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When you are looking to pursue a specific career, it can help consider jobs and positions in high demand. In considering in-demand jobs, you give yourself a better chance of finding a job in your chosen field as well as of maintaining that job for the long term. Since job security is among one of the top priorities of aspiring professionals today, choosing a job that is naturally in high demand can be a smart move.

One area in general that has a high number of in-demand jobs at the moment is that of healthcare. Furthermore, the demand for qualified and skilled healthcare professionals is only projected to increase over the coming years. While doctors are among some of the top jobs in healthcare that are in demand, you don’t have to go to medical school in order to find a job in healthcare that is right for you.

There are, in fact, a great many positions in healthcare that you can consider pursuing without a medical degree. If you are hoping to find such a job in the world of healthcare, here are four that are currently in demand.

  1. EMS Workers

Emergency medical services are a specific area of medicine that sees an increased need for qualified and dedicated professionals. EMS workers are the ones who are first on the scene in the event of a medical emergency or crisis. They can administer life-saving care directly to the victim of an accident or crisis from an ambulance and transport them safely and efficiently to a hospital for further treatment.

The decisions that an EMS worker must be able to make are often difficult and pressure-filled. Such decisions can mean the difference between a positive outcome for the patient and life-altering consequences. With such an important role to play in healthcare, you will want to ensure that you are equipped with all of the skills and knowledge that you will need for the job.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as an EMS worker, you should consider taking the time to understand more about education in emergency management. Knowing what knowledge and skills you will gain, the benefits, and how to get started online, if that is an option that would work best for you, will enable you to make a more informed decision of whether this is a great career option for you. If you decide that it is and find a suitable school, once you have passed the necessary licensing and certification exams, you will be ready to start your EMS worker career. With your additional education in emergency management, more roles and opportunities will be available to you.

  1. Physical Therapists

The world of medicine is one that is ever-changing and developing. One main area that has seen a great deal of development in terms of how it is approached in recent years is that of pain management.

While it was once common practice for physicians to prescribe certain types of pain medication as the initial treatment for various types of acute and chronic pain, it is now known that such medications do more harm to the patient and society in general than good. This has led to the search for alternative, more holistic solutions to pain management.

Physical therapists have become essential in this pursuit of more sustainable pain management options leading to a surge in demand for such professionals. Through treatments that promote strength, mobility, and circulation throughout the body, physical therapists are able to help patients achieve a greater, longer-lasting level of pain management.

  1. Nurses

One particular job in healthcare that has been in demand for quite some time and that shows no signs of slowing down in this regard is that of a nurse. Nurses function as the backbone of the modern healthcare system and are being called upon to fill even more roles in medicine than ever before.

For instance, the shortage of physicians that have arisen across the western world has created scenarios wherein nurses with a certain degree of education and experience are essentially capable of practicing medicine much as a doctor would. Such nurses, called nurse practitioners, are even at times able to have their own practice and evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients without having to be under the direct supervision of a doctor.

The reasons behind the surge in demand for nurses are generally attributed to an aging population as well as an increased demand for quality healthcare. The more educated the general public becomes on healthcare and how to seek medical treatment, the more the demand for that treatment goes up. Since nurses are involved in so many aspects of healthcare, this is likely to be a trend that continues for some time to come.

  1. Physician Assistants

For similar reasons, there is also a rise in the demand for physician assistants. The job of a physician assistant is inherent in the name. They essentially work in supporting roles to a physician in order to administer quality healthcare to as many patients as possible. Since physicians are in short supply, it is now common practice for doctors to employ physician assistants to help carry the workload.

There are even scenarios wherein a physician assistant will act as the primary care provider in a clinic. As long as the clinic is technically run by a qualified doctor who is present a few times a week, the physician assistant can diagnose and treat patients in much the same way as a doctor would.

In order to become a physician’s assistant, you don’t have to attend medical school or go through a residency program. You will, however, need to earn your undergraduate degree as well as a relevant master’s degree. You will then need to pass the appropriate licensing and certification exams as set in place by the governing authorities. Once you are certified and licensed, you will be able to seek employment as a physician assistant.

Another appealing aspect of this job, aside from the job security, is that of the average salary. With many physician assistants pulling in sizable salaries, it is no wonder why so many are choosing to pursue this route to a career in healthcare as opposed to some others. Furthermore, becoming a physician assistant gives you a way to practice medicine without having to attend medical school and residency.