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An interesting trend has been observed for several years: more and more entrepreneurs are trying to prepare a backup plan. We noticed the need for this during the pandemic. This difficult time showed that you need to be ready for anything.

It was possible to support business and improve the situation in the country by preparing favorable offers. Many investors decided to accept the offer of the island countries, as the opportunities looked too attractive. So, the Caribbean second citizenship program has received a new wave of popularity.

Caribbean CBI Program Overview

Thousands of entrepreneurs have managed to evaluate the benefits of relocation. They are happy to share their observations with others. Finding details about the program without personal contact with immigrants will be possible. For this, the article collects the main features of the Caribbean offer:

  1. Cost. The amount of investment in the economy and development of the country starts from 150 thousand dollars. The investor chooses a preferred method from the proposed list; then, he can invest his own capital and receive a passport (residence permit) from the selected country.
  2. Conditions. Wealthy foreigners can apply for participation in the program. It is enough to invest capital in the chosen sphere and use the purchased real estate for personal purposes. The application package includes passport data, a bank account statement, and no criminal record.
  3. advantages. The holder of the permit enjoys those rights that are available to the local population. The list of privileges is impressive, which stimulates interest.

You can apply for and obtain Caribbean passport remotely. The requirement to reside in the country is rare. The investor receives other attractive opportunities with the authorization. Therefore, many investors are considering this option.

Key Benefits of Caribbean Passport

An Imin Caribbean Acyr Jardim specialist compiles an expert evaluation of the program and available benefits. This information will be helpful for those who have doubts about the decision and are looking for proof of benefits.

Visa-Free to Numerous Countries

The good geographical position has influenced the climate and the opportunity to travel. The island states are active internationally and have agreements with EU members and other countries. The passport holder can travel to:

  • European countries;
  • Schengen countries;
  • Asia.

The peculiarity of traveling lies in the fact that citizens do not need to apply for a permit. It is possible to issue a visa upon arrival in the country, which significantly simplifies business conduct.

Fast and Easy Application Process

You can apply for and obtain Caribbean second citizenship by investments remotely. You must prepare a document package and submit it to the consulate. The application process takes less than half a year, which other programs cannot boast of.

Those who have signed a contract with an accredited agent can simplify the application process. The specialist controls the preparation of papers and fulfillment of requirements, and the personal presence of the immigrant is not required. In addition, there is no need to pass a language or history test.

Financial Incentives

The economic taxation system is the next feature that stimulates attention to the program. There are no several tax payments items in Caribbean countries. So, the residents and citizens are exempt from:

  • wealth tax;
  • dividend tax;
  • capital gains tax;
  • inheritance tax.

Moving to the Mediterranean countries allows you to retain your citizenship and pay taxes according to the accepted system. At the same time, you can keep part of your capital in banks in Grenada or St. Lucia and enjoy a simplified tax policy.

Dual Citizenship Possibility

Retaining the benefits of an existing passport and obtaining a second passport is the goal of modern investors. It allows them to refuse to move and visit the islands anytime. The terms of the programs do not provide for renunciation of the first citizenship, which looks attractive.

Moving together with family is no less favorable. The applicant can include close relatives in the application without meeting their investment requirements. At the same time, the cost of participation increases by 50 thousand dollars for each added applicant.


The idea of acquiring a second citizenship shows its profitability. The offer of Caribbean citizenship for business attracts wealthy immigrants. Access to the best tax system, no strict requirements, and a low investment threshold look optimistic.

Nothing prevents you from developing your company and expanding your business actively. The investor can get both new opportunities and citizenship in a modern country. Stable economic growth and political situation contribute to the increase of capital of wealthy immigrants.

You will resolve all issues quickly and easily if you contact specialists.