Video ads are the most effective way to reach out to your audience. It is a gripping medium for marketing that can get the message through successfully. The effectiveness of video advertisement does not mean that the audience will watch it regardless of its quality. There are millions of video ads running on different platforms, including TV, social media, and search engines. You have to give your advertisement something extra to get the desired attention.

Nowadays, people prefer convenience over everything. The introduction of handy gadgets like laptops and smartphones has made access to everything, just a click away. Accessories like portable laptop stand and universal car phone holder have also ensured comfort during usage in any situation. In such an environment, you have to compel people to watch your advertisement, which is not an easy task. In this blog, we will guide you to make engaging video ads.

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Target Your Audience:

The first thing to consider while making a video ad is to target your audience. Every business has a potential market that it wants to cater to. You can segment your audience based on age, gender, location, and language. Once you figure out your target audience, analyze their thinking and interests. It will help in making a video ad that will be relevant to them. Without targeting the viewers, you can never get desirable outcomes from your video ad.

Hook the Viewer:

Grabbing the attention of the viewer is the biggest challenge for a video advertisement. Regardless of the platform, the attention span of the audience is limited, and you have to make every moment count.

The first few seconds hold the key as they determine whether the viewer sticks around or not. You have to add something interesting at the start to ensure that the viewer watches the whole ad. Starting with a question or a metaphor can be useful in keeping the audience hooked.


Ignite Curiosity:

If you bore your viewers after grasping their attention, they’re more likely to stop watching your ad. So, keeping the audience engaged throughout is vital. You have to play the curiosity card to make your viewers hang around. The best way to do so is by starting with an interesting question and answering it in the end. This way, viewers will watch the entire ad to find the answer.

Give Solution to a Problem:

Making the content of a video ad on problem solution basis can be effective in keeping the audience interested. Identifying a problem of your potential clients will help to create a bond with them. The moment you mention the problem faced by your audience; you get them hooked until the solution. Make sure that you provide a solution at the end of the ad so that the viewer watches the complete video. This will offer you a great opportunity to explain the details of your services.


Knit a Story:

Storytelling is a great way to connect with your audience. It can be incorporated in video ads for better engagement. You can explain the story of your business or build a scenario to facilitate understanding of the audience. Make sure that you knit an exciting plot for the story; otherwise, you will annoy the viewer.

Make it Visually Appealing:

The importance of the visual appeal of a video ad is undeniable. According to research, a human can understand visual information within 250 milliseconds. A visually-friendly video has a better probability of getting the message across effectively. You should add dynamic graphics, HD motion shots, or animations to engage your audience.

Add Text:

Adding text to reinforce the important message of a video add is a proven marketing technique. However, do not overstuff your ad with text as it will make it repelling visually, resulting in low viewership. You can use short captions with catchy wordings to build the interest of your audience. Keep in mind that the vocabulary used in the text should be unconventional yet appropriate for your business’s niche.


Remain Focused on Your Goal:

While considering all the other details of the video ad, you should not ignore the main objective behind it. For example, if you are making the video ad to increase your sales, focus on the benefits of your product. Make sure that you don’t include several goals in one video because it will throw your audience off. Focus one thing at a time to reach out to your audience effectively.

Keep it Concise:

People are very picky about the things they watch on TV or the internet. They think twice before designating time for watching anything, and an advertisement is the last thing that general public watches. In these circumstances, you have to make your video ad not only interesting but also very concise. You should establish the objective of your ad and find the shortest possible way to achieve it.

Try to squeeze maximum information in the video without making it boring for the audience. Make sure that you add convincing material in your video. For example, you can add testimonials of your previous clients in it.

Make the Ending Interesting:

The ending of a video ad is as important as its beginning. You cannot get complacent about the ending just because the viewer has already seen the entire video. Even if the audience watch the full ad and the ending is lame, they will stop watching instantly. The ending should ideally include a call to action but make it gripping enough that the viewers go for it. You can leave a striking question or add a funny quote at the end of your video ad.


Video advertisement is a useful technique for digital marketing. If you know the right mechanism of making video ads, you can expand your market in QuickTime. All the guidelines above will help you engage with your audience better.