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Today’s consumers expect businesses to be responsive and accessible. To meet these demands, companies must connect to their customers through multiple touchpoints, which include in-person and online. Engaging actively with customers can generate more leads and increase sales. 

Companies can leverage their online presence to engage with customers from across the world. Here are several ways businesses can connect with their client base online.

Social media

Social media sites were once regarded simply as advertising channels. However, customers now turn to social media platforms to engage with companies. This includes requesting more information or initiating customer service processes, such as refunds and returns.

Companies can increase interactions on social media by actively responding to customer comments. Customer service representatives should monitor the company’s social media pages to respond to client comments in real time. 

Social media is also a great way to communicate offers to customers and measure the demand for new products or services. Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms allow businesses to create interactive posts that include polls and surveys.


Depending on a company’s industry and product line, informative webinars can be an ideal way to interact with target clients while building authority.

Webinars are highly flexible formats that enable customers to interact with a brand at their convenience. Asynchronous webinars are pre-recorded sessions that customers can access at their own pace. Live sessions that encourage interaction with audience response tools are a great way to build trust and relationships with customers.

Effective webinars focus on a topic that impacts a business’s target client base. For example, tax software providers may host sessions about changes to IRS regulations. Rewarding attendees with a special discount or offer can also increase customer loyalty. 

Online Communities

Virtual communities bring people together over a shared passion or interest. By establishing an online community based around their services, businesses can create a sales funnel that attracts new customers and keeps current clients engaged.

Large corporations, such as Sephora and Duolingo, host their communities on their own platforms. However, businesses of all sizes also set up their communities on existing websites, such as Facebook, Reddit, and Discord.

Successful online communities offer resources that interest a business’s ideal clients. For example, Sephora publishes product reviews and user-generated content on its community page. Many virtual communities also host question-and-answer forums where members can request product-related information from the group. 

Online communities not only encourage consumers to identify with a brand, but they also serve as a real-time source of customer feedback. Companies can analyze members’ posts to mine data that can inform business decisions, like new product ideas.

Email Marketing

Email is a cost-effective way to engage with large volumes of current and potential customers. Since emails can only be sent to individuals who opt-in, email marketing tends to appear in front of customers higher in the sales funnel.  

According to Mailchimp, email open rates can reach nearly 30 percent in some industries. As the average email list contains around 2000 people, email marketing is an effective form of warm outreach. 

Email marketing campaigns are not limited to offers or promotions. Some of the most effective email marketing encourages readers to interact directly with the content. For example, companies may entice customers to fill out a survey with a prize drawing for contributors. 

Many companies are also adding more visual elements to their emails, such as video, audio, and GIFs, to hook readers’ attention and increase click-through rates. 

Review Sites

Online customer interactions do not only occur on a company’s website. Clients may leave feedback and experiences on third-party review sites like Yelp or Google Business. Potential customers may also look for reviews on social media forums like Reddit.

While these platforms are beyond a company’s control, they should monitor these touchpoints as closely as their own. Customer service software can actively search for entries and enable agents to respond to reviews from one dashboard.

For best results, engagement on review third-party sites should be unique and clearly address the customer’s inquiry or complaint. Canned responses can give off a worse impression than no response at all. 

Companies should also interact with positive reviews and thank customers for their business. These engagements make customers feel noticed and valued, which is essential for building brand loyalty.