Online gaming is daily entertainment for millions of users, just like playing at online casinos for real money. It is important to treat the game as a great pastime or an exciting hobby in this case, positive emotions are guaranteed. If a person has been playing in an online casino for too long, he may endanger his health.

Physical harm to health during prolonged play

Overuse injuries occur as a result of activities that force us to constantly engage certain muscles and tendons. Over time, the person begins to develop pain and inflammation. And if such conditions are allowed to persist, then numbness and weakness, over time, are transformed into an irreversible process.

Negative problems inherent to the user during a long game:

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common types of limb involvement. Many players suffer. It is characterized by inflammation of the nerve in the wrist, which often causes pain and numbness.
  2. Thumb trauma. Occurs when the tendons of the thumb become inflamed. Leads to swelling and limitation of movement. The cause of the development of the disease is the constant fixation of the finger in a bent position, which provokes chronic inflammation.
  3. Tennis elbow is another disease common for players who have been in online casinos for too long. Tennis elbow is a type of painful inflammation in which the tendon is shortened on the outside of the elbow.
  4. Obesity can also become a problem if we play online slots for too long or don’t part with table games like roulette, poker, baccarat or blackjack. It is true that online games can lead to obesity mainly among teenagers. However, adult players playing at low deposit online casinos are also at risk. This is an obvious phenomenon if we sit in front of the screen all day and do not play sports, weight gain is only a matter of time. There is also a list of unhealthy snacks that many of us consume when gambling on the go.
  5. Vision problems. Also a very common complaint from ordinary mobile players. The most common cause is eye strain, which can lead to headaches and decreased concentration.
  6. Long-term gaming can cause seizures, especially in people with epilepsy.

Research shows that constant gambling at online casinos or in traditional establishments is associated with increased food consumption, no matter how hungry we are. Doctors speculate that this is due to weakening signals of satiety or psychological stress when the player is haunted by losses.

Addicted to casino games

Casino games are associated with many psychological problems. According to doctors, if a player experiences most of the symptoms listed below during the year, it means that he has problems with addiction to online gambling.

Addiction symptoms:

  • deep immersion in the game;
  • a strong desire to play, in the absence of other activities;
  • indifference to the outcome of the game;
  • lack of interest in other activities;
  • unwillingness to engage in education;
  • unwillingness to work;
  • sabotaging relationships with a partner in the family;
  • treating the game as an escape from reality;
  • play serves as a foundation for reducing stress, anxiety, guilt, or other negative factors;
  • loss of self-control;
  • continuation of the game despite awareness of psychosocial problems.

Research on casino addiction is still ongoing as the medical community has yet to fully understand the syndrome.

Not only that, long-term gaming, even at the best online casinos, is also linked to factors such as insomnia, irregular heart rate, depression, anxiety, and aggression.

Preventing harm from casino games

As with many activities that can be harmful and beneficial, moderation is key. Much of the damage we experience while gambling at free online casinos can be mitigated, eliminated, or avoided altogether.

For this reason, we must limit the number of hours spent playing online slot machines or table games. In addition, it is also worth switching to other activities. For example, playing sports or spending time with friends.

How to avoid the health effects of gambling

In order for users to avoid the negative effects of a long-term play, they must arm themselves with the appropriate knowledge. You need to know how to protect your back, thumbs, wrists, elbows, and eyes, as well as your sleep and emotional well-being. First of all, you also need to choose the right casino company. For example, ilucki casino Australia always cares about its customers.

If we take frequent breaks from gambling, stretch well, rest well, and eat healthy foods, we have a chance to avoid these unwanted effects.

And if the inflammation of the thumb, wrist, or elbow has already begun, then treatment should be started before the problem becomes really serious.

Mobile gamers should use a simple preventative method to protect their eyes. Every 20 minutes for 20 seconds we look at something that is about 10 meters away from us.

Nervous breakdowns and institution safety

Casino security is the basis of the client’s trust in the casino. You should be aware that there are several protection systems in online casinos. All problems are solved by the support team. Reputable top casinos guarantee the user the quality and reliability of protection, while little-known sites force them to tempt fate. To avoid nervous breakdowns, you need to make sure that the casino is safe.

The virtual casino protection system consists of several points:

  1. Site security. The first step is to check the security of the page. On the casino website, in the upper panel of the browser, we find the URL, which is the address of the site. We evaluate the encryption protocol, namely, whether the address begins with HTTP or HTTPS (more secure, and complete anonymity is guaranteed). HTTPS is a more secure version of the HTTP protocol, and its task is to encrypt the transmitted information between the server and the client using SSL or TLS.
  2. Playing in an online casino is safe after setting the appropriate symbol in the URL. The lock icon says the site is secure and the information sent and received is confidential.
  3. Responsible gaming is part of the site’s security. On the pages of real casinos, there are special markings reminding of the possibility of addiction to gambling. These are, for example, 18+ (requires confirmation that you are an adult), as well as “Play Responsibly”.
  4. Cash and timing. Are part of a responsible game. This means that during registration we have to set daily and monthly limits on the amount of time we want to spend playing. And also the amounts that we want to allocate.
  5. Accepted payment methods. It is worth paying attention to the operators with whom we will make deposits to our account. It is worth choosing proven and convenient payment methods that we know.

On the site of each institution, there is a department that provides users with support in the field of payments, technical issues, and many other problems. You can always play in an online casino hoping for the help of qualified specialists from this service.