it gladly. Some reports show that customers have been more willing to pay for bitcoin in crypto rather than cash or other payment methods.


This is a UK based site which is takeaway retail, and it also takes crypto payment for the food takeaways. They would deliver a pizza at your doorstep in a bitcoin, they have been accepting bitcoins since 2018, but now it has been more prominent because this is the time when everyone actually wants to buy a lot of things without spending a penny.

Richard Branson’s Space Tourism

No one would have imagined this at least 5-6 years ago, but now it is pretty normal. You can use your bitcoin to make a tour to space which otherwise impossible by all means. Richard Branson’s Space Tourism started accepting bitcoin as payment. This is true and this is going to largely true in the next couple of years.


Last but not the least, you can definitely spend all the bitcoins and buy something more decent like gold. The jewelry is the safest option because even if the price of the cryptocurrency falls and rises the value of the gold will never fall. The prices and the value of gold will always remain so. Jewelry could be brought in the physical form or in the form of the paper too. Hence before the price of the bitcoin falls, you can use it to buy some jewelry of gold.