My guide to playing as Pathfinder in Apex Legends contains tactics tips and describes each of the character’s abilities. Pathfinder is one of my favorite characters because of his unique skills. While his skills don’t do as much damage as, say, Gabrilthar’s air strike, his hook capabilities offer truly tremendous potential for implementation on the battlefield.

When playing as Pathfinder, you can hook on almost any surface and pull yourself to it. This will give you greater movement speed and maneuverability, with which you can outsmart your opponents.

The ultimative ability will allow you to use the hook (longer range) on your whole team, which allows you to make a lightning attack or a quick getaway.

The guide describes all three abilities of the character, and I will also offer some tactical solutions. I personally really like playing for the character while providing Apex boost service, so I will add more as new information becomes available.

Passive ability – Infiltration (Insider Knowledge)

The ability allows you to scan beacons to view the position of the next zone.

Beacons have a radio icon on the minicard. When interacted, they will show the limit of the next game zone.

It doesn’t sound very exciting, but it’s a skill that will come in handy in every game.

Just knowing where the game location is going to be, you can quickly head there and take a safe place.

Tactical Skill – Grappling Hook

The Grappling Hook is used for moving short distances. Shoot it almost anywhere, and you’ll be drawn to it.

It’s a fantastic solution for moving around the map quickly. You’ll end up in the right place faster than your enemies and your squad.

During a battle, Hook will allow you to quickly change your position, launch a lightning attack, or strategically retreat. Enemies simply don’t expect the speed at which the Pathfinder moves across the map.

Height is one of the main advantages of a firefight. Drag yourself to the roof of a building and get the maximum advantage, especially if you have a sniper rifle in hand.

Of course, in addition to attacking and gaining a tactical advantage, the Hook will also help when retreating. Use it if you come under enemy fire and move quickly to the most unexpected places.

Every moment counts in Apex Legends. Any quick movement and unconventional action can create an unforeseen moment for the enemy, due to which you will defeat him.

The coolest thing is to use the hook like Turboswin from Overwatch – to attract the enemy. 

If you pull him towards you, you can kill him quickly with the shotgun. Of course, if the enemy is also armed with a shotgun and is able to shoot, your chances of winning are significantly reduced. 

Ultimatum ability – the Zipline Gun

The Ultimatum ability is the same as the Cat Hook, only with a larger range and the ability to be used by your whole team.

The rope gun releases a rope to the desired point that you and your team can navigate. This gives unique tactical possibilities for rescue or for a surprise attack.

 This ability is extremely effective when the firefight has already started, but the enemy is not aware of your position.

 Once in a battle, we left one ally in a safe place from where he was covering fire and using Trosomoet we made a sideways lightning attack and shot the enemies at point-blank range.

Do not use the ulta in the first seconds of the battle. Wait for the right moment and press the button. One click can change the entire course of the fight. Do not be afraid to look for non-standard places for a quick attack or quick retreat. Your team will be happy to get any help.

And don’t forget that you can shoot as you move along the ropes!