Learning a new language may be confusing and challenging even if you are highly motivated and inspired.

Even though the effort always pays back, especially when the thing is about self-education and the development of your personality, many people feel devastated while learning a new “tongue” at home.

Sometimes it seems unbearable to create an atmosphere of self-discipline and systematicity. And therefore, a major part simply gives up.

This is the reason why it is essential to know how to learn a new language, its life hacks, and tips.

Chiefly, you have to find the best app to learn Arabic, which not only will help you to go through it but will make you enjoy the entire process.

Learning Arabic may be a real pleasure if you know how to sail through.

Your first question may be: “How long does it take?”.

According to the US Foreign Service Institute, you need 2200 hours or 88 weeks to gain fluency in the Arabic language. Take a while, but not forever.

So, before you start the journey, let`s make sure your 88 weeks or 2200 hours will be full of joy and delight.

Goal and purpose

Before you start, define your goal and purpose. Ask yourself what is your higher motivation and why learning Arabic is quite important to you. Maybe your reason is countless job opportunities or traveling without borders. Maybe you are interested in exploring East culture or you aim to change the way your percept the world. Whatever your goal is, define it. It will keep you motivated the all way through.


Learning the Arabic language, in fact, requires time, but it is critical to stick around. To become productive, you have to make your schedule. Plan your routine thoughtfully and create some space, so-called time gaps, when you can truly dedicate yourself to Arabic. It may seem impossible, but in reality, you need only 20 minutes a day to make progress.

When your schedule is finally settled down, your responsibility is to stick with it as precisely as possible.


If you eventually decide to take up Arabic, it is time for you to choose the perfect resources. It may seem non-essential, but in practice it is. You have to find your perfect formula for learning Arabic. Everyone is different and unique therefore it is crucial to find ideal methods which perfectly fit you. Proper resources and study materials will make you enjoy the process and learn Arabic with flying colors.

Level balancing

While learning a new language, you have to find an ideal balance. You should not leave gaps in your knowledge, as well as you should not be stuck in one place.

It means that you should not run but rather jog. The best option here is to have fun and always try a little harder. If you get bored, probably you will give up. But if you aren`t systematic, more probably you will go dark. So, your secret here is balancing.

The Arabic Alphabet

First of all, you have to learn the Arabic Alphabet. It may sound a little bit easier than it is. The Arabic Alphabet has nothing in common with the Latin one. There are 28 letters, but it has no vowels except the first letter called “aliphatic”. It is known as an abjad, which means a vowelless writing system.

Moreover, remember that Arabic is written from right to left in contrast to our usual writing. It may be complicated at first, but with some time you will get used to it.

Learn common phrases

Gaining fluency is a long way, but many people forget that language is not about the number of words you know but rather your ability to use them. Learning common phrases and expressions will give you the possibility to speak and communicate with others, which is, in fact, the true purpose of any language.

You may learn a few popular phrases to keep a small brief talk or to feel more confident while traveling in Arabic countries.

Master your pronunciation

Even though the Arabic language has many unique sounds, you can master your Arabic pronunciation. For this purpose, you should surround yourself with Arabic. Listen to Arabic podcasts and TV shows, and, more importantly, talk with Arabic people. There are many online platforms where you can practice your speaking as well as make new friends.

And with some time you will totally agree that the benefits of learning Arabic are 100% worth your effort.

Living in the era of post-covid and information technology, we are becoming more attached to our homes. This is why the question of how to learn Arabic language online is especially relevant.