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Singapore, the tiny island nation in Southeast Asia, is popular among tourists for its unique and interesting architectural gems. It is the fifth most visited country in the world and the second most visited among all the destinations in Asia-Pacific, according to the 2018 Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index.

Some of the most notable areas for tourists in Singapore include the Marina Bay Sands resort, the Gardens by the Bay, the Merlion statue, and the breathtaking Jewel Changi Airport. The best architects and construction teams meticulously design all these structural wonders. The design of these establishments is also handled by the best interior design company in Singapore.

Since there are numerous beautiful places in the island nation, plenty of Singaporeans aim to make their homes look extravagant as the tourist spots in the country. Here are several interior design trends that may emerge in Singapore in 2021 and beyond.

#1: Curved Arches

There are plenty of homes in Singapore that feature curved arches nowadays. This old architectural design is making an unexpected comeback in many contemporary residences in the country. It now serves as a common conversation piece since it can serve as an additional feature wall.

There are different types of curved arches that Singaporean homeowners can choose from if they want the best interior design company in Singapore to install it in their house. The homeowner can ask the interior decorator to incorporate decorative details to add more accent to the structure. A segmented arch also looks good if the homeowner wants to achieve a traditional design.

#2: Curved Tables And Counters

Aside from the entryways, Singaporean homes are also incorporating numerous curves on the corners of the tables and counters. This interior design trend could be the popular mid-century home style’s spinoff highlighting subtle, organic curves.

Singaporean houses are now embracing these curvaceous features on any tables or corners inside the property. It promotes a softer look and breaks the room’s monotony, especially if there are plenty of straight lines in the vicinity.

#3: Rattan Furnishings

Many Singaporean homeowners aim to make their houses look as relaxing and serene as exotic resorts. One of the fastest ways to do this is to use rattan-made furniture as part of their interior decorations.

The use of rattan was associated with the furniture used by the old matriarchs of the family. But those who want to go home to a calming tropical retreat started to bring back this trend again in the country.

Since Singapore is close to Indonesia’s raw rattan sources and the furniture craftsmen from China, it is easy for interior designers to secure rattan furnishings for their clients.

#4: Mermaid Tiles

Another trend that would bring any Singaporean household closer to their dream resort getaway without leaving the four corners of their home is adding fish scale tiles or scalloped tiles in their interior design. These specialty tiles can be installed depending on the pattern that you want to achieve.

This trend can provide added texture to a portion of the house. The homeowner can have it attached to the breakfast nook wall or other portions of the house to capture everyone’s attention easily.

#5: Textured Surfaces

Like mermaid tiles, other details are expected to surface in Singaporean interior design trends for 2021. The interior decorators will have more liberty to add more interesting colors and textures on any home surfaces.

One of the expected textures that will make it big in the coming years is the vertical groove line. This detail will provide additional textural interest and bold statements without looking tacky. It will look perfect for the bedroom or living room walls.

#6: Interesting Lights

Those who are not keen on making structural changes in their home can still update their interiors by using different lighting fixtures. They can use interesting neon signs if they are going after a retro-themed look or for industrial-themed interiors.

The minimalist can choose glass ball pendants that will look good in any part of the house. The homeowners can choose among the different shapes and colors, depending on where they want to have it installed.

#7: Hidden Doors

Some Singaporeans would also want to add a touch of mystery to their properties by asking their interior decorators to create a secret doorway to a portion of the house. It will also promote a sleeker and more seamless look for homes with smaller floor areas.

The interior decorators can conceal entrances to en-suite bathrooms that look like it was only a part of the wardrobe. Other entryways can be hidden at the back of feature walls to avoid breaking the house’s overall design.

These interior design styles are expected to become the trend in Singaporean homes in 2021 and the years after that. The homeowners can discuss with their trusted interior designers to develop a plan to update the house and make it more pleasant to live in for a long time.