Having to write a dissertation is the nightmare dreaded by most college students. However, they cannot escape it because, apart from being a huge burden on their backs, it is also the crowning jewel of their entire education. Fortunately, various sites like write my dissertation offer practical tips and help to students who want to write their dissertation without going insane.

The process of writing a dissertation begins and perhaps ends with a bittersweet sensation. You know that your time as a student is about to end and there will be no more classes. The dissertation also acts as a tool to acclimatize you for the real world. The culmination of your studies is also the end of an exhausting, long process of tests, examinations, and having to wake up early in the morning to attend a lecture when the only thing you want to do is stay in your bed and steal a few more minutes of slumber.

However you may be feeling about the end of your formal education when it comes to writing your dissertation, it will feel as though your life up to that point just ghosted you without your realization and the only thing left is to write a few pages of content to show what you learned in school. This, however, is a universal feeling.

Going back to the dissertation thing, this is probably the time you will experience the most pressure. You will need to meet the deadline, have a realistic writing plan, ask yourself questions, and think about things you probably know about already, and stretch your thoughts out on about 50 pages or so. There is no pressure, right?

Curse of the Writer’s Block

Writer’s block will not disappear the moment you get the green light to graduate. Actually, it can become ten times worse when you have a tight deadline. You might feel like you have a million things to accomplish within an impossible deadline. Once you identify your fears, however, you will notice that your writer’s block is starting to disappear, even if you do not have an immediate solution.

Often, fear and doubt are the underlying emotions behind writer’s block and procrastination, not lack of motivation or laziness. Some of the common sources of self-doubt and fear include;

  • What you will do after graduating
  • How others will judge your work
  • Grad school will turn out to be a complete and costly waste of time
  • Your dissertation will not be good enough
  • You will disappoint your family if you do not complete on time
  • You will discover that you have much more to do than you originally thought

It is natural to feel concerned about your dissertation under so much pressure. However, you do not have to let procrastination and fear prevent you from writing an excellent dissertation and graduating. You can still write a great paper despite feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Here are 9 essential steps to save your mental health while writing your dissertation.

Understand that Feeling Stuck is not About how you Write; Rather, it is About your Perception

Remember some of the instances where you gained insight while walking, taking a shower, or just relaxing in your room. When you come up with a good structure that you can maintain easily, you will probably experience some creative insight that will help you overcome your writer’s block and anxiety.

However, it takes time to learn and develop new habits; therefore, it is best to develop one new habit at a time and adhere to it for a while before implementing another one. Thousands of college students write outstanding dissertations every year, and if they can do it, there is no reason why you cannot do it as well. After all, no one is perfect.

Find Tons of Information about your Topic Long Before you Start Writing

The first thing you need to do is find an area or topic worth exploring. However, before the clock starts ticking, it is important to start small and come up with an overview of what you plan to write about or explore further. When you do this, you will gain a small but valuable advantage over your deadline.

Set Small, Achievable Goals

When it comes to writing a great dissertation, students do not need to bite off more than they can chew. Do not think that you have to allocate yourself huge chunks of time to write your dissertation. In fact, doing so without a proper structure is a recipe for failure and disappointment, which stems from the fear of failing to accomplish your goals. However, the confidence that comes with accomplishing small things can put you back in total control.

Create an Outline as Soon as Possible

Before you start writing your dissertation, spend the first few days working on your outline. When you come up with your research questions and ideas in advance, you will be able to create an outline that will serve as a mental guide or roadmap for the entire writing process.

Take Care of the Basics Before you Begin Writing

Many students feel the need to start writing immediately; however, in order to write a great dissertation, you need to allocate yourself a few days of researching the topic and reading. Despite the pressure to start writing, just try to educate yourself with the subject matter, form a friendship with it, explore it further, and then start writing.

Schedule your Work

Mark the most important dates on your calendar, such as days you know you will not be able to write, and then allocate a certain number of pages for each day you will be able to work. However, by no means should you put quantity over quality. Just be concise and have a well-calculated number of pages you need to fit your brilliant ideas and thoughts into.

Take Regular Breaks

You should make a resolution not to work on certain days, such as weekends. Taking reasonable breaks will not derail your efforts. You need time to rest, clear your mind, and even have a little fun. Your sanity might depend on the breaks you take.

Do not be afraid to do the Occasional All Nighter

When it comes to writing your dissertation, you will not escape the long hours. In the academic world, this is a universal truth, whether you like it or not. Until you submit your dissertation, it will continue to peck away at your brain.

Sleep Well, Eat Healthy, and Exercise Regularly

In the process of writing their dissertation, many students find themselves living off junk food. Ordering the occasional pizza is perfectly okay; however, it should be the exception rather than the rule. It is important to eat healthy foods in order to avoid the sudden sugar lows and highs. Additionally, you need to put adequate sleep above everything else, in addition to engaging in regular workouts, which will help keep you healthy, focused, and energized.

If you want to know how to write your dissertation when you are feeling completely stressed and overwhelmed, you are not alone. Millions of university students around the world are experiencing the same thing. Unfortunately, some students think that all they have to do is sit down and start writing. The reality, however, is quite different. The tips outlined above will help you maintain your sanity and confidence while writing your dissertation.