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To wear a bikini or go cheeky?

Most women don’t know the difference between these women’s underwear styles, thinking that they have similar cuts. However, there are some distinctions that make each of these underwear styles unique. This might lead you to choose one over the other according to your preference, occasion, or outfit.

Sounds complicated? We’re here to help!

This article breaks down the key differences between a bikini and a cheeky cut to help you choose the perfect panty for any situation.

Bikini VS Cheeky: Which One Is Better?

Bikini and cheeky underwear are usually pitted against one another; however, they do share common things.

If you want something flirty but with enough coverage, both underwear cuts can offer you that. Bikini and cheeky panties also offer a medium-coverage option, somewhere in between thongs and brief-style panties. They do give off a flirtatious vibe and playfulness depending on the style you’re going for.

However, there are certain reasons cheeky panties are preferred over bikinis.

1. Great Butt Support

Bikini panties are known to offer more coverage for your butt than a brief. This means that they can keep your asset tucked away thoroughly. However, if you want something more playful and, well, cheeky, then the cheeky panties should be your option.

Moreover, Cheeky panties got their name thanks to their sultriness in both cut and vibe. These panties feature a narrower fabric across your butt than the typical bikini cut, creating that sneak peek of your bum but still offers more coverage than a thong.

For most women, cheeky underwear like the ones from EBY can offer less coverage than a bikini, but not too much like thongs, allowing them to flaunt their cheeky asset while still providing comfort with a splash of sexiness.

2. Modest Front Coverage

Bikini-cut underwear is known for its seductive front coverage, featuring a low rise that places the waistband closer to your hips than the waist. On the other hand, Cheeky underwear only does the flirting from behind, so this means that they provide a more modest coverage on your front.

So, if you’re not comfortable showing off skin in front or are not a fan of low-waist jeans, then cheeky underwear is a better option.

While you can find cheeky undies in unique lower-cut styles, it is usually made in the mid-rise waistband to complement an overall balanced look and provide versatility in terms of style.

3. Comfy Side Coverage

Bikini-cut underwear is famous for its flirty side panels. In fact, some bikinis only use strings to create less coverage around the hips for a sexier look. Unfortunately, it can be so uncomfortable when it starts digging into your side.

Cheeky underwear features wider side panels for more hip coverage, allowing it to stay put even when you’re doing yoga. Plus, it won’t dig into your sides since the wider fabric band on the hips distributes the pressure to a larger area.

4. No More Panty Lines

If you like rocking tight leggings or if you’re a jean person, then you might be extra conscious of the visible lines that bikini panties tend to show. And you might not like wearing a thong either.

There’s another option—cheeky.

Fit body. Beautiful female butt.

Since the back panel of cheeky underwear is narrower across your bum, it’s more likely to disappear under leggings, tight skirts, and pants than bikini-cut panties.

5. Comfortable And Unrestrictive

Comfort is another advantage of cheeky underwear. Cheeky panties may have less coverage than a bikini; however, they don’t have that excess fabric that can make you feel suffocated below.

Unlike bikinis, cheeky undies have seams that are an excellent and comfy distance away from your sensitive area without covering your whole thigh. This means that you can work all day long without even noticing that you’re wearing it or itching to adjust it.

Also, if you’re an active individual, cheeky panties will not be as restrictive as bikinis. Whether you’re doing yoga poses or working out, a cheeky panty won’t make you feel uncomfortable because it’s moving out of place or digging onto your sides and sensitive parts like bikinis do. Jumping, stretching, or bending will be a lot easier when you’re wearing cheeky underwear. It will also give you a barely-there feel.

6. Shape-Flattering

Bikinis may be shape-flattering, but not as much as cheeky underwear. Unlike bikinis with a U-shaped cut at the back, the seam of a cheeky panty meets your butt cheeks at the perfect place for that much-needed lifting and sculpting.

Meanwhile, the V-cut can also lengthen your leg and make you look longer and leaner. Thus, cheeky panties look great on every body type. You can now flaunt your asset with more confidence.

7. Fashion-Forward Choice

Back in the 90s, bikini underwear, mainly the string bikinis were all the rage. When chic jeans were also the style staple, bikini cuts with their low front coverage were a natural match for this style.

Bikini panties have remained stylish throughout the years; however, most women today are not looking for more coverage on the hips that bikinis offer. This is because wider side panels help reduce the bulging and pinching while ensuring that it stays in place better. Do you remember wearing your super low-cut pants and bikinis with the annoyance of yanking your undies up constantly?

Cheeky underwear removes all that discomfort, making it both a fashionable and comfortable choice these days. It brings a dash of flirtatiousness to your underwear collection while still providing the needed coziness and comfort over bikinis.


As you can see, cheeky underwear reigns supreme over bikini cuts.

The medium coverage around the hips, mid-rise waistband, and playful butt cheek peek make the standard cheeky cut a comfy, fun, balanced, and go-to style for everyday wear. You don’t have to worry about uncomfortable fabric digging into your skin and inhibiting your style and movement.

If this underwear style is new to you, we’re confident that it won’t disappoint you. Try out a cheeky panty—comfy yet seductive undies that will make you look and feel your best!