Forklift is handling jumbo bags in large warehouse.

Flexible intermediate bulk containers or FIBCs can offer advantages to your business that other packaging solutions can’t match. With the help of suppliers, more and more companies are said to enjoy bulk bag benefits.

Any solid, dry bulk material can be stored economically in FIBC bags. These bags are made from polypropylene or PP, a thermoplastic material that’s said to be strong, flexible, and durable. Plus, this material is recyclable, so you won’t have to worry about its possible environmental impact.

Read down below to learn the benefits of using products from different FIBC bag manufacturers as your primary bulk packaging solution to your growing business’ logistics needs:

1. Convenient For Fill And Discharge Processes

There are multiple options available with FIBC bags for filling and discharging products, as well as specialty equipment available to help you accomplish those tasks.

Flap tops, skirt tops, filling spouts, and open tops are among the options for fillings or tops. Discharge spouts, discharge spouts with safety valves, and discharge spouts with covers are some of the popular choices for bottoms.

2. Customizable To Any Purpose 

Bulk packaging in the form of FIBC bags provides versatility and can be customized to meet the needs of any business. Bags can be customized in many ways depending on the following factors:

  • Measurement and capacity,
  • Discharging and filling options,
  • Safety working load or SWL,
  • Color,
  • Type of bag, and
  • Suitability for use on food items.

Many capable suppliers offer more customized options. They can also assist you in developing a customized bag that meets the specific needs of your application.

3. Cost-Effective Option

If you have been searching high and low for tips for establishing your venture’s supply chain, you’ll understand that packaging plays a significant role in having an overall efficient system and workflow.

Comparing FIBCs with other bulk packaging solutions, they’re far more cost-effective. As empty bags are incredibly lightweight, they’re also highly affordable to purchase and ship. Empty bags can also be stored easily in addition to being affordable. You can fold empty bags into compact sizes to conserve precious warehouse space and ultimately to save money for your business.

4. Minimum Environment Impact

Polypropylene or PP is one of the most popular types of plastics that allows itself to be repurposed into other products, including bags and food containers. Most PP-based bags can be recycled for multiple intentions. They include plastic bags, plastic bags used to store construction materials, chemicals, grains, fertilizers, and bags used to store pigments.

Some bags aren’t only recyclable but also reusable. Six-to-one safety factor ratio bags are specially designed for multiple uses. These bags possess such feature, so it’s not only environmentally sustainable but is also durable for packaging use.

5. Easy To Move And Transport 

There are several ways to lift and move FIBCS. With this feature, the bag can be customized to match and suit your facility’s current lifting and transporting equipment pieces in use. There are many lifting options available for FIBC, usually consisting of the following:

  • Cross corner loops,
  • Single and double loading belts, and
  • Edge corner loops.

These all make it easier to use for your machinery in your warehouse like a crane, hoist, or intelligent forklifts. Nevertheless, they’re also capable of safely storing and transporting combustible and flammable materials making them an excellent choice for businesses with bulk dry flowable products.


6. Helps Save On Material Costs 

Comparing actual packaging costs is considered to be the easiest. In comparison to traditional intermediate bulk containers or IBCs, FIBC bags are often far less expensive due to the amount of material they hold and the size of the opening.

FIBCs can easily accommodate the exact dimensions for close to half the price of steel open head salvage drums, for example. Moreover, this storage solution can potentially replace 85- and 95-gallon drums for an even lower price. As the volume of FIBCs increases and the usage of traditional IBCs decreases, significant cost savings are quickly evident to every entrepreneur.

7. Requires Minimal Storage Space 

Most businesses have minimal warehouse space, making it a precious asset. FIBCs can be stacked with each other so you can save room in your warehouse. And when they’re empty, you can have them folded flat since it’s easy to do because of their lightweight feature. By doing so, you can use the saved fraction of wiggle room for other materials and equipment instead.

FIBCs can also handle heavier weights, so you don’t need to use multiple rigid containers that take up space. You may also locate and do business with a supplier as some of them offer a stock-and-release service. This means they can keep your FIBC in their warehouse if you don’t intend to use them yet.

8. Requires Minimal Safety Efforts 

As a standard practice, drum claws or straps are used to containerize hazardous waste drums loaded vertically into an IBC by utilizing a forklift run by an operator. Overpacked products can’t be moved using a standard dolly once containerization is complete, so a repeat process is required.

It’s more likely to drop overpacks when using drum claws to move them because the inner drum shifts and moves throughout the whole ordeal. Also, the unit might swing as it’s being manipulated, creating a risk of hitting or crushing the spotter (if the spotter is assisting the fork operator). The overpack will also need more pallets for transport.

FIBCs, on the other hand, can be moved once a drum of hazardous waste has been loaded by utilizing the lifting straps integrated into it. As a result, the bag is less likely to fall, swing, or allow the spotter to impact it, as the lifting straps accommodate positive pressure while the bag has been picked up.

The “bagged” drum can also be moved around using a standard drum dolly, as it fits snugly in the toes, and the drum lock can be attached to the ring of the machine, making it more secure. Therefore, FIBC doesn’t require as much safety effort in moving and releasing compared to other packaging solutions out there.

9. Easy To Maintain Quality 

Furthermore, bulk bags are an essential component of ensuring a high-quality finished product. Due to the material’s strength, PP fabric can withstand punctures and tears to protect the contents. You get what you pay for when you buy bulk bags. You may end up wasting money on your packaging costs if you buy cheap or discounted bags. Sometimes bags are made from materials that aren’t sturdy or well-built. Watch out for those bags, as they’re only good for single occasion use.

Several suppliers are believed to provide products of inconsistent quality after showing samples of high-quality bags to their business clients. There are also instances when the quality of materials or construction is compromised during the production process. So, be very careful when selecting your FIBC supplier. Your business stands to potentially lose profits if packaging materials malfunction or break.


FIBC bags have several advantages that make them a preferred alternative compared to other bulk packaging solutions available. Therefore, consider the reasons above when deciding whether to use them or not for your business needs.

As it stands today, various suppliers are competing for your business to market FIBC bulk bags. Find a provider who’ll be a true partner to protect your investment and brand reputation. The company you choose should have experienced field sales representatives and technical staff who’ll provide you with support on your entire purchase journey.