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The ability of the company to adapt to new realities might be determining. We clearly saw that during the pandemic, when only the companies that managed not to lose productivity in remote conditions stayed afloat. Working remotely at home packing jobs might be complicated for delivery agencies, but Uss-Express was one of the businesses that were resilient to new conditions. Now, you have a chance to become a part of this team!

Uss-Express has a vacancy for a quality manager. This is a packing job at home that suits even people without experience in this sector. It’s a well-paid position with the possibility to adapt your working hours to your daily routine. If you like such prospects, leave your application right now and start getting ready for a job interview!

If you apply for the quality manager position, you will get it:

  • regular payments processed once in two weeks without any delays;
  • smart working schedule that might be adjusted in accordance with your personal needs;
  • the ability to earn good money and work from home packing and shipping;
  • stable employment;
  • the possibility to choose between part-time and full-time working hours;
  • free access to a specially-designed digital solution that helps to do your duties more efficiently;
  • degree in logistics or management isn’t required;
  • the possibility to get a promotion and explore other packing jobs from home offered by Uss-Express.

All these advantages seem too good to be true? Maybe, you are right because there are no shipping jobs from home that have only benefits. Learn the downsides of the quality manager position firsthand from the testimonials of employees on the review platforms.

Your responsibilities as a quality manager

If you want to get all the above-mentioned benefits from this position, you have to be a hardworking and committed employee. Your major responsibility is to execute all the duties the best way in order to maintain the reputation of the Uss-Express delivery company at the highest level. As a quality manager, you will be responsible for:

  • keeping up with the customers’ specific requests;
  • parcel processing;
  • quality of items and packing materials;
  • branding of parcels;
  • shipping to the required addresses;
  • tracking the shipments.

You will work for a reputable company

The delivery sector is a very responsible industry because companies deal with the property of other people. That’s why you should make sure that the company you are going to work for is a reputable provider of services. Does Uss-Express meet this description?

When estimating the reputation of Uss-Express, we can only rely on the information available from open sources. This delivery agency has a positive image among specialized business media. It also has a lot of positive reviews, both from clients and employees. We studied 5 of the most popular review platforms and calculated the average trust score of Uss-Express.

Platform Score Number of reviews (as of the date of writing)
Indeed 4.5 24
Trustpilot 4.5 52
Ambitionbox 4 17
BBB 5 2
Glassdoor 4.4 14

Still interested in this employment? Apply now and become a part of the big shipping industry.

Apply for an interview in one minute

Some packing from home jobs might be quite specific because there are companies that require experience or even a degree in logistics. Uss-Express is different. To apply, you don’t need to have any certifications or diplomas; you have to be not younger than 18 and meet these requirements for a candidate:

  • access to a printer;
  • access to a laptop;
  • a smartphone with a high-quality camera;
  • a building where you can store inventory in proper conditions (might be your house, apartment, or any other physical address, to which you have free access).

You can work from home shipping packages even without creating and sending a CV. The HR manager will accept you for a job interview after filling out an application form on the website. It takes less than 1 minute! Do this right now and become one step closer to the job of your dream!